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Another Snag…

I think someone up there is a little perturbed with me… whose wrath have I incited? Must be the knitting goddess of finishing… See how close I am? See how desperately she wants to be an FO? Only 2.5 more [...]

Mystery Solved

The Tempting mystery was quickly solved when I actually sat down with two finished sleeves and the body… and honestly, I feel pretty silly for not figuring it out on my own. However, a big thank you to you all [...]

Smell What Lolly is Cooking

Over here are the "W" Haus, the warm weather means one thing: GRILL TIME! So, I needed some yummy food to fuel my paper writing… and it worked! I made some nice headway this weekend, but my work is not [...]

So Much To Say

Goodness me, it has been a long time… this girl seriously missed the blogging, but I feel like I can come up from the depths of my book piles and computer files for some much-needed updating. So much to report [...]