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Too Hot to Handle!
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Too Hot to Handle!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions about my new site, I will be implementing some things over the next few days/weeks. I am so excited about all of the possibilities! I don’t really have a time table of when everything else will be up and running, but I can announce it here, and if you wanna see more, you can always go check it out :)

In the meantime, I have added some galleries for you to see. Kris added one too, about his fish and aquaria.

I need to create a new gallery for 2005 Finished Objects, cause I just happen to have TWO!

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Ascot was a stash buster project to finish the leftovers from Rehoboth sweater from the late summer. I love scarves and basically any "neckwear" so, this one will get a lot of mileage. Plus, it is pink

These mittens were knit up in about 90 minutes! They were quick, and turned out pretty well. It was another stash buster project. Kris joked that they look like oven mitts… they kind of do… so I pretended.

DISCLAIMER: these mitts are not suitable for holding hot pots/pans/baking sheets.Want the pattern for the quick mittens? PDF file scanned from free catalog.

You might remember that I got duplicates of Weekend Knitting for Christmas… well, I went and exchanged today… and walked out with these goodies!Â
Three magazines, and a book! Picked up the Knit It! magazine, and there were a few things that I maybe would knit… so I bought it. Then, I got this book: Knitting with Wire which looks like so much fun!

Came home and the Yarn of the Month Club package was waiting. Pretty nice stuff this month. I think that previous month’s have been a little more impressive, but I am still glad that I signed up for this service.

Recent additions to 2005 to-do list:


From the Patons Street Smart book–I like all of the others too, but I see myself wearing this one more… perhaps in a kelly green color? Hmm.. Color TBD.

Another thing I wanna tackle this year… CROCHET! (Not that I have really tackled spinning, but I am practicing!)

Heather gave me this lovely Noro Daria along with a crochet change purse pattern from Knit Happens. This seems like the perfect beginner crochet project. Thanks H!

In closing, I saw this and wanted to share…

I liked this idea that I saw on the Craftster blog. Yarn Storage = Art :)

Peace out A

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18 Responses

  1. froggy

    the ascot and mitts are great! and 90 min mitts, how cool. stash busting on top of that rocks. great mags and book and that yarn storage art is a fantastic idea. maybe a trip to ikea is in order. can’t wait to see your crochet purse. oh, and i’m all over that pattern book. that’s def on my radar for 2005!

  2. heather

    LOVE the oven mitt pic! you lil actress you!

    I am making a button for the CCCKP!

    much much luuuuv! this weekend! :)

  3. michelle

    that pic of you with the “oven mitts” is so adorable!

    hey, i have a ? – is your new blog over at bloglines? i looked up “lollygirl” and there were no results. i’m dumb, so can you tell me how i’d update you there?

    i love your new fo’s – the pink scarf is so pretty! it reminds me of raspberries. mmmmm.

  4. kris

    that scarf is just the cutest thing ever. i need me one of those!

  5. Moni

    Hey Lolly! love the cute pink scarf! way to go on the stash busting! I’ve been trying to do a little of that myself.

  6. Gracie

    Love the scarf!!

    I learned how to crochet this year. I enjoy it, but I love knitting more. It was a challenge for me to learn at first because you only have 1 hook and the motion is different. But, it is fun once you get going!

  7. Tami

    Girl, You are Smokin. Your website looks great. Congradulations on getting it up and running.

    Love the pink Ascot. So cute.

  8. Teresa

    Hey there Lolly, I really enjoyed pokin’ around your new site and looking at all the pics-but now I feel “old”! I married in 1995, had my first child in 1998, and my second in 2001! You and Kris are younger than my “little” brother!! But seriously, good luck with the crochet-everyone says it is easier than knitting, but I think it depends on the satisfaction you get out of it. I only do a little (mostly single chains), so I will look forward to seeing the purse-the yarn is lolly-lovely!

    I have the same yarn you used for the Ascot sitting here in my stash-now I know what to do with it ;+)! And too funny about that yarn organizer-I have four Coke crates that my mom gave me about 5 years ago-now I finally know what to use them for! Thanks for the link!

  9. Diane

    I love your new site–and am so impressed. I am still so clueless regarding html and even buttons stump me! Good luck with it and have a great, knitting filled, weekend.

  10. Katherine

    Great new blog!! and props to Kris for managing your archives! YOTM club looks so cool too. I wish I could get it :)

  11. Lana

    Great job on those mittens! They look a little like the Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting! ^_^

    You’ve got me excited about the “Knit It” mag now! hehe I hope I find some good patterns in there as well! ^_^ I still have “to do’s” from the last issue! How terrible is that now for procrastinating! hehe

    Great new look you have here too by the way! The gallery rocks! ^_^

  12. Caryn

    Hello! Lovin’ the new look, and adore the pink ascot! Anything pink is my motto! :) I got my YOTM package yesterday too! I swatched them all last night, and LOVE the Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim…in fact, I hve decided to use that instead of Rowan Denim in my Man Sweater for Knitty. Have fun swatching! (the boucle kinda sucks, but I have never liked them anyway!)

  13. sUsAn

    Love that PINK ascot! Those mitts are too cute! You’ve been a busy girl! I’m jealous of your ReadyMade mag…I haven’t been able to find it in a bookstore around here although several are supposed to be carrying it. Yippe for another crochet convert! Looking forsard to seeing your change purse!

  14. Ande

    Nice new digs, Lolly!
    The pic didn’t come up but if it’s the cabled hoodie you’re going to make from the Street Smarts book, go for it! I made one and I will no doubt make another. It’s the most used and most complimented swetaer in my stash!
    Also congrats on the ascot, it’s too cute.

  15. elisa

    Love the ascot, dearie! The mittens are adorable, too, and anything you can knit to FO status in 90 minutes is a good idea in my book.

    Have a terrific weekend!

    Oh – and I’d have you know that I’ve thought SERIOUSLY about studying Library Science for my graduate studies… ;)

  16. Missy

    Wow, I love your mittens and the scarf. What lovely yarns you’ve used. Great magazines too – I’m a total addict and those are some of my faves! I can’t find Bitch around anymore, but I always read that cover to cover when I buy it. Great writing. I haven’t seen the new Readymade or the Knit It, but now I’m going to be out hunting. haha.

  17. Gina

    I’m loving that pink ascot. Sadly, I love pink, but almost every shade makes me look sick and sallow. So I’ll just wear pink vicariously through you.

    And that cabled sweater is beautiful. I’m thinking I’m going to have to track me down a copy of that book. Not that I don’t have enough things to work on…

    Anyway, I love the mittens too–and your oven mitts pic. I’ll be keeping those in mind if I ever need a quick knit fix.

  18. Alison

    Hi Lolly—I so enjoy your blog. You are a doll! Wonder if you would tell me a bit about the yarn of the month club. When I clicked on the link, it showed the yarn selesction with the yardage amounts. Just wondering if you actually receive that much yardage–as there would be if you bought it or if its just a small sample of the yarn. At $6.95/month, I can hardly believe that they’d send full amounts of yarn. It sounds like fun…and, as you can tell,,,,I’m very tempted to join!!
    Thanks a bunch!

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