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Spin Me Right Round Baby
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Spin Me Right Round Baby

Willkommen Lieblings!! My new website is still in development, but I could hardly wait to show you all! So stay tuned for:

  1. another blog talking about my school/work life (Lolly the Librarian)
  2. Tons o pics
  3. other DIY crafty projects that Kris and I make and work on
  4. vegetarianism and recipes :)
  5. book / movie / music reviews
  6. …more things that I don’t even know yet! suggestions?

Kris has figured out a way to send all of my Blogspot archives over here (bless his ) but I will leave a redirect. Hopefully it will not be too difficult to rebookmark and re-blogline me. I don’t want to lose anyone! … does anyone know how I might go about tranferring all of my webrings? or is it as tedious as it sounds? K

Thank you for all of the lovely comments! This first week at work has been a dream!!! LOVE. IT. PERFECTO. Three days in, and I already know that it is the greatest job I have ever had. Wow. Not only do I have great co-workers (KRIS!) but the environment is wonderful, and I feel like I can really do some great quality work here that will really help my future.

…and guess who came over last night to teach me how to spin?

Amie is here demonstrating how to spin with her lovely Fiona wheel, and also with her spindle. She sent me a great spindle and some fiber last year and this was the first time we have really been able to get together for the actual spinning instruction! Thanks for teaching me, Amie!

It is obviously going to take some practice. I am hoping that I can produce something usable (and showable, for that matter) in the near future!

Wowy zowy, I won a contest! How exciting! Kim (check out her great blog) was running a contest about the best cooking story… and I won! My story was not as good as others, but since she was the fair judge, she drew my name out of the hat! Woohoo–thanks KIM!

What happened three years ago this very day??

January 5th, 2002

… looks like I need to get geared up for the whole wedding thing again too… my sister is going to get married this summer!!!!

I would love some feedback on my new blog–please send it my way!

…hoping for T snow someday soon…

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31 Responses

  1. Nathania

    Have I told you lately how cute you are? Like pinch your cheeks, pick you up and swing you around kind of cute! Loving your new blogspace.

  2. Cara

    Looks terrific! Love the picture on the front page! Did you do it yourself? Migrating is such a pain – but it seems you’ve got it going quite smoothly. Congrats on your new space.

  3. Eilene

    Love your new site. You need to make the typing larger though. I can hardly read what I’m writing.
    Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you had a fantastic one!

  4. Moni

    Hey Lolly! *love* your new site! It’s nice to have freedom to post all kinds of stuff. Looking forward to your library blog and pics and all the other stuff. I’m so happy that you like you new job, too! Congrats!

  5. Tanya

    I love the new site. Blogger truly is a pain sometimes – kept me from blogging and posting comments to Blogger accounts today :(

    So glad that Amie sucked you into spinning. It truly is addictive AND fun. And to think that I thought that you had baby news. I guess I have baby on the brain…


  6. Loz

    The site looks fantastic! I changed my bloglines subscription to this site. Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute together

  7. suz

    holy crap! awesome new digs, mrs. lolly!

    and isn’t amie a sweetie?
    i wish i could meet her, too!

  8. kris

    congrats on your new site! i love it! and happy anniversary!

  9. Anna

    Happy Anniversary!
    Awwww. You’re still a Newlywed!

  10. Gina

    I love your new site. It looks so professional. And thanks for checking up on me a while ago. I’ve been completely out of it, but I’m back. And jealous of your spinning:)

  11. Lisa

    Love the new blog! Congrats on what sounds like a wonderful job– it must be so cool to work with the same company as your hubby. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  12. Lisa

    Oh and thanks a lot for getting the “movin on up” song in my head. I’ll blame you later when I’m singing it all day ;)

  13. sUsAn

    Hi Lauren!!! The new place look FANTASTIC! Happy anniversary!

  14. Jennifer

    Hey girl…

    I can’t help it. You’ve got the Sleeping Beauty story going in my head with the spinning/spindle. The story with “Movin’ on Up” playing in the background is preventing me from accomplishing any meaningful work…

    Only one more week until classes… I’m sorry you won’t be taking them with me, but we’ll still have to do knit night at some point.

  15. michelle

    this is awesome! and happy anniversary! and also congrats on spinning! and to throw in some more excitement, here is a chorus line of exclamation points for you:

    !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Teresa

    WOW-love the new site!! Congrats on all that is going good for you. And you can have some of our (Michigan) snow-today is a complete white out!! Happy Anniversary to you and Kris!

  17. heather

    LOVE the new site…very very cool!

    Happy Anniversary!

  18. Kate

    Love the new site, you’ve done great with it, and don’t worry I’ve alread re-bloglined you, you are getting away from me girlie!! Happy Anniversary.

  19. elisa

    Hiya Lovie,

    Thanks for inviting us to see your new place. ;) Adorable, as expected. Glad to hear that so many things are going so well for you. Love the Lolly spinning pictures, too!

  20. Erin

    Woohoo! Love the new site and Happy Anniversary! Don’t you just love spinning? Fiber addiction is just so easy to fall into!

  21. megan

    I love the New Site!! I am hopefully moving this weekend to my own domain–I am so incredibly excited :) I might have to get my hubby on the phone with yours to figure out how to import posts… I am pretty clueless!

    Congrats on the anniversary :) You guys are too cute :)

  22. Megknit

    LAUREN! I love the new site! how cool is this!??! It looks like you had a really great time spinning with Aime… just keep practicing!

    Happy Anniversary! 2 years!!! Congrats! You guys look so great in your wedding pictures :)

    I can’t wait to see how your site develops. Do you subscribe to vegetarian times? They have such great recipes… they have a website somewhere…

  23. Jenn

    How exciting – the new website looks super! I love the diamond background!

    Happy Anniversary (cute pics!) and Congrats to your sister!

  24. Amy

    Lauren – the new site looks great! Congratulations!

  25. froggy

    happy aniniverary! looks great! glad the new job is going so well.

  26. MJ

    Congratulations: new site, anniversary, spinning! Be very careful about spinning, though. You may start acquiring handspindles and roving (maybe even a wheel) that will rival your yarn stash! Looking forward to hearing more about your spinning adventures!

    Your site has its own set of scrollbars, which I’d advise taking out. Also, match your headline color to one of your background colors. Links, also. Great bllog; congrats again!

  27. Mouse

    Congrats on your new site.. looks nice! Happy Anniversary as well! I’m so excited that you are learning to spin, I want to do that next- it seems like so much fun.

  28. Mona

    Hi Lauren,
    like your new page a lot – and am looking forward to hear of your “sock-adventure”!!

    I am soo envious that you got to spin, I totally would love to learn that, too.

  29. Gracie

    Happy Happy Anniversary! I hope yall had a wonderful day/night together! We just celebrated our first anniversary and I am amazed at how quickly the year went by!

    I love the new layout, very cute!

    Yay for learning how to spin – it looks like you and Amie had fun!

  30. Michelle

    Hi Lauren – love the new look and I look forward to the new sections! I really like the border design – it rocks!

    Happy Anniversary too!

  31. Shayna

    I love the new page! I hope that we knitibrarians can get together soon.

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