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I want to thank you for all your kind comments after my last post. I cannot tell you how much I love the knit bloggers out there–I have a feeling that many of you feel the same way. A wonderful group of people you are :)

What I could not say before, I can say now. I had to make a pretty big career decision. My career is extremely important to me, so each step is a big one. I will be starting a new job sometime in mid-November (the date is not set) and I am really looking forward to it. You might remember my rant about commuting a few weeks ago… and now, with this new job, I will be closer to my school and I will not have to spend as much time in the car… BUT, I will get the chance to do a lot more KIP (Knitting in Public) as I ride the subway everywhere! So, this is exciting for me…

Speaking of school… I got to hang out with the Knitibrarians on Monday! We actually met to do a school project, but we knitted while discussing the project… but we ended up doing more knitting than projecting…

Shayna is making this!

Jenn continues this!

I finished the back of my FCEK cardi, and started on the front panel. Not much to show for that. I did start on a quickie little scarf diversion though for some Christmas presents… It seems like I have a zillion things going at once.
They are both seed stitch patterns, made with acrylic yarn. I have grand plans for these little scarves, and that will just have to wait till next time…
Because I love to see craftiness and creativity, I wanted to show you this picture of Maha, a friend from my current work. She crocheted this scarf, and it is way cute (so is she!) One of our library patrons came in with this little wrap number that was secured with a brooch (so chic!), and all three of us wanted to see how she made it. It was so cute, and SO easy. If a person comes into the department with a cute knit, you can guarantee that we will notice and try to figure out how to make it!

In other news, we leave for New Orleans on Sunday! I am really looking forward to it! Evidently Halloween is BIG TIME in the city, so I guess I better plan a quick costume–any ideas? I need something for Kris and me. I am not into creepy scary stuff, but I want something cool and maybe a little bit cute. There are so many cool things to do there! I don’t think I will have a dull moment :) we are going to have a SUPER time! I plan to take plenty of knitting with me… have not yet decided what to take though.

Did someone say SCARY?

Lolly shows the new Rio de
la Plata who is boss! Rrrrr!

See, Bella was cowering!

Since I showed you our prom pic from nearly 6 years ago, I thought it was only fair to see a picture from now…

A little more fat, a little older… but still SO happy!

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  1. lana

    Great site you have here! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I’m excited about starting the irish hiking scarf as well! Should be fun!!! ^_^

    LOVE your background! It ROCKS! ^_^

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