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Counting Down
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Counting Down

I just returned home from a very long day with my momma. We shopped; our ultimate goal was to find shoes for my sister’s wedding. After traveling to several shoe stores in the Columbia vicinity, I settled on a nice pair that are both comfortable and attractive (that is nearly unheard of) from DSW. The design of the shoe is very simple–strappy silver sandal type–and I am debating whether I should jazz them up with a little ribbon flower and/or beading.

Of course, we stopped by a few other places en route to various shoe stores… like JoAnn
I have a thing for totes. I use them all of the time, everyday. So this new green plastic one was a welcome addition… especially when it was 50% off, coming out to $2. I am pretty sure that it was the polka dots that got me.

… and you cannot just leave the store with an empty tote…
The remaining stock (8 balls) of the black Cotton Ease fit perfectly, as well as 2 skeins of JoAnn Sensations Angel Hair. Yeah, you saw my yarn stash… you know I needed more yarn like I need a hole in the head. Does it help knowing the Cotton Ease is being discontinued?

My mom, my little sis, Sarah, and I had an appointment with the seamstress who is making the dresses for the wedding. They are nearly finished, due to pick up next Wednesday. The bridesmaid dresses that Sarah and I wear are a great iris/periwinkle color in taffeta. My mom’s dress is a great pink/purple dress in silk. The seamstress is really doing a wonderful job.

Sarah waiting

Maids’ fabric swatch

Mom’s dress

All of the dresses still need a bit of work, redoing seams, cinching skirts, inserting liners, etc. and I cannot wait to see the final product. I love the fabric.

…and in the Best News I’ve Heard All Day Year category:

This is where I will be spending the latter half of October… Oahu! Kris bought our tickets today. The best part about it? They were only $20! We have been saving up our miles and what a way to cash them in :) (So, this is a justification for all of the yarn store buys: each purchase with the credit card earns miles to travel to exotics locales!)

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30 Responses

  1. Dani

    Love your new yarn and tote.. JoAnn’s does have good sales. I am super jealous you are going to Oahu! I need a vacation soooooooooo bad. Hmm… now you got me thinking! :)

  2. marti

    great idea of shoes that look nice and fit well and are comfy. i agree, they don’t happen too oftgen do they? good score on the cotton ease! too bad they are discontinuing the stuff. now if it was the wool ease, i wouldn’t be too upset.

  3. Karma

    Yay, you got your Hawaii tickets! We’re buying ours this week. I’ll be there before you, na na na na na! :) I’m desperately in need of vaca.

    I love the bridesmaids’ and mother of the bride’s dress colors. I’m all excited about the color “orchid” lately. That and oceany colors like aqua and mediterranean blues.

    So glad you found pretty, comfy shoes!

  4. Amy

    I LOVE DSW. I can always find yummy things there. Is there room in your suitcase for me when you go to Oahu?

    Have a great weekend,

  5. eyeleen

    Beautiful colors for the dresses. and Oahu! Lucky you! I’m jealous as well. I’m in definite need of a vacation.

  6. Tam

    Oahu truly looks like paradise! You’re one lucky girl! =)

  7. Toni

    DSW! God, I miss those. It’s probably for the best. Fewer shoes = more yarn.

  8. Jenn

    Oh my goodness…can I go with you? I have 20 bucks to spare :-)

    Very cute tote, and the dress fabric really is pretty.

  9. Tara

    Ok, I’m jealous. I love your logic about the yarn store purchases. I’ll have to remember that one!

    I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses! You’re gonna look so hot! :)

  10. elisa

    Rock on with your bad self!

    I love the tote, and the new stash haul, but um,

    Where is the picture of the shoes??? ;)

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time in Oahu. You’ll also have LOTS of plane knitting time. Lots and LOTS of it!

    Happy Friday, Darling!

  11. oslofia

    Hi Lauren, I’m going to Stockholm and you’re going to Hawaii. I know wich place I would prefer =)

    Its also good to see that its not just only me that’s addicted to handbags and totes. I love them in any shape-colour-size!!

    Have a great weekend,

  12. melanie

    I love DSW as well – it’s where I got my comfortable and attractive wedding shoes. Actually, they were so cheap, I bought TWO pairs of wedding shoes because I couldn’t decide.

    Nice score at Joann’s!

    GREEN with OAHU ENVY now.

  13. Erin

    Oh I’m so jealous! You’re going to Oahu! You’re gonna have such a great time. It looks so gorgeous.

    And don’t feel bad about adding to your stash, you’re more than likely gonna use it someday! That’s what a stash is for right?

    Don’t you just love DSW? It’s shoe heaven. We have a huge one here and I have to admit, I have a membership card!

  14. mia

    comfortable from DSW? That is unheard of or at leat I have never seen comfortable shoes from DSW. Everytime I have een in DSW and found a pair of shoes that I like the heels have been way too high. And of course you always need more yarn. And Oahuis wonderful. But than I tend to stay with family so I see a different side of town than the typical tourist. Plus I hang out in with the locals. But now you are making me want to go back to stay for good.

  15. puppymomma

    Thanks for the well-wishes for Conan. I just talked to the vet’s wife and she says he’s doing just fine. Hurray for morphine, huh?

    Anyway….after seeing your great finds at Joann’s, now I’m going to have to go and spend way too much money there too. Since I finally bought the summer Rebecca, maybe I’ll look for cheap subs for some of the stuff I want to make in there……Wanna go shopping again?

  16. Kathy

    Hawaii! Can I stow away, with Amy, in your luggage? I’m not sure if/when/where we’ll take a vacation this year, but it certainly won’t be as exotic a place as Oahu.

    Have a fun weekend!

  17. Lauren

    Wow, that is awesome! C-E + Oahu :) Good job on the yarn purchases; what a fab trip to get out of it.

  18. Jessica

    Wow! Congrats on the trip!! That is going to be so awesome. :)

  19. Peggy

    Wow! You are so lucky! Oahu looks beautiful!! … and I just saw your yarn stash… hee hee. It’s pretty crazyily exciting, isn’t it?

  20. LeAnne

    Lolly, thanks for the comment on my blog! Wow, I read your “about me” section and loved #90. I love it here in Portland. Your stash is like mine. Wow.

  21. Christy

    I am drooling with jealousy – OOOOH, you will absolutely ADORE oahu! I spent 2 weeks there last April. You MUST do a mai tai sunset catamaran cruise :-) Keep in touch and let me know if you need any recommendations!

    p.s. finally…swatched for lucky last night!
    Hope it’s OK; I added your button to my blog!

  22. Laura

    Oahu?! How FABULOUS! I don’t even need to say how jealous I am. You’re going to have a blast. Of course it justifies the yarn purchases. And if it doesn’t, who cares?!

  23. margene

    You lucky grrl! Oahu AND that cute tote!

  24. Martha

    Love the tote. Love it more full of yarn. Cool that you know New Mexico, too. It is a special place.

  25. Moni

    Yay for oahu! let me know if you touch down in the Bay Area :) .

  26. Wanda

    yay for you! That’s awesome that you are going to Oahu. I love the color of your mom’s dress and it looks like some of filmy shawl or some fabric she had draped over her too that looked gorgeous.

  27. Jenny

    OAHU! For FREE! Or essentially! yay Lolly!

    I bought me a whole mess o’ cottonease yesterday too. Great minds…

  28. Tess

    I just went to Joann today and got myself a lilac tote. Too bad there wasn’t any cottonease. :( And to think that I never even got to feel this yarn.

  29. Wendy

    Ha! I just went to Joann’s today and made the same purchase (*almost*.) I resisted the bag and stuck to the Cotton Ease…

  30. Lara

    oooooo! OAHU!! NICE!! Congratulations!!! Credit well spent!

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