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You Grow, Girl
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You Grow, Girl

I was emailing with Kate today about the joys of gardening, so I thought I would show some of my plant pics… this is our small container garden on our back patio. Here you see two varieties of basil, oregano, cat grass, cayenne peppers, mesculin salad greens, and our strawberries.

We have several beds around our yard with various vegetables and herbs: yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, sage, rosemary (no thyme this time!), mint, catnip, cilantro… we have a small yard, but we chock it full of plants :) In a previous life, I was in Future Farmers of America (the horticulture section), and I grew up around abundant gardens that my dad, and my grandfathers planted. We even saw some of the praying mantises that hatched a few weeks ago. They have grown a little bigger. They are pretty cool bugs.

My spring is not complete without some digging in the dirt and watching plants grow. Luckily, Kris likes it too, and he actually did a lot of the planting and potting this time around as I finished my school semester… what a sweetie.

We also have lots of plants indoors… here is the cactus that we bought after moving into our house. We just bought this pretty new pot, and Kris used some river stones he collected last year as a base. I like this arrangement very much.

I have the pleasure of working at a wonderful place. Not only do I get to work with Kris, I am able to gain the exact experience that I need for my graduate studies and for job preparation after graduation. One of the most amazing things about the place that we work is the campus itself. The landscaping is top-notch, and ever since the cherry blossoms were blooming there, I wanted to bring my camera to snap some shots, but I always forgot it in the mornings… until today.

Here is the terrace where Kris and I eat lunch, and the view from the terrace looking towards the pond. Can you believe this is right in the middle of a busy city? The last picture is a view of the atrium near Kris’s office–there is wisteria growing around the columns and large banana plants. Not too shabby… Of course, the Archives, where I work is in the basement (aren’t archives always in the basement?) and I don’t have a window, but I do take a few little "sunshine" breaks during the day.

You may remember that last year, my final project for one of my library school classes was an organization project. I decided to tackle my yarn collection: I categorized it, and even gave it a classification system to help with inventory and control. Unfortunately, this system quickly fell by the wayside after the class ended, and instead of re-adopting it (it needs to be tweaked) I decided to clean up my stash and put it in one central place… this was a big problem… there were yarn skeins and needles all over the house…

So I gathered the disparate skeins and bagged them…

…and transported them to the new IKEA cube shelf that was bought a few months ago for the sole purpose of storing yarn…

This is not all of my stash… but a good 4/5 of it (okay, yes, that was a random fractional guess) … I also have knit items I have purchased for repurposing the yarn, and those are not pictured because I have not unraveled them yet. I am amazed how much my stash has grown in the last year and a half that I have been knitting.

I need some good stashbuster projects… I say this as I leaf through the Knitpicks catalog for the umpteenth time…

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  1. Carolyn

    I was potting flowers today too! I really want to grown some veggies in large pots in the back…no room for a garden…so that is my next adventure! Love the ikea shelf…great idea.

  2. Amy

    Lovely botanical pictures. Your stash ain’t too shabby either.


  3. Jenna

    Wow, your work looks really serene and lovely. It must be nice if you’re feeling a little stressed; you can just walk outside, take a few deep breaths and feel better! That stash is quite impressive as well..
    I really hope to see you soon, sweet lady!

  4. karen

    Hey! Great idea with the IKEA cube shelves… I mean, the yarnshops do it, so why shouldn’t we? Your workplace is lovely, as is your container garden.

  5. Dani

    Love your garden! Looks like my back and front porch all chalked full of plants and herbs! I can’t wait to have a huge yarn someday so I can have zero grass and tons of plants/gardens/veggies/flowers someday. Love the IKEA furniture… I cannot believe how much yarn you have (not that that is a bad thing :) )!! I see lettuce tucked in there ;)

    Have a goo night Lauren!

  6. andrea

    hee, no time for thyme! and i’m so envious of your container garden ~ i tried to grow some rosemary and bail on my pitifully narrow window sill but they died once i hit midterms, ach.

    and yup, archives are always in basements – or at least, as in my case, a big old room with no windows, which means basically the same thing!

  7. eyeleen

    Lovely photos of all the plants. I was planning on getting the same cube shelves from Ikea for my stash. It looks pretty good with yarn. Excellent stash.

  8. Lani

    Wow, you have an amazingly huge stash. It puts mine to shame. LOL! I love the IKEA shelving too. I LOVE IKEA, it’s addicting. Have a great evening…

  9. Liz

    Is it wrong that I’m drooling over your stash?

  10. tacha

    Your campus is gorgeous – I wish I had studied somewhere as beautiful as that. The stash is also not so bad ;-) Looks like you have some lovely yarns there.

  11. tina

    Those cubes look great…It’s like having your own personal mini yarn store in your own home!

  12. Leanne

    I really love my job but don’t necessarily love the building. If I worked where you worked, I think I would be in heaven. I have the same shelves but rather than holding yarn, they hold the boys’ toys. I wonder if they would mind ….

  13. Laura

    Oh nice stash! jealous! This is off topic..Lolly do you know how infectious you are? I look forward to reading every new post on your blog. You create smiles on my face.=0) see! Thank you for being you!

  14. jacqueline

    you get to work in the most lovely environment. you are so lucky and blessed. i am really envious.

  15. froggy

    great stash. love those cubbies and cool pics. what a beautiful place to work.

  16. kris

    i love those garden pictures! your workplace is beautiful. i, too, am lucky enough to have a park outside my office where i can sit and enjoy the sun. problem is, more often than not it’s raining!

  17. Jackie

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures today, Lauren! Lucky you to get to work with your sweetie in such a pretty place. Love the storage cubes – it looks like your own little yarn shop!! :)

  18. Tara

    Man, I wish I had a green thumb! All those homegrown veggies….yum!

    As long as you have stashbusting intentions, I say it’s okay to stash enhance!

    At least that’s what I keep telling myself. :)

  19. elisa

    Wow Lauren – the campus really is beautiful. I can see how wonderful it would be to work in a place like that and know you’re still in the city.

    The shelves look terrific with your yarn in them, too.

    Now I’m feeling inspired to 1) get more stash and 2) plant things!


  20. melanie

    WOW – I am so green right now. Garden…workplace (AMAZING)…stash…shelves. I am so going to the IKEA website right after I leave your blog. Like…NOW.

  21. Hanna

    Nice little pots of green, you have green hands! And what a nice shelf to display all your yarn in! You’ll knit all that up in no time now when you can look at it all the time! ;-)

  22. Kate

    I’d show my garden but it is just dirt (well I do have snap peas coming up). I’m patiently waiting for something besides the peas to show their green. Great pics! I never thought of putting stuff in containers (can you tell I’m new at this) I may have to do that this weekend. My book will be here tomorrow! Can’t wait to dive into it and learn some new things.

  23. Eilene

    You little gardener you! What great photos. I used to grow herbs. I loved using fresh herbs when I cooked dinners. Nothing better than homegrown!

    What a cool storage cube from IKEA. I would really like to get some. Did you have to put it together or did it come like that?

  24. Kelly

    Lolly girl, I am laughing out loud!!! It looks like you have one of our LYS’s in your house!!! I love the idea of putting your stash in the cube shelf… it looks great & you can admire all your fiber any time you want!!!

    Your garden is looking much better than mine. I hope I have as much luck with mine as you’ve had with yours!

  25. Lauren

    Gorgeous pictures. Did you ‘grow’ praying mantises on purpose? If so, why?! Great job on the organization!

  26. Gracie

    Wow! What a pretty place to work! My lab is in the basement as well, no windows for us either. Isn’t it sad when you go in during the day and leave when it is dark outside?!

    Your stash looks so great! It is like you have your own LYS in your house!

  27. Moni

    Damn! That stash is immense! I’m envious :) . And I’m also envious of your working environment! how beautiful!

  28. Erin

    Holy Stash! It looks like your very own LYS! I know for a fact my stash is not nearly as large as yours!

    It looks like you work in at a very beautiful campus, especially in the Spring. Springtime makes everywhere look great!

  29. Eliz

    Hi Lolly I covet your stash. It is so beautiful and now so organized. Mine is spilling out of suitcases right now! I see some blue Phildar yarn there in the middle that looks mighty tempting.

  30. margene

    Now that’s stash to ‘live’ for!

  31. sUsAn

    I was just reading _You Grow Girl_ this morning while the kiddos played outside! My mouth waters just thinking of the goodies from the garden we are in store for soon. Yea, for bossing that stash around!

  32. Ann

    Holy stash! It totally looks like you could go shopping in your own home. That must be a great feeling!

  33. Heidi

    Everyone’s commenting on the stash, the plants, the shelving…

    But I have to say that’s so rad that you got to set up a classification system for your yarn as a class project!

    You’re lucky to have a little natural environment right outside your basement. Here on the west side of Chicago it’s the eight-lane Eisenhower Expressway and the gigantic parking lot of the United Center outside my door. Not very pretty.

  34. toni

    Thank you thank you thank you! I am totally going to copy your shelving idea, and since it’s that cube ikea stuff, my hubby loves the idea too! You ROCK for posting that picture! ;)

  35. dELIA

    There is something so great about University campuses. Ours in the the middle of a major city as well but there are so many great nooks and walkways that you COMPLETELY forget about the hustle and bustle.

    Those photos make me want yarn cubes. Bad.

  36. Cathi

    I love that I feel like I get a little glimpse into yours and Kris’ life with each post. You must be an amazing cook with all of those fresh veggies! The stash looks great, and I bet it feels good to have it up in the cubbies. Have a great weekend!

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