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Orange You Happy?
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Orange You Happy?

I recenly joined ReKAL 2005 because why not have a cute button and knitalong for something that you already do? I have about 6 sweaters at various stages of "unravelment". Here is the most recent find–and the best one in my opinion! (Shout out to my girl, Michelle, who made me realize that I really do like this color!)
Specs: Abercrombie & Fitch 100% Wool pullover, ca. 1975; Great tweedy wool with little flecks of color mixed in with all the orangey goodness; One sleeve missing because I "pulled this thread and walked away…"
I couldn’t get a good picture, so I missed a step here… after unraveling, I washed it and weighted it to dry without the kinks. Then trying to make some order out of all of this, I measured the yardage. Then it was off to the swift and ball winder with this little baby…
…and a little orange tuffet with a center pull was born! One sleeve yielded about 200 yards, so I am probably looking at 1000-1200 for the whole sweater… and what do I want to do with it?

Well, believe it or not, I have never tried felting, so I think that this yarn will be perfect for it! I am thinking something big and functional–like the Farmers’ Market Bag in Weekend Knitting, or one of the Candy Stripers Messenger Bags from SnB Nation. More to come on this front…

Well, the first installment of Lolly’s Favorite Things was more of a success than I expected! I just wanted to show off all of my scarves! About the Hump Day tee–picked it up at a discount store for $5. (More than I would usually pay, but it is all about the message!) It is manufactured by Hollister Co., and while I could not find this shirt on their site (it is SO 2004!) I did find other shirts that were equally funny / cool (this one, and this one in particular). I am considering the Lolly’s Favorite Things as a weekly installment. I think I like enough things to keep it going for awhile… but, I definitely could write about things I don’t like too… I am an opinionated girl!

Balmoral is in the decrease section now, but it pretty much looks the same, so no picture of the same ol’ same ol’… this time, I will show you the bag that it lives in! This was a free gift from my other LYS, All About Yarn in Columbia, Maryland, when I bought all of the Sisik and needles for this project. Nice little perks!
The Dulaan Project is my other focus right now, and I am churning out scarves of all sizes for the people in Mongolia. I will share my love of scarves with them! I started this variegated one last night. Yes, it is Red Heart. Yes, I like it. Enough said.

My Lucky Clover Wrap knitalong has had a great response with 30 knitters signed up so far! Although we officially begin on March 1st, you can join and start knitting at any time. Check out the blog for all the info!

Oh, I have big plans for this long weekend! I can’t wait to tell you about them… you will just have to wait!! :)

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14 Responses

  1. Rebecca

    I’ll be in DC in one week!

  2. Allena

    Hey i was surfing the RAOK ring and came across your blog! the orange is wonderful! never thought i would like orange but have to admit it’s growing on me! the reason i’m posting is to thank you for the rekal site i was wanting to learn how to rec sweaters for their yarn….. and now i can b/c of the links from that site! thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. Cara

    All this reclaiming – I might have to try it! I have a cashmere sweater with a hole in the armpit. Hmmm.

    Can’t wait to hear about the weekend – I’m sure it’s something fun! Have a great time!

  4. froggy

    lovin’ the orange. i’m going through and orange phase right now as i have two orangy on the needles at the moment. your rippin’ recaps are great. cool tee’s and very much lookin’ forward to the lolly’s fav things. take care!

  5. michelle

    oh yeah! thanks for the shout out. that orange is awesome and would make a great farmer’s bag. wow. a big orange bag. mmmmmm.

    thanks for the shirt link there. some of those shirts cracked me up! even though it was meant for a guy, i personally loved “hot dog lady.” not b/c i have that equipment or have any odd fantasies. i just thought it was weird and would be odd having a girl wear it. i’m into odd. but alas, dh said no :p

    have a great weekend!

  6. moni

    That is some ORANGE yarn…I love it. It will make a great felted bag. I love your “lolly’s favorite things” installments. keeep em coming. Have a great weekend :)

  7. Gracie

    Love the orange sweater! Down here, you would be festive and full of school spirit!

    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

    Oh, and sign me up for the KAL! I have yet to find yarn, but I was thinking I might recycle an old sweater for it.

  8. Esther

    Your recycled yarn is soooooo pretty! I am a huge orange fan, and I’m also happen to admire people who can recycle yarn. I have yet to unravel a sweater, but the more I see others do it, the more steps I take toward my closet ;)

  9. Yifaa

    i like the orange for sure. and the ‘don’t feed squirrels’ shirt is hilarious. and, i just ordered the yarn i’m using for the lucky wrap and i can’t wait to start!

  10. elisa

    Wowie Kazowie, girlie, you have a lot going on! Your projects all seem to be coming along swimmingly, and as usual, your enthusiasm is infectious! I hope you have a terrific weekend dearie!

  11. eyeleen

    Love the orange! I’m sure you’ll have great fun with the felting.

  12. tonigirl

    Love the orange! Can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

  13. Eilene

    That beautiful orange yarn will make a fabulous felting project. I can’t wait to do my first felting also with the yarn I got today.

    I had such a great time today Lauren!! Kathy is a doll. So was everyone we were with today. I’ll be dreaming about the FAS! Can’t wait to go back! ;-)

  14. Kimberli

    LOLLY! GREAT ORANGE! I LOOOOOVE ORANGE…heck…I just plain ole like color… In fact I’m wearing a tacky Orange longsleeved T with a bejeweled Aristicats Kitty on the front today! :-) (I’ll post a pic!) Thanks for the links to the ReKal site and the Dulaan Project! :-)

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