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So Much To Say
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So Much To Say

Goodness me, it has been a long time… this girl seriously missed the blogging, but I feel like I can come up from the depths of my book piles and computer files for some much-needed updating. So much to report on in these past few weeks, and I feared that if I did not say something now, I would forget to tell you about it later!

Many thanks for the emails and encouragements in my school work. My paper is still lingering–but I am feeling much more confident about it now than I did a few weeks ago. I am two weeks from the deadline, and while I still have my work cut out for me, it is completely doable.

Now on to the fun stuff…

As you can imagine, my knitting has been a little slower than usual as I have been so immersed… however, I found some knitting time on the train… this little beauty is a simple YO K2tog pattern in the lovely beaded rayon that Donna gave me last month. This is great yarn. This is kind of a stole/scarf that I will wear very often… you know me and scarves! Yarn close up! You can see my small front yarn in this photo too.

My Tempting body is done, and I am ready to cast on with the DPNs (double pointed nightmares) for the sleeves. No picture because it pretty much looks the same as the previous post: long 2×2 ribbed tube. Cooler pictures to come when I get the sleeves attached.

I am trucking along on my Lucky Clover. I frogged what I had before because my gauge was way off, and the lace was not showing up properly. I am now happy with what I have here. It is a pretty fun knit once you get going. You have to stop by the Lucky KAL blog. Some have already finished! We have 73 members!
Knowing that I needed a little study break, Heather, came over last Saturday for some hot Kool-Aid dye action. She brought champagne and orange juice (for mimosas) in one hand, and Lamb’s Pride in the other. Can you say awesome friend? After a yummy grilled lunch (thanks Kris!) we got to work… all that Corningware from our wedding shower came in handy…

…and the results…

We used Lion Brand Fisherman’s, Lamb’s Pride Chunky, and Classic Elite Montera in the dyeing. Some colors turned out better than others, but as always, it is about the process :)

Thank you to Kimberli, Bethany, Becca, Cathi, and Shannon for the mail during my blog break. I am continually surprised by the generosity and kindness of this community… thank you.

Becca and Bethany



Kimberli (yes, James Dean yarn!)

… and how would a blog entry be complete without some spring flower pictures? Kris and I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival the day before full bloom! Nevertheless, it was a perfect day with a lot of good walking exercise. We saw the memorials (Jefferson and the new WWII), and snapped some pics… it was a blustery day!

Fifteen days without blogging leaves me with a lot of catching up… so stay tuned for more!

Quincy cat says MEOW!

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36 Responses

  1. Amy

    Welcome back Lolly! We missed you. I’m glad to hear that you have made progress on your paper. I must say, you have WAY more willpower than I do. I’m so addicted to reading blogs!

    You Kool-Aid dye session had great results.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. jackie

    Great to have you back! Love the Kool-Aid yarn – that looks like it was lots of fun. What a great break!!

  3. froggy

    glad you’re back and that you made a big dent in your paper! love that dye action.

  4. Keri

    Hi! I’m so happy you had a chance to pull your head out of all the mountainous paperwriting to share pictures with us. I am eagerly awaiting to see Tempting when it gets a little closer to being done, stop keeping us in suspense! =) All the pictures are lovely, the color you chose for lucky clover is just beautiful. You are a braver woman than I to take on that pattern! Good Luck with your paper and happy knitting!

  5. megan

    welcome back, lolly! i hope your papers went well. your kool-aid yarn looks amazing!

  6. Lauren

    Welcome back! The dyed yarn looks great. What are you and H going to do with all of that?

  7. Karma

    Hi Lolly! Good to see you again and to see what you’ve been up to. I remember the feeling of being buried in work during grad school… and that feeling that everything’s going to end up alright is wonderful. Take care!!

  8. Moni

    Lucky clover looks really nice! I think it’s a fun pattern,too. It really never gets boring at all. As I said on H’s blog, that kool-aid dying looks fun, and your results are amazing! I’m tempted to try it myself!

  9. Kathy

    Hi! Glad to see you back in the land of the bloggers :)

  10. winnie

    hey lauren

    thanks for stopping by my blog. Lucky really helped with lace-knitting techniques for the FBS. and though the pattern looks daunting, it really isn’t. I’m sure when you come up for air and start cracking on it, you’ll discover that too.

  11. Yifaa

    that cat is so adorable. i’m glad to hear you’ve made progress. the worst is over- i hate starting big papers, it’s the worst part.
    the dyeing looks fun. i have yet to try it out, but i’m thinking spring and summer will give ample dyeing and chillin and knittin time… can’t wait to see tempting!

  12. Teresa

    So glad to hear from you again! Love the kool-aid dyed yarn. I just recently did a bunch of Lion Brand with Easter egg dye-tons of fun (and cheap too-I bought all the kits when they were 75% off!). Anyhow, can’t wait to see the finished Tempting. Lucky Clover is looking good too-I am glad that your lace is turning out well-it can be so frustrating. Good luck with the double-pointed nightmares!!

  13. eyeleen

    It’s wonderful to hear from you Lolly. We’ve missed you. Lovely knits! I love the scarf.

  14. melanie

    welcome back lady! I love the pic of the dyed yarn hanging by the fence. So bright and cheerful!

  15. Jessica

    Not like I didn’t e-mail you this morning but welcome back! Glad the paper is going well. Just keep trucking. :) I love the dyed yarn. That’s way cooler than easter eggs!! :) You guys are so brave! I’m too chicken to try this just yet.

  16. jacqueline

    yay…you’re back!! cannot wait to read your blog over the coming days!! your regular updates were missed.

  17. Kimberli

    Girl! Welcome back! I was so happy to see that you’d gotten the package. It was a totally surreal experience to find Japanese Yarn named “James Dean” in Hong Kong…I just HAD to buy some and ship it off! IT was to darn fun to pass by! So glad you were spoiled during your time away from blogsville! Also glad you took the time to go see the Cherry Blossoms. One of these days I’ll actually be in the country when that happens! [grin]
    Have a great weekend and continued good progress to you on your paper!

  18. Cara

    Nice to see you! I’ve been thinking of you. Good luck with the rest of your work – glad you’re feeling better about the paper.

  19. tacha

    Good to see you back. Mimosas and Kool aid dyeing – Heather is definitely a great friend ;-) . The sandal stitch markers from Shannon are very cute! take care

  20. Eilene

    Welcome back!! Lucky is looking great. The stitch pattern looks perfect.

    Sounds like you guys had so much fun dying yarn. Chanpagne & BBQ…YUM!!!

    Great RAOK gifts. I got those same Flip Flops. They are so adorable.

    Looking forward to your next big break. ;-)

  21. tonigirl

    Oh my goodness! When do you sleep?

    Everything is so beautiful! I have knitters envy ;)

  22. emy

    Loved those dyed yarns….I must really go get some kool aid and wool to try! (LOL, like kool aid exist in Singapore.)

    I wonder if they make more money selling it as a dye or a drink?

  23. Tere

    Hi there,
    You’re so sweet! I got your comment and came over to see what you were up to. Wow, the dying turned out beautifully!! And now i know what a Mimosa is :-) I know what you mean about feeling blog-negligent. I too am a student, and although there is tons of stuff I’d like to post about, my bits of down time are usually spent veging out (or doing house work!). Take care :)

  24. Kate

    Did you cut your hair or is it the wind… either way it looks good and different in the picture! Glad you are back blogging, I was worried you had to stop blogging becuase I was taking up so much of your time with travel advice :-) You and H are kicking some arse at your dying projects!!

  25. atouria

    Lauren, it looks like you’ve had a wonderful time! I can’t believe all the knitting you’ve gotten done when you’re supposed to have slowed down a bit. You’re my hero! :)

  26. jane

    I Do love my sitcom chic and it was a great pattern to knit. I’ve recommended it to so many people-you’ll love it. Jane

  27. michelle

    hey lauren! good luck with the remaining two weeks for your paper. you’re going to do great!!! and i’m amazed at all of the work you’ve been able to do, despite the looming paper. check out that wrap – it’s gorgeous! i’m excited to see your tempting, and yahoo for the masses that signed up to encourage each other on lucky. and kool aid yarn is beautiful!

    hope you are having a great weekend!

  28. Cathi

    Hooray, hooray, Lolly’s back! I’m glad that there was a lot of yarn action in your hiatus. :)

  29. Mandy

    I LOVE those stitch markers! They are so adorable! :-)

  30. Wendy

    Keep truckin’ on that paper girl! You’re almost there. I love that scarf…so airy!

  31. paula

    Yay for dyeing! It’s beautiful! Be careful.. it’s addictive… seriously! (you’ll see if you get to the craft fair at UM next weekend.. ;) hope you can make it!!

  32. Gracie

    I’m glad that you are making progress on your paper! I know that you will be so glad to have it done!

    Your Lucky Clover is looking great!

  33. Diane

    Good luck with the remainder of your paper. Your kool aid dyed yarns look great! Isn’t it fun to do? I like watching to see how they turn out. You also look pretty in spring pink.

  34. Jenn

    I like the beaded rayon, it’s got great colors. Your kitty is cute!

  35. heather

    Such fun was had that day of dyeing. We MUST get some more lambs pride…makes great gifts for your knitter friends yes?

    misssed missed your blog presence…so happy you are back.

  36. Lolly Knitting Around » Rockin’ the Red

    [...] on for a cowl to wear to the game.  I finished my cowl quickly with the bulky  Chinese yarn that Kimberli gave me back in 2005 Рit is a great variegated red and maroon wool and really worked up well in the seed stitch. [...]

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