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Embellish This!
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Embellish This!

Your birthday wishes really made my day very special–thank you!

My co-workers threw a party for me today, and it was so nice. It was half birthday, half farewell. Since Monday was my birthday, and Friday is my last day… Wednesday was the party day! I will miss working there, but I do look forward to the shorter commute, and the proximity to school. I have made some really nice friends, and I hope we can keep in touch as I head southward.

One of those friends you know very well, dear sweet Holly…

Miss Holly is working on an adorable little baby hat. So cute! She also bestowed a very wonderful gift upon me today… she knows me so well!

Lovely wool from a local farmers’ market–handspun, hand-dyed PINK yarn! It even smells like herbs because she bought it with homemade soap… yum! Thank you so much Holly Llama–you are the bestest.

While Holly churned out the lovely baby hat, I tried to figure out my new Embellish-Knit giftie. So, Holly and I are intelligent girls (at least we think so!) and we could not figure this thing out! I was not so happy…

Big Knot Big Problem. It took a long time to get it out… nearly all of my lunch break (and then some–sshhh!)

Enter Kris who has been called a Boy Wonder on many occasions… and before long I had lovely I-cord streaming out everywhere. To my credit: he failed two times before figuring it out. I am a go-getter… but even I know that I am not good at everything (almost) and I know when to pass it off…


This little machine really churns it out, after you get the directions down. One little hook makes the whole difference.

Moral of the story: Follow the directions to a “T” especially the part about the little hooks in Step 5. Then you can avoid a huge knot.

So the possibilities are endless! I-Cord is so fun! My mind is full of ideas! Perhaps I will actually follow up on a few of them… stay tuned!

I stopped by JoAnn today to spend the gift certificate that my little sis gave me (Thanks Si!). I got some things that I have needed for a while now…

Bag liners

Handles for the Lanscapes purse

Got home and I had mail (I adore MAIL!)

A Scrabble stitch marker from Carolyn! How thoughful–thank you very much!

My reading material (amidst the school reading material…) for the next few days. I have to space it out so I can enjoy it over several days!

Thursday knitty night will resume after my absence in New Orleans, and Eilene’s trip to Las Vegas (check out her pics!). We will have plenty to talk about–like Heather’s engagement! (check out her ring pic!) and plenty to knit!

Thanks again for all of your comments–I am still thinking of a name for Old Man Puppet… I am taking your suggestions into consideration.


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5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth

    I have a question for Jenn who is working on this sweater coat from hip to knit if you can pass it on. Is she adding buttons and button holes to her coat. I want to make this, but the picture and instructions indicate that the front bands are held together by one hook and eye clasp. Do you think it would be hard to make button bands? The overlap at the collar would be the hard part to change.

  2. Illanna

    Your Mystery Shawl is SO luxurious! It’s beautiful!!! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Looks like you had fun in New Orleans! I love to travel now, because I love going to yarn stores in other states. That colinette wall looks awesome (and expensive!)

  3. Sara

    Wow, an icord maker. *puzzles*
    Better than all those darned short rows, yes?

  4. Monica

    Oh that sweater is going to be soooo adorable on your niece. Such a fancy lovely sweater for a cute little girl I also wish we had things like Knit outs where I live. Then again, we probably do but I’m just not with it. I’ll have to check on it.

  5. Sarah

    I have lost my instructions for the Knifty Knitter – can anybody help me out or tell me where to get new instructions?

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