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Big Easy II
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Big Easy II

It is great to hear from everyone! :) It is nice to be back with all of my knitty friends. I have to catch up on all of your blogs! A lot can happen in one week! (especially one like last week…)


Now, where were we?


First day on my own (Kris and Alycia had the conference seminars all day) and I decided to go back to the Garden District and visit this little shop. I am so glad I did! Great shop with tons of yarn and supplies! I walk in the door and am greeted with many friendly smiles and hellos. I felt very welcomed, and once I saw their selection, I was in love!

Sock yarns!

Colinette wall!
Lucky Lolly got to see all the new Rowan products (here they are stocking them!), and there was a lot of squishing going on (I thought of you, H!) I flipped through a lot of the magazines and books, and finally decided on this one… there are so many nice designs in here! (Bloom and Maki were two of the designs that tipped the scales for this magazine.)

I had to keep my purchases on the light side (I did not have enough room in my suitcase!) so I came out with the lovely magazine, some tapestry needles, some size 6 dpns, a cable needle, and one skein of Plymouth Sockotta for my dear sweet Holly Llama, and one skein of Trendsetter Quadro to make a scarf like their cute store sample. Not a lot, but a nice trip, and I definitely recommend this shop for your fiber needs!

As I left the shop, it started raining hard. However, I was not going to let this rain get me down! So, I did some shopping! Picked up a lot of great things… gifts, stuff for me, some other gifts, and some other stuff for me… *oops* does that sound selfish?
Got back to the hotel and planned the evening activity… I am a big fan of hookahs ever since I tried them when I was in the Middle East in 2000. There are several hookah bars in my area, but I have never been to one up here… yet, the one in New Orleans sounded particularly interesting… Hookah Cafe.

Yes, that is smoke coming out of my mouth… cherry-flavored smoke. I am not a dragon… don’t worry.

Puff the Magic Krissy

See the E in Alycia’s smoke?

… oh yeah, the food was pretty good too…


Again with the rain… and this time it was like the sky opened up and God showed his wrath… lightning everywhere. Rain everywhere. This coincided with Bush winning the election… Anyone else think this is a harbinger of what is to come in the next four years?

I went shopping again on the Riverwalk near our hotel in the French Quarter. Got some great stuff… new clothes, some silk scarves (I lurve scarves), more gifties… then I went back to the hotel room and knit while it was disgusting outside.

Alycia found a great sushi place, Rock n Sake in the Warehouse District of the city. Kris got this lovely spread you see here, and I got this yummy meal (seaweed salad and tofu steaks! *squee*) This place is highly recommended for any sushi lovers out there!
Now for the real party! Kris and Alycia’s conference sponsored a night at Mardi Gras World, which is way gaudy and kitschy, but really fun! I thought it was a perfect location for the 1500+ people that showed up. This place is part museum, part warehouse, and it is where they create and store the floats that are made for Mardi Gras. There were huge floats and smaller ones. Scary ones and pretty ones

Kris and I both got our caricatures done, and in the end we drank and danced the night away… it was a blast. Let’s just say that this was my vision for the rest of the night…


Last day of the conference for Kris and Alycia, and the last full day for me to explore the city! I decided to take a guided tour of the French Quarter. It turned into a lovely day, and it was a very informative tour. We saw Jackson Square (at left) and visited the Ursulines Convent. I learned tons of little facts about the quarter, and I think it was the best $20 I paid on the trip (toss up between that and my new sun hat!)

Kris and I went back to the French Quarter in the evening for dinner and listened to some great music and strolled around the streets. New Orleans is the perfect city for strolling.


We had to be at the airport by 2:30/3:00 pm, so we had enough time in the morning to do some more sightseeing. Kris and I love aquariums, so our trip was not complete until we visited the New Orleans Aquarium, located convieniently across the street from our hotel!

Coral Reef Kris

Amazon Lolly

Kris dabbles in nature photography (mainly his four fish tanks at home, and our dogs) but he shot some really nice shots at the aquarium.

Then back to our home sweet home, Maryland USA. It was great to get home and see our doggie girls, and even though Rusty was sick (he is getting better) and the leak sprung in the bathroom (it is fixed now!) there is no place like home!

…Now back to your regularly scheduled knitting blog… :)

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  1. karen

    When you signed up for Yarn of the Month, did they send you an email teling you which month you’d start with? They told me I would start with September’s yarns but still haven’t received anything yet…
    BTW I got the idea from you, so thank you!

  2. Smoggo

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Good news, I have a job at a yarn shop in Bethesda. See you soon for some more knit-i-brarian action.

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