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Schule hat begonnen

School started today! I packed my Trapper Keeper, and my lunchbox. I got my pencil case and my backpack. Okay, not really… but I wish I had all that cool stuff… I just had my notebook and an old pen, [...]

A Tale of Two Knitties

It was the best of times, it was the … best of times! Especially when you enjoy a day at the coolest little shop in Maryland, Folk Art Studio and Cafe! … and that is exactly what Megan and I [...]


So, I changed the look of the blog… I made a little graphic up top, and found this paisley background that I was quite fond of… and made buttons: (they will be on my sidebar from now on) Buttons are [...]

KnitKnite Extraordinaire!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two other Maryland knitters last night, Heather, and Ei. Knit, chat, talk about blogs we love… it was great fun! Three devout bloggers present, and I was the only one to have a [...]

Pink monster

Can I get away with all of this pinkness? I have been told that pink is a great color for me… but is this too much of a good thing? I really love the color, but I am just trying [...]