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Come and Dance with Me
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Come and Dance with Me

The title of this post was inspired by the song I am listening to right now… check out Franz Ferdinand–they make me wanna dance. Kris always laughs when this CD is in, because my feet immediately start tapping, and my legs start dancing :)

I just got back from a lovely afternoon with the wonderful Miss H and her best friend, Kelly. H made reservations at the lovely and quaint Tea on the Tiber in historic Ellicott City for the full-service Afternoon Tea. We had such a lovely time in this beautiful place!
We each got our own lovely teapot (here is mine–PINK!) We tried different teas and shared them. My choice was Apricot–and it was so great. We also got a full service of finger sandwiches, fruits, scones, and desserts. H told them that we were celebrating birthdays (November girls!) and they included a little candle on top of one of the cheesecakes…

After our spot of tea, we did a little shopping. Heather and Kelly both bought lovely teapots and cups.

We headed over to a new little shop in the area, the Yuppy Puppy Pet Boutique. An adorable addition to the storefronts in the historic part of town, this little shop has matching clothes for dogs and owners, as well as gourmet foods, toys, etc. This little doggie and HIS owner were wearing the same knit sweater!

I picked up some goodies (the one is a present for Kris, shhh!) and the other is doggy perfume! My puppy princesses will love it–I hope!

Thanks for the lovely afternoon, H!

I really had such a nice time! I needed a pick-me-up after my sad day yesterday…it was my last day at JHU, a job that I really loved, but was a really hard commute for me. I start my new job on Monday (ah!), and I am nervous, but excited at the same time. Thank goodness it is only a three-day week with Thanksgiving!

Saying goodbye was hard… I cried a lot (surprise surprise–I always do that). I have so many nice friends there. They gave me some little gifties to remember them by. Thanks!

Speaking of little gifties, Heather gave me some lovely (and useful) things! I am always losing notions (I think Jen and Bella eat them!) so I am in constant need–love the cable needles–I am lovin’ the cables! She also got me the AC Moore specialty Cashmere Aran. This stuff is SO nice! To top it off, that little sweety gave me some cupcakes from a bakery too! They are delish! :) Thanks so much, H! :)

… and I have TWO FOs to report…

I know it is hard to believe–it has been awhile. So that means my WIP gallery is down one picture!

Christmas scarves!

Jen Supermodel Dog

Quince is more interested in playing with the pillow tassles than modeling…

They are small FOs… I am still undecided about the embroidery part. I initially planned to do a snowflake embroidery on them, or a small snow man, but I am a little unsure of myself. They are simple seed stitch that I was just thinking I could stitch directly onto the scarf. My nieces will look adorable (the pets are just modeling them now) Any suggestions? or should I just leave them plain? Let me know what you think, darlings!

I am off to finish up to more things, hopefully I can wrap them up and photo for an entry tomorrow!

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

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  1. Shayna

    Hey Lauren, Jen said she would get in touch with you about getting together on Monday for a night of knitting at her place. We can talk then.

  2. Chelsea

    thank you for the Pagoda hat love! I have finished both the hat and the shawl this weekend… I love the shawl more than the hat, but the hat was a good process piece.

    I absolutely LOVE the knitting pinups… Thank you for what may very well be my next wallpaper :D

    Next time there is a big ole meetup on the mall, we need to meet up!

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