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New Kid on the Block
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New Kid on the Block

All of your well-wishes and good lucks worked! My first week (only three days) at my new job really worked–things went great! I was so happy to find out that they have all of the same systems as my previous job, so I did not have to learn all the ins and outs (and bugs) in the new systems. I think I can say that it has been a successful transition–even though I miss my peeps in B’more!

Long time no update–honestly I have not had much time to sit and run through all of my bloglines, much less update my own bloggy blog. The new job requires a very early start in the morning, and I am usually dragging by the end of the day (especially the nights I have class…) …so much so that I have had to turn down TWO KNIT DATES! Sorry Knitibrarians! Sorry H and Ei–I would not have been good company. I was a zombie on both nights. I am hoping to adjust to the new schedule soon, and I can plan accordingly.

Such exciting news to share: Kris asked me to teach him to KNIT! It was completely out of the blue, but of course I jumped on it. He picked it up so fast! Within 20 minutes, he had cast on, and knitted about 4 rows of garter! I was so amazed. He also picked up purling in a few seconds. The only thing that need work is his tension… but that is pretty natural. I was just so excited that he even took an interest :P See his scarf here–knitting for less than 24 hours and already a ribbed scarf!

…and what is Lolly working on, pray tell!

It’s a mystery (aka Christmas present) for a certain someone who might look at my little blog and see it… so the only clue:
Knit with the fun and fabulous K1C2 Tartelette in a lovely pattern (All will be revealed in due time, dearies!) But in the meantime, I think this yarn is pretty, and I think the recipient of this knitted object will like it too! (I hope!)

Since I have not blogged recently, I was not able to show all of my weekend activities! I was loving life and Kool-Aid on Sunday! I was part of the Project Kool-Aid Dye-Along and became quite addicted to this little experiment. I love the colors that came out with this “dye lot”.

All balled up!

Short update today… hopefully more to come as I have the 4-day weekend to knit, Knit, KNIT (and do homework…)


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3 Responses

  1. Erin

    Congrats on the new job going well and on your husband wanting to knit…how cool!

    By the way, the sweater I made is out of the Rowan knitting magazine. I think it’s number 32. They did it in a sort of chunky tweed but I really wanted to make mine out of DB Cashmerino…. so divine!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was as great as your week was!

  2. cuteferg

    Look at my sister! Your blog is outstanding, how fun are you?! goodness, you have always been so good at keeping these type of things going. Lolli- always entertaining us! Well, you are coming over for thanksgiving today, and we can’t wait to see you. It had been such a long while since I had seen your blog, and I came on here and WHOA GIRL…there is so much news. your bloggers know more about you then I do~! I really enjoyed the hooka bar….when are we going to go to one of those? us three girls, wouldn’t that be fun?! sisterly amoeba I love you, and I will see you today. You make me smile, LBL ( you know what THAT means!)

  3. Aggie

    Wow, the blues are amazing and I bet they look even better in person! Enjoy!

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