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Purl Girl
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Purl Girl

Thanks for commenting on my vacation pics–I know there was not a lot of knitting content, but that is what today’s entry is for!

Megan recently said she wanted to see what my “little knitty hands” were working on… as you can imagine, I was seeing the city, but I did get some knitty time in on the plane, as well as some before going to bed at night.

Here is one of the things I worked on… Mohair Mystery

This wrap/shawl/whatever was made with the lovely Sublime Mohair. I completely recommend this yarn if you like working with mohair. It is very pretty, easy to work with, and comes in very lovely colorways. This Mohair Mystery was knit in garter stitch on size 17 needles with a decorative drop-stitch edge pattern. I “winged” this one, and I wish it was a little longer… I might try to stretch it with some blocking.

As many of you might remember, I will be leaving my current position at my beloved university library, for a new job at a new exciting (and closer to school) institution. There are many things I will miss about my current job… but I have to tell you the main thing:

Holly and I have recently became friends, and I wish we had met sooner. However, in our short time, we really formed a bond. She is my yarn girl! She understands me and my fiber madness! We talk constantly about her llamas and their fleece, about our patterns, about luscious yarns! I knit with Holly 3 days a week… and after next week, I will not be able to… this breaks my little knitty heart.

It really is so nice to have friends to knit with, especially after a crazy morning in the office… I know I can go upstairs and let it all out with Holly and with the needles. I am going to miss you girl!

Okay, now to see what dear sweet Holly is working on…


…and what is Lolly working on?

Pulled out the DPNs again, and this time things are going a lot smoother! (Better than last time…) I am working on fingerless mittens! I am trying to get them done soon so that I can use them–It has been cold! I am using Patons Divine (which is just that, imho) in Floral Fantasy. I am still slow with the DPNs, but I am getting better.

This feels like such a short entry after my previous gargantuan ones…

Peace out.

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  1. Stefanie

    Hi Lauren, welcome back from vacation, I’m verrrry excited to hear how the BMA show looks? Is it bad?


  2. Gina

    Yea! I love that. And I love your headband, too.

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