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The Way I See It…
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The Way I See It…

Over the weekend, I had a wonderful knitting marathon… I watched the complete Season One of Carnivale (what a show!) and knit, knit, knit! I needed a good *knit fix* with my new semester of school starting.

When else am I going to have a chance to knit for a whole day?

I worked on three projects: Kris’s sweater is still coming along. The front is finished, and I cast on for the sleeves. This bored me after awhile, so I moved onto my mohair scarf… the scarf’s new name is Carnivale mohair. I picked up another skein of this at FASC on my last visit, and the lovliness continues. It is wider than a normal scarf, but not quite wide enough for a wrap or stole… I guess I can figure out how to wear it when it is finished. Heather loved this mohair so much that she picked up her own skein when we went out the other day. It is great stuff!
The third project that I worked on was quite a surprise… a friend’s birthday was coming up, so we went and bought her a cute margarita set. Long story short: Silly Lolly was trying to carry too much from the car, and dropped the margarita mix set on the ground… liquor everywhere. I felt like a huge dork, and even did a little bit of stomping… but then I regained my composure, and realized that a hand-knit gift would be better than alcohol anyway. So, I had a few hours to whip up the green ribby scarf you see here… (thanks for the modeling job, Kris!) I did it while watching 24 (See Cara’s post about guilty pleasures… we share the same one–Jack Bauer!)

Thanks to those readers that made me feel better about spending the gift certificate the other day… well, I got another gift certificate from the sweet Kim last week for Kaleidescope Yarnsand I took your advice again, and made another purchase:

Blue Sky Alpaca
Bulky Hand Dyed

Newsboy cap
SnB Nation

My first night of classes went very well. This is going to be a very challenging semester in school, but I am going to learn so much. *nerd* For any of you that are interested, I am taking Archives Management and Preservation this semester… I am planning to work on my Librarian blog soon, and I will talk more about these topics in there (as well as any other library/archives/info systems stuff that comes to mind) So stay tuned for that… (if you are so inclined)

Okay… gotta go read… *I’d rather be knitting*

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18 Responses

  1. Gina

    Everything looks great! I am seriously lusting after that Blue Sky Alpaca. It’s going to be a great cap (which I’m also planning on doing at some point).

  2. Cara

    Great minds think alike! ;)

    Good luck with school – I’ll be looking forward to your blogging about archives management – my husband just had this department dumped in his lap at work, and we don’t know anything about it! (Must have skipped that day of Library School!)

  3. Jessica

    Hi there! Nice blog! :) I’m a fellow Library Science major with one semester to go. My friend “Almost Felted” turned me on to your blog. I’m so excited to see fellow librarian types blogging about their craft and possibly their library interests too. And I didn’t know there was a librarians who knit webring but I’m totally going to join! I’ll definitely be back to visit again. Good luck with your semester. :)

  4. heather


    I’m a geek, so we’re bookends. besides I dig ya.

    I love the cap…I wanted to do that cap so bad. I hope you make it.

  5. kim

    Maybe it is just my computer, but the font size for the comments is so tiny!! Anyway, I love that yarn, it will make a fabulous newsboy cap. My semester starts next week and I am totally not looking forward to it! Good luck with school stuff and enjoy that yummy yarn!!

  6. Moni

    Hey lauren! love that pink scarf! It’s just gorgeous…You’ve been an unstoppable knitting ninja the past few days, it looks like :) . You go, girl! And have a good start of the semester! I’ll be looking out for your library blog.

  7. Amy

    That newsboy cap is so cute… can’t wait to see how yours turns out. I’ve been eyeing it, too!

  8. sUsAn

    Carnivale…what a show! You’re the first person in knitblogland that I know of besides me who watches it! I’m a Jack Bauer fan too but delayed watching this season so I can catch up with the past ones (currently in the middle of season two). From a fellow nerd…enjoy your challenging semester-you’re going to do GREAT!

  9. Alycia

    I agree — the handknit scarf IS much better than liquor, plus I LOVE it (the scarf, I mean. Saying that I love booze is a bit dicey). And the scarf looks much better on me, but I give Kris props for trying. Thank you!

  10. Heidi

    Hi Lauren, I’m sorry to be a pest about the Librarian/Knitter web ring. I changed the address of the main page for it recently, so you have to update one more link. Sorry.

    It’s the link for the image. It should be:


    This is the last change, I promise!!

  11. Heidi

    Oops, forgot to say that all the rest of your web ring code is OK, so you are officially a member now. Yay!

  12. Kelly

    Lolly, I’m loving the Carnivale scarf! I’ve got some mohair I’m itching to try out…I enjoy watching Carnivale too! Good luck with school…

  13. Tami

    I am a huge fan of the HBO show Carnivale. It is a shame it took a whole year for the new season to start.

    Absolutely love the scarf. I plan to buy some of that mohair, I have been looking for a good pattern to use it with.

    Have a great weekend.

  14. elisa

    Lauren, the nerd in me hearts the nerd in you. ;)

  15. Megknit

    all this yarn just looks so delicious! that debbie bliss cashmirno is to dye for! hahaa… i crack myself up.

    im glad you loved the calendar, btw!

    we gotta get together soon!

  16. Katherine

    Ooga booga!! loving that mohair its so crazy it hurts!! Don’t worry about the margarita set! Margarita’s are asking for it! I once knocked over a whole $40 jug of freshly made margarita from excessive gesticulating. Everyone was soo angry at me and it was so embarrasing that I still havn’t lived it down to this day and I havn’t had a sip of a margarita since!!

  17. marti

    thanks for the comment on my socks, actually they are now my daughters. i wonder how long it will be before she takes them off to be washed? the yarn for your green with envy socks looks yummy.

  18. eyeleen

    your carnivale is stunning. Such beautiful colors.

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