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Smell What Lolly is Cooking
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Smell What Lolly is Cooking

Over here are the "W" Haus, the warm weather means one thing: GRILL TIME!

So, I needed some yummy food to fuel my paper writing… and it worked! I made some nice headway this weekend, but my work is not done! Very very soon, and then the Spring 2005 semester will be a mere memory–until I have to dig up all of the bloody notes for comprehensive exams! (The rate I am going, that will be a few more years!)

Last week was my mom’s birthday, and I gave her a very springy self-fringing wrap. I made it a little smaller than the pattern calls for–more like a triangular scarf. The green of the K1C2 Tartalette matched her outfit perfectly! Happy Birthday to Mom!
Mimi and mom have been working on the wedding invitations, and she showed me the prototype… they are lovely. You can’t really see it well right here, but trust me, it is nice! I can’t believe that my little sister is getting married in 48 days (June 4th)… but what I can believe is that I am saving up to go see her and D when they move to Oahu!
A big shout out to Dad: thanks for the awesome sheep doll! It was made by a Navajo artist in Arizona, and he knew I would love it. She is sitting here right now, helping me write this blog entry! :) (She is SO soft!)

Since I spent some good time on the research today, I rewarded myself with some TV, and some fiberlicious activities. I am this close on my Tempting (will reveal it this week, I promise!)… but this ReKAL pullover has been staring at me for far too long… so I ripped it… ripped it good.

This is some nice quality wool–approximately 1200 yards (men’s medium sweater) at the Salvation Army thrift for $2.00. I wish I could find deals like this everyday… This is only 2 of the 4 skeins I ripped tonight. I still have the whole back of the sweater to rip, which will probably be another 2 or 3 hanks! They are soaking in a Eucalan bath as we speak… getting all softified so I can make something really cool!

I wanted to find a nice late summer / fall pattern for Kris, and we decided on this one. I have not done any cable work in a while, and I am itching to get back to it! This pattern is in the Spring 2005 FCEK. It calls for a pretty expensive cotton blend (yeah, like $10 a hank? not for cotton…) so I found an alternative yarn: Carezza cotton from Yarn Forward. Has anyone ever ordered from them? It is pretty hard to turn down $2.95 / ball… let me know if you have had experience with them… I will probably order the yarn a little later this month.

He liked the kelly green color… and I agreed… green is the new black! I will probably start this one next month… because I have to have at least 10 projects going on at once… it would not be normal if I didn’t! :P

I stopped by my favorite book store, Daedalus, and found these amazing notecards (among other things; I swear, I never walk out without at least 3 new books)… I just had to buy them when I saw one of the photographs on the front:

"Driver of the French ambulance corps near the
fighting zone; waiting to be called. Italy, 1944" by Robert Capa

UPDATE: All of the cards have been spoken for, and will go out some time this week!

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36 Responses

  1. kris

    a barefoot bbq! that looks so fantastic! i miss summer …

  2. Peggy

    Have been reading your blog and first time posting. So many inspirational projects going at once! I also love the create-a-doll thing. It’s so cute! I’m officially addicted. :P

  3. Jess

    Love your Rekal yarn – I haven’t found one worth ripping yet in the charity shops, but will keep looking. Look forward to seeing what you make from it.

    Love that knitting card too… what an inspiring image!


  4. Amy

    Good food puts a zing in my step too.

    Good choice for DH’s sweater. I wish my husband would wear sweaters, but Texas weather discourages this.

    You new pet sheep is awesome!

    Have a great day,

  5. tacha

    What a lovely Dad you have – that sheep is so cute. I love the knitting card as well. My Mum showed me one of the old knitting mags that my Grandma used after the war – I’d like to think that she was like those ladies!

    Great find with the orange yarn – can’t wait to see what that turns out to be!

  6. Cara

    We grilled last night too! Isn’t the weather amazing? Or at least I would think so if it hadn’t closed up my throat – dang allergies!

    Love the sheep – love the sweater pattern – how hard do you think it would be to turn it into a v-neck? I’m looking for a cabled v-neck for my dad.

    Glad to hear progress is being made on your school work – it won’t be long now!

  7. melanie

    That orange wool looks just like Manos Stria from here, good score!

  8. Kate

    Oh the bbq looks good… do I spy a veggie burger YUM, that is the best way to eat them, right off the grill. Good luck with the school work I just finished my spring class and I’m so relieved to have it done.

  9. Jessica

    Your mom’s scarf came out so cute! She looks very happy. Love the little sheep too. :) That postcard is such a great find! Glad you had a great weekend and did a little fun stuff between the school work. :)

  10. heather

    oooh Love weinhold grilling! Those postcards rock.

    Glad your mom liked her scarf.

  11. Michelle

    Hey, thank you for the neighborly hello! I’ve actually been reading your blog for a little while and didn’t realize we were neighbors. I’m excited. ;-) Your mom’s scarf looks beautiful. My older brother is getting married in June too. I didn’t realize that it was getting so close though! Love the sheep and postcard. They are great. As my younger son would say: ‘See Mom, all the cool people do knit.’

  12. Lauren

    That postcard is AMAZING! What an incredible image. Your mom wears the shawlette so well. I can’t wait to see your Tempting!

  13. Karma

    Hi Lolly! Looks like you’ve had a good week. It’s wonderful that grilling weather is back. Your mom’s scarf/shawl (scawl? sharf?) looks so pretty on her, it’s just right! Hey, I’ll be in Oahu in July… can’t wait.Have a wonderful, productive week!

  14. margene

    There is a sure sign of spring…I can smell the grill from here!

  15. Laura

    Hey there! Tartelette is such a beautiful ribbon yarn isn’t it? Your mom’s scarf turned out really cute! She looks great in it. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. Your blog looks great. I’ll be dropping in again!

  16. Moni

    Your post is making me hungry! yummy! What an awesome find at the bookstore! Such an insteresting shot…can’t wait to see how tempting turned out :)

  17. Elizabeth

    Hi Lolly, Glad to see you back in blogland. Since you have many librarian readers I thought I would post here about a project I am working on. I will be making an exhibit about cataloging for our library in July and I’m trying to come up with some visually interesting things to include. I thought about making some furry knitted creatures to represent several cataloging topics that have strange acronyms. For example: FRBR “Ferbur” and MFHD “muffhead” I would then label the critters with the acronym and the associated meaning. MARC for example. If you all have any other ideas and acronyms, I’d be interested in hearing from you. Thanks,

  18. Tara

    Lolly, it’s so good to have you back! Glad to hear that the schoolwork is going well. Thank goodness I just ate lunch b/c your burgers look delish! Can’t wait to see your Tempting! :)

  19. Jen


    Yarn Forward is actually one of my LYS..I’m not sure what the mail order system is like, but I love the store and their staff…not to mention their yarn!

    Love your recent WIP’s!!

    Have a great day and good luck with your paper!

  20. Alexandra

    I’ve bought from Yarn Forward. The service was good, the shipping about what you’d expect from Canada, but the colors I got looked nothing like what I saw onscreen.

  21. Angela

    Hi Lolly! I’m a blogless lurker, and wanted to give you a ‘heads-up’ that you might like to check out, in case you haven’t seen it yet. Knitpicks has a new cotton blend yarn that is inexpensive, and they have some decent colors. Love your blog and your positive attitude!!

  22. eyeleen

    hey Lolly, looks like you had a great weekend! Yummy BBQ! Your mum’s scarf looks fabulous and I love the sheepie from your dad. They have excellent taste.

  23. Kristin

    love the scarf, the rekal yarn and the cards. Wish I had as much luck finding bargains.

  24. Kimberli

    Glad to see you took some time away from the paper to enjoy the wonderful weather we had on this coast!
    Great Yarn score! I bought a green wool sweater for REKAL…need to rip!

  25. catherine

    great minds do think alike huh:) love your blog! will become an avid reader!!!!

  26. Becky

    Ahh! Hamburgers! You’re trying to make me hungry, aren’t you? It’s working, too.

    And you know that I love that vintage notecard, right. I’m so sorry I missed them. Argh!

  27. Mo

    Hey there :D Thanks for visiting my blog; you’er right though, long time!
    What do you reckon you’ll make out of that ReKAL yarn? Or no plans?
    The sweater for Kris will look great in the colour you guys chose, I *love* green!
    The sheep, though. Oh my. I don’t even like sheep, but I love that! It’s just too cool….
    :D Mo

  28. jacqueline

    those vintage notepads are just way too cute…i’m also lamenting my loss!

    there’s nothing like a bbq to kick of summer – you are making me jealous.

  29. Jenn

    I love green lately…I remember last year at this time it was bright pink and orange.

    That sheep is adorable!

  30. amy

    yum! love grillin. looks like we are going to get some nice weather this week so i may have to follow your lead.

    glad you are feeling a bit less stress about your paper too.

  31. atouria

    Wow, lauren. You always have such fun people around you! I absolutely love the wrap/kerchief you made your mom! That would be a great, quick mother’s day gift. Awesome!

  32. Yifaa

    i love cooking out! it’s one of the best parts of summer… looks delish. i can’t wait to see tempting, i love that pattern. and the scarf for you mom is a perfect mommy present- i don’t know a mother who wouldn’t want a nice scarf- made by her daughter no less.

    -super sheep doll btw…

  33. Karen

    Yummm that looks good! That picture made me hungry!

  34. kathi

    hi lolly…that bbq looks yummy! it was totally fun being interviewed for that article and i must admit, kinda cool to be in the paper for something so positive. you are going to have to visit the SNB when you visit your sister! thanks for the comments on the earrings. i’m still learning new skills and will be taking a fine silver fusing class this summer so i can start in on bracelets and necklaces. i’m even seriously thinking of starting a web business…

  35. Martha

    Hi Lolly,
    I see the party continues at Lolly Knitting. My page feels like a morgue after visting over here. BBQ’s, sweater ripping, Kool Aid Dyeing!!! As far as Domino Knitting goes, the technique IS worth the price of the book. I think I fouind mine on OverStock.com and it was cheap.
    Party on, girl.

  36. Wendy

    That first picture made me very, very hungry! ;)

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