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Continued from Part I yesterday…

Saturday Night:

We left the festival in Elisa’s spiffy rental car… my house was about 15 minutes away, so we decided to stop by and drop off her bags before heading to dinner with the ladies. Elisa got to meet Kris and my pups, and settle in…

Thank you, Elisa, for these great gifts! We loved all of them!

… and then we were off to Strapazza to meet the girls…

Rebecca, Donna, Eilene, Beth, me, Kate (with her great mom and friend), Elisa, Heather, and Kelly.
We had such a great time together at the restaurant–thanks for the lovely evening, ladies! It was great to see everyone come from so many places (Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia) to meet up with the Maryland girls :)

We headed home and had a little pajama party… not too much of a party when we were both dead-tired! Before we fell asleep, we did get some good conversation in… I have to head up to Bean town to spend some more time with this lovely lady.

We slept in. We needed it… I wanted to go see
Stephanie at her hotel, where they were having an early morning book signing, but 8:00 on a weekend just was a little too early for me… We lounged around for awhile drinking coffee, eating toast, and reading the newspaper. We got our stuff together and headed over to the Great Sage in Clarksville. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. We wandered in and wondered why it was so busy… then we remembered Mother’s Day (well, I had not really forgotten, just a little lapse) After some yummy vegetarian entrees, we headed down the road towards the fairgrounds again for a few hours.

These little alpacas are quite popular in bloglandia–I have seen many shots just like this on several blogs. They were adorable, just like these baby sheep! We walked through the barn and saw many others too.

I did not buy a lot at the festival. I did not run into any "deals of a lifetime" or things that I thought I would never see again, so I kept it simple, and picked up a few more things Sunday afternoon. I saw Faith, who came down for the festival (great to meet you!) and ran into Eilene and her hubby, Rick. Also saw Jenn and Harriet (long time no see, ladies! Hope all is well!)

Jenn tipped us off on a 50% off bin, so we went to check that out when we ran into One Stitch Short Sarah, and Crafty Snargle Sarah. Great to meet those girls as well…

We got back to the house, and Elisa had to pack up and head back to MA. I got to snap this pic of her with her awesome sock though! I liked this KnitPicks yarn so much that I bought two hanks to make some socks of my own in the same colorway: Geranium! … and then she left, back to her far-away home, and I sat and pondered my busy weekend, and was so thankful for the kindness and warmth of the friends I have made from this blogland. (Yeah, sappy but true)

For those of you that I missed at the festival, you can always come back and visit me in Maryland next year! :)

What else has Lolly been up to?

My Balmoral torso is done, and ready to be joined with the sleeves to make the yoke. This cardigan is a wonderful knit–I will wear this all of the time, no doubt. It may be difficult to make out in this shot, but it is knit in one piece, so finishing will be a breeze–and that is music to my ears.

I purchased the velvet ribbon for the edging and the belt loops. I was not sure about the color of the ribbon in the beginning, but it looks better the more I stare at it. The actual color of the yarn is closer to the top picture, although not quite as purple.

I also cleaned out the Candy Blue Cotton Ease at the JoAnn in Columbia–8 balls is plenty to make the cotton pullover I was planning from the last FCEK… a simple boatneck.

A big thank you to Leah for sending me this lovely RAOK over the weekend. The card, yarn, Chibi and stitch markers are wonderful! I see some awesome cotton socks in my future!

… and until next time…

Rusty and Lolly bid you adieu

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26 Responses

  1. Jess

    It seems the festival was one big blog reunion! Sounds like you all had fun.

    I like the ribbon you are using, it looks very good next to the purple.

    Stroke Rusty for me – looks like one cute cat!


  2. Amy

    What a wonderful circle of friends you have. I love the fact that knitting can to that.


  3. Kate

    Yes you HAVE to come up to Boston to visit Elisa… if you do I’m taking the train down to see you both!

  4. Dani

    I am jealous! That dinner looked super fun. Those alpacas are really cute, I would have been taking tons of pictures of those guys too… Thanks for all the linkage BTW. I love finding new people from the Boston area…

  5. Kelly

    Looks like you’ve acquired some serious stash enhancements lately!!! I especially like the Candy Blue Cotton Ease.

    It was great to finally meet you this weekend!

  6. Jessica

    Wow. More great stuff! Thanks for telling us all about it. Maybe I’ll actually make it there next year. Rusty is too cute! :)

  7. heather

    First, My little Rusty Scupper gets some H love…I love that kitty!
    He’s special :)

    What a rockin good time! I must see your stash acquisitions!


    loved meeting elisa. cool lady!

  8. Erin

    Such an eventful weekend with some really great pic, but my favorite has to be the one of Rusty! I’m a sucker for cats!

  9. andrea

    sounds like you had a very good time – voice and all ;) that’s great and ah, here’s hoping next year i can join you in maryland!

  10. Donna

    Hey Loll,
    S&W was lots of fun! I too enjoyed meeting Elisa…I wish I could have been at the sleepover.
    Your balmoral looks fab…congrats…I know that was a lot of work on those little needles!
    Hopefully I’ll be seeing you tomorrow:0)

  11. Jenna

    Man, you and Heather both got pink Chibi’s this weekend. Color me jealous. You should bring it next time we meet up so that I can see it…and I wouldn’t ever think of nabbing it, not at all…

  12. toni

    Looks like you had a lot of fun at the fest! Hmmm, next year… How far is Maryland from IN again? Haha!

  13. margene

    What fun you all had. I hope to make it *someday*!!

  14. Moni

    *sigh*..What a fun, fun weekend :) . I may just have to go next year.

  15. Kris (Lolly's husband)

    Just in case any of your readers are wondering… Yes, Rusty does also look this pissed off. Additionally, Jen and Bella were quite disappointed that we didn’t bring home a sheep from the festival. Undoubtedly, they would have loved to herd it. Finally, I’ll second the note that it was wonderful to meet Elisa. She gives Bostonians everywhere a good name. Sounds like her boyfriend (that’s BF in blogland, right?) and I would get along quite well, as well.

  16. Annie

    SO insanely jealous of the fun weekend! Wish Missouri to Maryland wasn’t such a long drive! Balmoral looks great, BTW.

  17. Dana

    Lauren! So sorry we missed each other at MD S & W. I will email you about getting together, soon! I am interested to see how you tackle Balmoral – I am doing a circular yoke w/sleeves thing right now too. Also, JoAnn’s still has Cotton-Ease? I heard it was being discontinued. Better high-tail it over to their web site and see if I can get some! Catch up with you soon, in person I hope! -D.

  18. eyeleen

    Lucky you Lolly! You had a whole weekend of fun!

  19. Laura

    sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’m jealous!

  20. isel

    I love that sock yarn!! MS&W was a lot of fun.

  21. Samantha

    I don’t have much time to comment, but I wanted to say this: Rusty is freakin’ adorable!!!!

  22. chelsea

    yeah! I would love to see some lilies! I have tons of pansies and azaleas around my apartment… I am hoping to find some good shots of those.

    I wish there was a craft store around here that I could clean out of cotton-ease (like I need any more yarn right now, right?!)

  23. Tam

    Great photos, Lolly! Thanks so much for your helpful comments on my site regarding Intarsia and Fair Isle. I appreciate your input more than you can know.

    And I have to agree with Jess–Rusty is adorable!

  24. Becky

    Someday I hope to make it to MS&W…if anything, to meet my fave bloggers AND see some of those adorable alpacas.

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