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Very Tempting Indeed…
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Very Tempting Indeed…

I had a nice long online conversation with my dearies, Heather and Eilene, and we discussed resolutions… and I realized that I am really bad at keeping them… for instance… I wanted to do some stash-busting, so I produced another pair of 90-minute mittens with this Trendsetter Genie in my stash.

… but the parents gave me a gift certificate to my favorite yarn store EVER, Folk Art Studio, and as they say, it was burning a hole in my pocket… and I had great lust in my heart for yarn to make a lovely sweater…

this one in particular…

…and with this yarn…

I gave in… and I fell victim to the heaven that is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

…and guess who was there to help me through this decision process?

Eating yum cake!

Knitting scarf!

This was Heather’s first trip to FASC, and I think she loves it as much as I do!!

Kathy, the owner of the illustrious LYS, had a chance to pose for a pic with me!

A lovely afternoon was had by all… and I came home with a lot of yarn and a lot less money in my wallet… but I think it just might be worth it. I actually bought an extra ball of yarn because I am thinking of extending the sleeves a little bit. We shall see how that turns out. I probably will not be knitting this until spring, mainly cause it is short-sleeved and cannot be worn right away!

Wanna have some FUN? I found these:

Click on the images and make your own! Have fun :)

Secret Pal 4 is starting soon… and I signed up. I really had a lot of fun last time, and I hope this time is another success!

Planning a nice knitting day tomorrow… I want to work on Kris’s sweater, which is working up pretty well. I am a few inches away from completing the front… and then onto the sleeves. *sigh*

One more thing… I think this is the link that you need to resubscribe to my blog on Bloglines: http://www.bloglines.com/blog/lolly   For those of you who do try this link, please let me know if it works! Thanks!

z Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! z

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14 Responses

  1. Kristin

    Lauren, I found that if on bloglines I tried to link to the first page with your picture that it didn’t work, but if I linked to the actual blog it did. I like your new site. Enjoy your day of knitting.

  2. moni

    OMG! I love that sweater! and in cashmerino, too! wow! that color is gorgeous!

  3. elisa

    Um, gift certificates don’t count towards breaking the YNBA. If you have to spend a little extra in order to get everything you need for a project, of course that doesn’t count either. I mean, if you waited until the YNBA was over, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to find the dye lot you needed.

    Okay, did I help post-enable at all?


  4. michelle

    i love the yarn you picked for that sweater. it’s going to look great on you! i like your idea of lengthening the sleeves. i’m a 3/4 girl myself :P hope you have a great week!

  5. Denise

    Awesome site! A little slow-loading for me this morning, but I think that’s an issue on my end. I want that neck-scarf pattern!

  6. Wendy

    The site looks awesome! Congrats on the new URL.

  7. Nancy

    That Bliss sweater will be so sexy/cute. That yarn is heaven to touch isn’t it?

  8. Dana

    Lauren – we should do a knit-a-long! I really want to make that Tempting sweater. People were talking about it on craftster, too. What do you think?

    Happy New Year, Dana

  9. tiny owl

    good for you darlin!
    love the new site :)
    hope you are lolly-rific
    heart heart heart
    tiny owl

  10. Kelly

    First of all, let me agree with another of your readers: Gift Certificates should not count against you on the New Year Resolution. You’d have to cash it in sometime, & it might as well be now. PLUS, it doesn’t count against your stash if you buy the yarn for a specific project & then cast on for said project within six months. Just get started on it before July & you’re in the clear!!!!

    Love your new site! Have a great day!

  11. sUsAn

    What cute photos (again!)! That knitty sweater is adorable too!

  12. Cheryl

    I love the COLOR of the cashmerino!!

  13. Suzanne

    First off let me say, I love your new site! Fabulous design…

    Secondly, the mittens are great! You kicked my butt in the mitten category. I’m still on my first one – though I’ve been working on other things and they’ve been neglected. I’ll keep you posted. Also, thanks for the information Folk Art Studio Cafe – I had not heard of it and now I can’t wait to go!

  14. heather

    Love love love hangin out with my lolly girl.

    I told you that color is stunning. that sweater is going to be SO your style.

    tell kris he’s a stylin model…and jenna wants to visit his fishes again…:)

    We’re still on for saturday. you are right. I do love that place :) !!

    x/o lolly dear!

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