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Another Snag…
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Another Snag…

I think someone up there is a little perturbed with me… whose wrath have I incited? Must be the knitting goddess of finishing…

See how close I am? See how desperately she wants to be an FO?
Only 2.5 more inches of the neck… and no more yarn…

I called up FAS, and they are long sold out… which I figured, I bought it back in January… so, I got another ball winging its way to me now (hopefully) but I pretty much give up hope that it will be done by Saturday for the super secret special event. I am not entirely sure how this happened… I think my gauge may have loosened up as I knit along, and then I added a little length to the sleeves, and voila, this is all that was left… not even enough to get around all of the yoke.

…I felt like having this lovely FO was one thing going for me in this crappy week, and now, not even that! I sure hope things start looking up from here… without getting too down in the dumps (hey, everyone’s got problems, right?) I was wrongfully terminated from a small part-time position this week. Why? I have no idea. I wish someone would tell me instead of just saying "you don’t work here anymore…" This is not my real job, mind you, but it was yarn money…

But someone said "Always look on the bright side of life…" so, here is the finished paper, the cursed document that kept me away from the knitting and blogging that I love so dearly. I hand it over to Dr. W at 4:10 today. So glad to be done. Only a few more things to finish up, and Spring 2005 semester is done done done.

Naturally, I wanted to have a little celebration when I did the final CTRL-S to save this sucker… so, Kris and I had a fun little evening…
A few drinks and some laughs with my boyfriend (yeah, he is my husband too)
This was the real treat, however! We went to our local nursery and picked up some great little plants for the front yard bed. In the next few weeks, we will be starting our gardens too–can’t wait to get some fresh veggies and herbs in the house. That is my favorite thing about this time of year. This greenhouse visit was a breath of fresh air… just what I needed after being cooped up in the house all day finishing my school work!

Since Tempting is at a standstill, I picked up a quickie project…
This Dolcino has a great feel–kind of like knitting with paper, and it is working up nicely in this drop stitch pattern.

Lucky Clover has a few more inches on the back, but nothing worth showing… however, there are some awesome girls over on the knitalong blog who finished their cardigans! They are giving me inspiration to keep on keeping on… go see Dee, Winnie and Malgosia have finished theirs–and they are beautiful! There are several other knitters who are so close to finishing–keep an eye on the blog for their progress. It is never too late to join! Email me!

Don’t forget that this Saturday is Secret Pal 4 Reveal Day! Can’t wait to find out who mine is–and to make the big reveal to my girl!

… and in closing, because dogs are the greatest, here is a picture of my girls, Jen and Bella…

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41 Responses

  1. margene

    By putting it out there the goddess will come to your rescue. Never underestimate her power both good and evil. ;-)

  2. Kate

    Kick your knitting’s ass girl!! Congrats on the paper and LOVE LOVE the cute outfit you have on.

  3. Cara

    Yeah on the paper! Isn’t that the best feeling? My husband and I had a “date” yesterday too – he’s the best boyfriend don’t you know. Sorry about your job – that REALLY sucks. The least they could do is give you some kind of explanation – make it up suckers!

    I’m right there with you trying to kick my knittings ass. Good luck with that – so sorry you can’t get the new yarn in time for Saturday.

  4. Loz Lauren

    Congrats on the paper Lolly!! What yarn are you using for Tempting? If it’s bubblegum cotton-ease, I could help you out.

  5. Gracie

    I’m so sorry about your yarn for tempting! How frustrating!! But, it looks great so far!

    YAY!! Your paper is done! I know you must be so relieved!

  6. Moni

    Oh no! You are so close! How frustrating! And sorry about the wrongful termination, too. that really sucks. Must feel great to have that paper done, tho. Looks like you really needed that drink ;) .

  7. marta

    Dear Lauren, I hope you will get yarn for your Tempting soon, you are so close to complete it!
    Anyway: CONGRATS for your finishing papers, they are a much more important goal in your life.
    Take care – and keep thinking that I am waiting for you in Augsburg!
    Hugs, M.

  8. Tara

    Lolly, that honkin drink should make all the pain go away. And that cute scarf should help too. :) Congrats on finishing your paper!!!

  9. Renee

    So sorry to hear about the job. At least you have a lot of other good things to make up for it – like a husband who’s also a boyfriend. And a nearly finished Tempting. And a completely finished paper! And the upcoming MDS&WF. And two super duper cute doggies!

  10. jane

    I so sorry about the job thing and the running out of yarn too. I was just thinking today that I hope you hurry up and finish because I really want to see it-wondering if I want one too. Jane

  11. Adelle

    The Tempting looks AWESOME!

  12. Danielle

    That is frustrating when all you need is just one more ball. But at least you found some. Half-full. It will make it that much triumphant when she is finished. It looks great.

    Your pups look like such good dogs.


  13. sUsAn

    Oh, Lauren, what a rollercoaster week for you! Yippee for you finishing your paper!!! Hope you’ll be able to get the yarn you need to finish Tempting. Hugs!

  14. Wanda

    Bummer on the yarn! Too bad you can’t have it finished in time for this weekend, but at least you were able to find another ball in the color you needed. Congrats on finishing the paper! Very awesome. Almost done with this semester. How much longer do you have until you’re done? I love the short wrap sweater. It looks very cute on you. And isn’t great to have a dh that’s also a bf?

  15. Mandy

    Hey Lauren, I know this isn’t really what you want to hear… but I have run out of yarn (and fabric) enough in my years of making stuff to wear that I now look on it as a creative opportunity. No, really. Quite often, the best stuff I make happens this way. Especially with a design like Tempting, this would be a great place to add another colour, even in a slightly lighter-weight yarn knit on slightly smaller needles to make the yoke slightly more fitted where it could likely use it… anyways. Just sayin’. Could be an FO this week after all, if you are so inclined. :)

  16. Liz

    Your Tempting looks fabulous! Curse the yarn for running out on you. I can’t wait to cast on for my Tempting again. Oh, and congrats on finishing your paper!

  17. carolyn

    Tempting looks beautiful..oh so close! I have been drawn to this pattern before…lets see it on once finished please!

  18. mrspilkington

    i’m so sorry about the job and the tempting yarn (it does look lovely)…
    but your bright side is wonderful — woo hoo to you for that paper! i’m sure that there will be more brightness to come — i’m hoping it’s soon!

  19. eyeleen

    Congrats on getting your paper finished. Your Tempting looks wonderful as does the lovely pink scarf.

    Your girls are such cuties!

  20. andrea

    what?! someone had the *audacity* to fire the awesome ms. lolly?! crrrazy – and obviously those folks didn’t deserve you anyhow.

    congrats on the paper though — what a busy bee you are! and to have it done *before* the deadline, enough so to even take a pic of it all printed out? i’m in awe.

  21. Laura

    So sorry to hear about the job. I’m sure you’ll bounce back! Congrats on almost being done with the semester. That’s always a relief. I can share your frustration with running out of yarn. that happened to me once witha sweater about 4 years ago. I wasn’t totally obsessed with knitting then like I am now so the sweater never got finished. I just recently frogged the sucker and figured out something else to do with the yarn. You must finish yours though b/c it is so darned cute! =0)

  22. Jess

    What a ‘bitter-sweet’ post! Sorry about your job, AND your yarn shortage for this project. But great that you completed your paper! Looks like you had a nice celebratory cocktail.

    I like the pink scarf! (Looks like that colour aught to be in a coktail glass).


  23. Anna

    Poor Lolly!
    What a week you’re having.
    I hope you find the yarn to finish your sweater. Maybe try using a different color and see how that looks?
    Sorry about the job, too.

    PS: I can’t believe the SIZE of that drink. Talk about Super-Sized!
    Oh, and I love your pink scarf.

    Congrats on finishing your paper.

  24. Nancy

    I recognize that look… thats the “See how cute I am? Now get me a cookie” – a patented pup look that I fall for every time as my pup snickers behind a paw. “Foolish human…”

  25. Jessica

    So sorry to hear you are having such a crummy week! But congrats on finishing the paper!! :) That’s definitely a good thing.

    Your puppies are so cute!! I miss having dogs. *SSHHHH!* Don’t tell Simba!!! ;)

  26. Kathy

    Yay on finishing that paper finally! And Boo! on losing the yarn-money job. They obviously figured out they were way outta your league and had to get rid of you before someone else noticed! ;)

    See you in a week or so at MS&W!!

  27. Erin

    Wow, look at all that you’ve been up to while I’ve been away. Glad to hear your paper is finished and you can get back to some regular blogging. It’s going to take me a bit of time to catch up on it. Sorry you ran out of yarn for tempting. Isn’t that always the way? Well, despite that, it looks excellent. Glad you’re back from the depths of paper writing!

  28. Samantha

    Oh no! I hope your tempting yarn arrives quickly! It looks absolutely fabulous though. Very nicely done!

    Jen and Bella are so cute! I just want to squish (aka hug) them!! :)

  29. Teresa

    Good golly, Miss Lolly-you poor girl! I hope your yarn arrives in time-you deserve a break! Congrats on the paper, but boo-hoo on the job. What a crock-they at least owe you an explanation! Hope the rest of the week goes well. Tempting looks gorgeous BTW!

    My 6 year old daughter LOVES the doggie pic!

  30. Meg

    Hey Lauren
    Man, I can totally relate to crappy things happening. I feel the same as you. A stressful week and a dumb haircut have left me in the dumps. At least I’m done for the semester this afternoon!

    I think I’d be much more upset about not having enough yarn than about my dumb hair.

    I’m glad you finished your paper and I’m so happy that you love to plant to. For me, planting is almost as nurturing as knitting!

    Enjoy your weekend girl, you deserve it!

  31. Stacy

    Awww, I’m so sorry about your job and running out of yarn. :( Your Tempting looks so good. It stinks that you won’t be able to get it done when you want to.

    Your pups are adorable!

  32. General Ginger

    Idiots and fools to let you get away. What a wretched thing to have happen with your sweater! I’ll send positive thoughts your way that your yarn will arrive. Isn’t spring the most lovely time of year? Cute puppies too.

  33. Dani

    I love how its turning out… You are getting close and will be okay in the end! I love all the other pictures you posted… I love shopping for plants and flowers… aren’t we such girls!

    Those dogs make me want to run home to my kitties (both are more like dogs than cats). I do hope to have a dog in the sooner than later future too! :)

    Happy knitting!

  34. MJ

    So, so close! You will get the yarn. What color and dyelot is it? You know, if you put a call out someone is bound to have that color and dyelot somewhere. Let me know and I’ll check my lys for you.

    Looks like that margarita helped, yah? :-)

  35. Becky

    Oh, DARN that the yarn ran out. But I love your upbeat attitude and cure for the running-out-of-yarn blues: a cocktail! (Woulda been mine :-) )

  36. keri

    Kick Butt on the tempting, it will come around sooner or later! So sorry to hear about your job, I am big believer in things working out for the better, so I bet there’s something super great coming your way! Lovely pics as always, glad to hear about the paper and have a great day! =)

  37. Lauren

    Hi Lauren,
    Sorry to hear about your part time job… I am glad to hear that your paper is finished though! Have fun with the Secret Pal reveal!!! I am thinking of joing the next one. Happy knitting!
    The Other Lauren :-)

  38. Amy

    I ran out of yarn too when I did Tempting, so it may not be just you. I had the new ball shipped overnight because I was so obsessed with finishing the darn thing. Congrats on finishing your paper!

    Have a great weekend,

  39. chelsea

    Congrats on the paper! My last class (for awhile) started online yesterday. Tech editing… zzz. :)

    And Lolly, you fill your posts with such interesting links that I read through and then wander off before I remember to say howdy and thanks! Took me three tries to get all the way through to the comment button without getting all distracted in cyberspace!! LOVED seeing all of the lucky clovers.

    Tempting looks great… My fingers are crossed that the yarn wings its way over soon.

  40. Jenn

    I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be so close- I just started on the sleeves tonight, and I can taste the end, so trust me, I know how I’d feel if I had to pause now. That said, yours really looks good, so it’s going to be worth it!

  41. Wendy

    hehehe…I call Rob my EX-boyfriend all the time!

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