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Family and Friends

Wonderful Thanksgiving with the Families My niece McKayla loved her new scarf that I made and put it on immediately. Lil’ Krista was not so crazy about her red one, but hey, she is three, and she has better stuff [...]

New Kid on the Block

All of your well-wishes and good lucks worked! My first week (only three days) at my new job really worked–things went great! I was so happy to find out that they have all of the same systems as my previous [...]

Come and Dance with Me

The title of this post was inspired by the song I am listening to right now… check out Franz Ferdinand–they make me wanna dance. Kris always laughs when this CD is in, because my feet immediately start tapping, and my [...]

Embellish This!

Your birthday wishes really made my day very special–thank you! My co-workers threw a party for me today, and it was so nice. It was half birthday, half farewell. Since Monday was my birthday, and Friday is my last day… [...]

24 years ago…

…I was born in a small East Tennessee town to a pair of cute parents… My sister and I went out on Friday night. We went to dinner and then saw The Incredibles (highly recommended). We had a great time–it [...]