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C’est la vie!
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C’est la vie!

Meet my first sweater… you may remember that I referred to this one as Burlap Sack. I knew it would come in handy one day… and this weekend, it really fit the bill: it was huge and comfy and warm. Perfect for the days when you just sit around the house and do nothing. I don’t feel comfortable wearing the sweater out, mainly because it DOES look like a burlap sack, and is way too big, but I do love wearing it around the house!

I did not get to meet up with any knitty buddies this weekend, due to school assignments and SNOW. I am behind on my blog comments and emails, so if you are expecting to hear from me, I will get back to you very soon. Sorry for the delay!

We did venture out on Saturday… Kris has been sick and was getting "cabin fever", and I was looking for an opportunity to visit one of my favorite places… so, an abbreviated installment of Lolly’s Favorite Things is in order!

Baltimore Book Thing!

Located in a rowhouse near my old work, Baltimore’s Book Thing prides itself on being a completely free establishment for trading and donating books and periodicals. You can donate books, and you can take books–as many as you want, no questions asked. When they first started a few years ago, they were little known and had to get the word out… now you can barely walk in the rowhouse due to the stacks of books all over, and the groups of people that come in and out. Considering the amount of books that are cycled through each week, they keep things surprisingly organized. I was a book hoarder for so many years, and now I happily donate the books that I will not read again to the Book Thing. I donated about 100 books and mags, and only walked out with one: The Floating Book, which just came out last year, and looks very good. I scouted the craft section for some vintage knitting/craft books, but no luck this time. It is all about the season and time you make it there… maybe next time!

Speaking of knitting, I was bad this weekend, and got a bad case of startitisBalmoral was set aside (with warmer weather nigh, should I continue working on this wool/mohair cardi? I may postpone work on it until late summer or fall… TBD), and I was lured in by Tempting. That name is oh-so-fitting. I needed a simple knit that was portable and train-friendly. Tempting is knit in the round, and I was excited about trying this yarn, DB Cashmerino Aran. So far, it is a dream to work with… I am planning to extend the sleeves to the elbow, and already have a great white satin ribbon for the eyelet. Thanks to Amylovie for her tips on this sweater — check out her finished Tempting here! Love it! I can only hope mine will look this good!
The Lucky Clover Wrap knitalong kicks off today! There is still plenty of time to join up–and nearly 40 people are already planning to knit this cardi! Check out the blog for some great discussion, and some pretty pictures. I am not planning to start this cardi yet, but will definitely cast on in the next few weeks. Email me to join!

*** ******* ***

This is my "Spring Break" for university, but it does not feel like Spring with 5 inches of snow on the ground… and it does not feel like a Break when I have to go to work and then write my research paper… ah, c’est la vie!

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  1. Christina

    E-mail is on its way! I’m in on the knitalong.

    I absolutely love the color of your Tempting. It’s beautiful.

  2. Samantha

    Sometimes the best sweaters are the ones that are for sitting around the house doing nothing. Enjoy! :) Do you mind if I add you to my list of daily reads on my blog?

  3. Mona

    Hallo Lolly,

    es schneit mal wieder in Montreal – I am so fed up with the white stuff I can’t even say it! “Spring” break is pure mockery, so “huge, comfy and warm” is just right.

    I love the idea of a book swap shop. I figure I would be there all the time.

    Oh, and: save your tears for poor Marty – he’ll get one eventually!

  4. Cara

    Shouldn’t Spring Break occur, oh I don’t know, in Spring? It seems to get earlier and earlier these days. Sorry it’s snowy and cold – but your sweater does look comfy. Comfy clothes are an absolute in this world – and all the better when you’ve made it yourself!

    I’ve heard of the Book Thing before – what a fabulous idea! Of course, it would be if I was able to let go of any of my books…. Not so good at that I’m afraid.

    Have a great break – even if you are working and stuff.

  5. Erin

    The Book Thing is such a great idea. I could stand to donate some of the books I know I’m never going to read again and it’s always great to get new books for free!

    I have to say I’m pretty tempted to start something new too. My fingers are itching for something fun… I may have to take a trip to the LYS… Hopefully my checkbook can handle it!

  6. Jess

    Good luck with your course work! I am going dotty completing the certificate for teaching in Higher Education for my probation…. and I thought my PhD was the last time I would have to do course work!!!!


  7. Wendy

    Hi love the burlap sweater! I have all kinds of cloths that I SHOULDN’T wear outside but always do….my kids are going to be so embarassed by me!

  8. Moni

    I wish we had a “Book Thing” here! what a great idea! I casted on for the lucky clover wrap this morning :) I love Tempting. The color you chose for it is perfect.

  9. Hanna

    Hey there!
    thanks for all the nice comments in my blog! I really enjoy reading them, and your blog!

    That book thing sounds really great – wish I could digg in with you. Probably would be dangerous both for my shelfs and my back with free books like that! :-)

    Your first sweater is great and the knit-a-long cardi too, wish I had time to do all the things I see and like… But o whell, maybe next year! ;-)

    Take care and I’ll see you around!

  10. andrea

    just yesterday i voluntarily gave away 14 books to the library… it was hard but man, i did it! i’m hoping my book hoarding days are over — that book thing place would’ve been dangerous to a girl like me. now though? next time i visit my parents in maryland, i’m definitely going to check out that place..

    (and swing by atomic books, too, that place is great.)

  11. Jacqueline

    I have been oogling Tempting myself! I also happen to have some dusky pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran sitting in my stash that I know will be just perfect with a chocolate brown ribbon………can I resist temptation??!! (OK – so my play on words wasn’t that clever!)

  12. melanie

    Tempting is a wonderfully simple and stress-free knit. Enjoy it!!

    The Book Thing is SUCH a great idea, I really wish Boston had one…

  13. Alexandra

    I can’t wait to see your Tempting! That pink is a great color.

  14. Jessica

    Sounds like you had an interesting weekend. I love the idea of the Book Thing!! I wish someone would start something like that around here. The closest we have is a bookmobile and it just isn’t the same. Startitis must be going around…I started “the clapper” today even though I have plenty of work to do on Mariah and others. And Tempting is just that! Can’t wait to hear how you like knitting it. :) Enjoy your “spring” break (no matter how loosely the term “spring” may be used at this time of year!). :)

  15. Melissa

    Thanks for the comments! Good to hear that I’m not the only slacker starting late on the knit-along! All is well and little minor projects are getting finished up. Guess not getting yarn right away isn’t that bad! Btw, love the comfy sweater – I could have used a comfy sweater today with all the icky snow!

  16. mrspilkington

    Oh, that sweater looks COZY! The Book Thing sounds heavenly. What a great idea. I’ve got to get down there.

    Thanks for the encouragement on the dress!

  17. sUsAn

    Free books?!! How cool is that?! I just picked up some DB Cashmerino Aran for the first time this past weekend with Michelle. It’s so soft and yummy! That Tempting sweater will be beautiful in the color you selected.

  18. Eilene

    Hi L…Glad you & Kris got to get out for a bit. I love being home when I choose to , not because I have to (being sick)

    I say finish Balmoral. She is a cardi & you could still wear her for awhile. I love the Sisik. I can’t wait to get mine.

    I love tempting. What a pretty & feminine knit.

    Hope to see you soon! :-)

  19. Shayna

    I was just looking at your WIPs and I saw your Zeeby bag, I did that one over Christmas break but it was really flimsy so I felted it and now it’s fantastic!

  20. eyeleen

    Your sweater looks quite comfy!

    Free books! I love finding the vintage crafting and knitting books.

    Can’t wait to se your version of tempting.

  21. michelle

    what a warm looking sweater – it’s perfect for all this blustery wind and snow we’ve been having! i love the color you’re using for tempting – it’s so vivid. and tempting things are usually vivid, and vice versa – perfect! that book place sounds awesome. i have to tell hubby about that. maryland is a stone’s throw from here (well, if you’re a good distance thrower, i guess!), and we’re road trip people. hmmmmmm . . . i do have a ton of books sitting in the garage, begging for a new home!

    have a great day! :)

  22. Elizabeth

    Hi Lolly, I just saw your splash page (think that’s what it is called) and the portrait. Did you do it? Very very nice! I almost feel I should move to a big city for the bookstores. Those places could keep me busy for hours.

  23. heather

    I forgot how awesome that color is…that pink is so YOU!

    I love big fuzzy comfy sweaters…they are the best for a spring day with a scarf, or just nuzzlin up on the couch watching some tv with your knittin on your lap.

    I miss my lolly girl. Thursday is good? yes?

    muah. H

  24. Donna

    OMG…I love that Tempting. I can see why they named it that! I have to stop looking at it…it’s tempting me too! I also love the DB, I think it is really great to work with and soo soft.
    The shawl for your Mom is beautiful! I haven’t done that self fringing stuff, was it easy to figure out?
    Hopefully we’ll catch up this weekend! Stay Warm. Donna

  25. Lisa

    OMG I want that bookstore! If they had one of those around here, I’d probably be in there EVERY day.
    I’ve been thinking of casting on for Tempting. That much ribbing makes my wrists hurt though.

  26. Megan

    I *must* go to that bookstore!

    I’ll be casting on for lucky tonight! I’ve already swatched and I’m ready to go. :)

  27. Risa

    The burlap sack sweater looks fabulous! The current weather is perfect for something like that.

    The book thing sounds fabulous. I’m surprised there isn’t one around me.

    I know what you mean about working on Balmoral now. I think I’m putting Big Sack on hold until early fall and finishing it then. Its just so hard to work on a big heavy wool sweater with the pictures of short sleeves and tanks about everywhere now. That’s a beautiful color you are using for Tempting!

  28. Gracie

    Oh! Your tempting looks so great!! I am working on it now as well and I love mine so far! I’m so so jealous that you are on Spring Break! Ours is at the end of the month and I can’t wait. I need an excuse not to go into work.

    I ordered my yarn for Lucky Clover and I can’t wait for it to get here! I know I won’t be able to resist starting it!

  29. elisa

    Wow – the Book Thing sounds awesome. I’d be a kid in a candy store! Have a great Sprinter (kind of like brunch, but for seasons) break. :)

  30. esther

    What a lovely color for tempting! You totally just inspired me. I have been trying to figure out what the heck to do with my rowan magpie. Duh! Tempting!!! Duh!! Thank you so much. You are a genius.

  31. Bliss

    Where can I find/buy the pattern for the self-fringing wrap? Love it!

  32. Amy

    Hi Lolly,

    Thanks for the props on Tempting. I told my husband a few minutes ago that I’m going to be famous now :)

    You know I’m lovin’ that pink color. The cashmerino yarn is awesome it knit and feels incredible on. I can’t wait to see the finished product.


  33. Liz

    Beautiful color choice for your Tempting. That is definitely one on my to do list.

  34. Becky

    Hehe…everyone’s first sweater should have too-long sleeves. It’s like a rule.

  35. Melissa

    Wow, Baltimore Book Thing! I remember dropping books off there a year ago. Never had the chance to go in, though, as I skipped town a few days later. That picture of you on the street really took me back, though.

    Tempting is looking good!

  36. kimberli

    ooooh — BOOK THING….

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