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Fancy That

Big projects are wonderful. There is nothing like wearing a sweater that you worked hard on… but I am quite addicted to the small projects! I love the instant gratification that comes when knitting something in one or two hours, [...]

Awesome Blossom

Long day at work and school. Home to a nice warm meal. Puppy girl by my side. Knitting in my hands. Lost and Project Runway on the telly. Life is good. Next week is my Spring Break from school… really [...]

Above and Beyond

Question: How do you know that your LYS is the best? Answer: They open it just for you and your five friends!! Lolly, Heather, Nicole, Eilene, and DonnaPicture credits: None other than Miss Froggy herself! Kathy is the coolest. Period. [...]

Orange You Happy?

I recenly joined ReKAL 2005 because why not have a cute button and knitalong for something that you already do? I have about 6 sweaters at various stages of "unravelment". Here is the most recent find–and the best one in [...]

Wednesday Favorites

Very little knitting content today… but a whole lot of style! First installment of Lolly’s Favorite Things! Sure, you all know that I love knitting… and you know some other things like I have a great husband and cute dogs… but, [...]