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I would love to have a visit from the seaming fairy this weekend… she can magically turn that into this:

However, I think she is booked solid through the weekend… so, I will have to tackle this sucker myself. I don’t know many knitters that like to seam, however, it is a part of the process, right? You can’t have an FO without it. (Stating the obvious is my forte) With the aid of my new fancy blocking board (okay, you caught me–it is not that fancy–I only paid $7 for it!) this blocking and seaming will be a cinch, I hope.

After I finish Kris’s pullover, I will return to my many "ladies in waiting"… Balmoral, Lucky Clover, Boatneck… and I will cast on for the afghan for my sister’s wedding present. I realized that I don’t have to rush the afghan since I will be visiting her in Hawaii in October… it is not like people really use afghans in Hawaii anyway… but I am still going to make it…

Many thanks to Leanne for sending me this Rowan Calmer. I love the texture of this yarn. Any suggestions about what to knit up with this?
How did you know, Maryellen, that I adore origami? This card and origami giraffe really brightened this rainy Maryland day! I have been on a serious green kick too, so these colors are perfect! I need to find some pretty origami papers… I used to be good at the folding, wonder if I still have it in me? :)

…and in honor of Chelsea’s Flower Picture Week, I snapped these shots of the primroses on our front porch, right after the rainstorm.

Kris and I are gonna go and stand in line waiting to see Star Wars tonight … I was thinking of starting on a sock while waiting…Â

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21 Responses

  1. Amy

    Boy, you are a blogging bandit these last few days.

    The Jo Sharp Soho Summer that I used for Cold Shoulder was just fine to knit with. Like all 100% cotton yarns, you have to be weary of the yarn splitting. Other than that, it was great.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. kim

    make a NBaT with the Calmer!!!!

  3. Lauren

    Aw, I’d seam it for you if I were there. Hey, speaking of Kris, how’s his knitting going? That calmer is great. Shrug or skimpy tank?

  4. carolyn

    I love seaming! It gives me a wierd satisfaction…love those beautiful seams! Don’t even ask me about the calmer…I have calmer problems as you know…I am tempted with a NBaT…hmmmmm.

  5. Agnes

    Seaming fairy? If by any chance you see her, can you pass a message from me? I’d like her to visit me more often … hahaha …
    Calmer? Nothing but a t-shirt!

  6. Cara

    I actually like seaming myself. There’s something about it – I don’t know – putting all the pieces together and actually making something. Not sure I’m as generous as Lauren, but I’d cheer you on!

    I’ve been thinking about Calmer a lot lately. Did you see Donna’s Mariah in Calmer at the festival? Let me know if you don’t know what I’m talking about – it’s really nice.

    Good luck at the movies!

  7. cheryl

    Make a nice cozy t-shirt with your Rowan Calmer…

  8. Laura

    That calmer is so gorgeous. Maybe a small wrap?

  9. tacha

    Good idea – I think I will take a sock to the cinema queue as well! Have a fun seaming weekend.

  10. kris

    sorry, but the seaming fairy is actually busy with a couple of projects in norway at the moment.

    i wish.

    have a great weekend!

  11. Jess

    I agree about you being a blogging bandit – can hardly keep up wiv’ya. Happy seaming (if that is possible) and enjoy the film!


  12. shobhana

    i think you should use the Calmer to knit the Debbie Bliss Fiery Bolero, from the current issue of IK, ’cause that’s what i’m doing!

  13. atouria

    i hate seaming, too! I just deal with it because I have to.

    Starwars is awesome! i’m sure you’ll love it.

    You got some sweet gifts. I love the origami and the calmer. I also love the primroses you shared!

    have a great weekend!

  14. elisa

    No one said the process isn’t a pain in the ass sometimes.

    I’m just sayin. ;)

  15. Cathi

    Yum, Calmer. There are so many great patterns- Audrey is my fave, but I don’t know how much it calls for. Hope you enjoyed the flick!

  16. Gracie

    Oooo…. I’m so jealous, a finished sweater!

    I’m also so jealous that you get to go to Hawaii in October! I love it there, you are going to have the best time!

  17. catherine

    the primroses are beautiful!!! i don’t know one knitter so far that likes seaming:) if they wanted to do that they would have taken up sewing huh?:) you could make a shrug or cowl or handbag with the new yarn? enough yardage? thanks for posting on my blog we had a great day:)

  18. Katherine

    wow that sweater seamed to knit up so fast! Har har! Good luck with completion Lolly. Seaming is such a bee- acht for all of us!

  19. yuvi

    I agree, knit KNaBT with those yummy Calmer!! I hate seaming too, it took longer time for me to seam than to knit.

  20. Kimberly

    I can’t wait to see your finished sweater. I’m another one of those knitters who dreads sewing the pieces together, my mother used to have someone do it for her.
    So how was Star Wars? We’re waiting for the babysitter right now.
    We’ll have to see for ourselves.
    Tschüß! (bye in Berlinerisch-that’s the dialect the Germans speak in Berlin)

  21. Tara

    I find that once I get started seaming it goes by more quickly than I expected. But don’t get me wrong, I dread it just like everyone else! You’ll feel so much better when you’re ALL DONE.

    So … whadja think of Star Wars?

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