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Family and Friends
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Family and Friends

Wonderful Thanksgiving with the Families

My niece McKayla loved her new scarf that I made and put it on immediately. Lil’ Krista was not so crazy about her red one, but hey, she is three, and she has better stuff to do… Here is McKayla opening up some of her belated birthday presents from Auntie Lolly and Uncle Kris on Thanksgiving morning. We met the girls and the rest of the family at Kris’ parents’ house. Yummy dinner and dessert, and lots of time to play with the greatest nieces ever!

In regular Thanksgiving fashion, we stuffed ourselves at one place, and migrated to the next family’s house to do the whole thing over again. Our parents live about 8 minutes apart, so there was not too much time to let the food settle! We had a nice time with my sisters and my dad and mom.

After stuffing ourselves, we had some time to do some crafty things! Maryn is doing a cute cross-stitch, Kris is sitting pretty, and I am knitting (surprise!)
We visited my sweet Nana in her assisted living home the next morning. She recently turned 88 years old. She is a beautiful little lady and I was so happy to spend time with her. She recognized my face, and after several prompts from my mother, she seemed to remember my name. We sang Christmas carols (which she really remembered well!) and talked about her family. Maryn and I found some of her old jewelry and brought it over for her to wear. She loved the black pearl necklace and put it on immediately.

College Flashback

My Becca-Boo (aka Rebecca) was in town for the holiday! We went to college together, went abroad together, and we are now starting the path of “adulthood” together. We (Kris, Becca and me) went to a great new vegetarian restaraunt in Clarksville, Great Sage. Check it out! The food was great, but I have to say that the company was even better.
We went back to Bec’s parents’ house for some tea and chatting. I miss you already Bec! Note the scarves in the pic: they are among my first knitted items–I made one for Bec for Hanukkah last year, and then one for me too!

Kris and I were not feeling well over the long weekend, but we did not let that stop our holiday cheer… so we put up our decorations. This is a big deal because we did not decorate last year, and this year we needed to rearrange our whole living room to make the tree fit… but once again, it looks cute–albeit kind of lop-sided, short and awkward. :) Kris put the tree together, and then we decorated it. We also put greenery and lights around the banister.

Even though we were feeling crummy, we had a little reunion night! Bec came over and so did our other college friend, Denton! We had not seen him in a couple of months, so it was so fun to hang out and catch up with each other. All four of us went to school together. Denton lived in the same dorm, and we hung out together all of the time. Those were the days…

Knitty News

Well, if you made it this far, thanks for reading about my holiday break… I did get some knitting done!

Lolly Wristlets
Patons Divine in Floral Fantasy
My own design and my first DPN project!

…and I finished a Christmas present that was really fun to work on. I love the colors and the design… I might have to make one for me! The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea–stockinette or reverse stockinette can face out, and there is this 5-edge stitch that unravels to become a fringe in the end. I finished this up last night during Desperate Housewives (last night’s episode was finally the suspense and mystery I have been waiting for!)

Thanks for all of the notes about Kris and his new knitting! He is still working on the ribbed scarf–it is actually going to be adapted to be a collar for our Jenny dog! :) Pictures when he completes it!

Big school project and research this week, so I hope to get some knitting done on the train, and I hope to be able to squeeze in time to check out my bloggy friends as well as make my own journal entry… *crossing fingers*

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  1. Kel

    Loving the wristlets…have fun knitting together-wish my dh would give it a try.

  2. Georgia

    Wow, so much info and pictures in one posts. I love those posts! It sounds like you had a good holiday and how sweet of you the bring your Nana her old jewelry…

    And those Lolly Wristlets…Well, I just love ‘em!

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