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24 years ago…

…I was born in a small East Tennessee town to a pair of cute parents… My sister and I went out on Friday night. We went to dinner and then saw The Incredibles (highly recommended). We had a great time–it [...]

WIPping Girl

WIPPING GIRL(To be sung to the tune of “The Muffin Man“) Oh, do you know the WIPping Girl, the WIPping Girl,the WIPping Girl? Oh, do you know the WIPping Girl,Who lives in Maryland? ——————————— I have previously discussed my Attention [...]

Purl Girl

Thanks for commenting on my vacation pics–I know there was not a lot of knitting content, but that is what today’s entry is for! Megan recently said she wanted to see what my “little knitty hands” were working on… as [...]

Big Easy II

It is great to hear from everyone! It is nice to be back with all of my knitty friends. I have to catch up on all of your blogs! A lot can happen in one week! (especially one like last [...]

Big Easy

I am back! Unfortunately I came back to a sick kitty and a leak in the ceiling… so this morning has been very nuts. Rusty appears to have some kind of bladder / UT infection, the vet said it was [...]