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For Organization’s Sake
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For Organization’s Sake

It is no surprise to anyone that knows me (in real life and in bloggy blog land) that I am nerd girl

I am currently in graduate school studying library science and history. For one of my classes, the always titillating and edge-of-you-seat, Organization of Information, I had to organize a personal collection and assign a classification system and discuss the methods I used to organize my project.

… and it probably no surprise what I organized!
I had to choose 20 skeins of yarn and classify them. Of course, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal system were not going to get me anywhere… so I came up with my own little scheme. I presented my collection (with a special visual–Colinette Point 5) and my professor (who is a knitter) seemed to really appreciate my efforts.(Go ahead, call me a brown-noser!) It actually was a very helpful project in organizing my stash–I set up a spreadsheet with fields for the descriptors of the yarn: fiber, yardage, color, etc., and then made a field to show what yarn goes with which project. I like it organized now… we shall see how long it stays this way!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Jenna Pink Monkey on Thursday for lunch break! Our offices are about 3 blocks apart–so it was easy to meet and get a bite to eat. Unfortunately we did not have the time to sit and knit (or even time for a photo op, but we talked about knitting, so that kind of counts. I look forward to some more great times before she leaves for India in January (isn’t that rad? I wanna go!) A photo of our meeting will come next week–I promise! In the meantime, go check out her great blog :)

…and as if it was not cool enough to dine with one knitty friend, I later had dinner with two other knitty friends, Heather and EI! We went to the cozy and yummy La Madeline. We all had November birthdays, but due to conflicts of one kind or another, we were not able to get together (all three of us) during the month, so we traded presents. Eilene is such a sweetie! She got me this lovely layout, including an adorable sheep tape measure, a copy of the latest Spin-Off, and two skeins of luscious Classic Elite La Gran in Infra Red. Thanks EI! :)
Heather recently finished her modified French Market Bag (I like hers better than the one on Knitty!) and the colors are just too cool. See the closeup of the adorable bag here.
Received my Yarn of the Month package yesterday, and I like their little Christmas themed yarns. The green alpaca yarn really caught my eye this month–so nice! I think that joining this club was a good decision. The samples seem like they might be getting a little bigger–I plan to make a fun scarf with them one day soon.

Today was Secret Pal III Reveal Day, and while it was fun to "come out" to the knitter that I sent gifts to, it was especially fun to hear from the sweet pal that gifted lil ol’ me with all of this loveliness (I am still floored by her generosity!) Thank you so very much, Elka!!

As you can imagine, I have not had much time to knit in recent days because I have been busy with my aforementioned organization stash project and another big school project, and my new job, and the commuting… yeah, things have been busy… but, I plan to get some knit on tonight after this entry is complete… I have plenty of gifties to work on! More to follow very soon!

Thanks for reading and commenting as always, you all are the bestest!

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4 Responses

  1. Erika

    KNIT-OUT looks like so much fun. We in Calgary are sadly missing out on that kind of great gathering of knitters. I’m glad I can tag along on your trip through your pictures.

  2. Dana

    I’m a former librarian, does that count?
    Rare books would be fun… as long as your institution has enough money!!
    I’m a carnivor but also love hockey. If you come to American Airlines STARS center (when there is finally a SEASON @#$%^$#), let me know and I’ll show you the LYS’s.

  3. Jennifer

    Hey girl… Those needles were so huge, and HEAVY… I wonder what it all turned out to look like. Anyway, blog is beautiful as usual.

    I can see why you wanted to rush home and see the girls. They are so cute!!!

  4. John Wiltshire

    you ever seen the orcs in WarCraft :)

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