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Denim Pullover
Bernat Denim Style in Indigo (Cotton/Acrylic)
Bernat’s Free Online Patterns
Started: September 15, 2004
Finished: May 21, 2005

The hardest part about this sweater? It is huge. It took up my whole table while seaming! This can only be attributed to what Jenna refers to as men’s long ape arms… Kris played a good mannequin throughout the whole process. I knew ahead of time that this was going to be a tad too big for him. I tried to make some adjustments while seaming, but they did not remedy the problem. It is not gargantuanlly big, but we would both like it to be a little smaller. I was hoping a few cycles in the wash would make the cotton in the yarn shrink–anyone have any other tips?

Even though it is too big, I am happy with this sweater. I finally cleared it out of the plastic bag sitting in my stash… now I can have my big stitch holder back. I learned how to make a cleaner pick up stitch for the neckband. I took the time to do a good finishing job, and that made a real difference.

In celebration of Kris’s pullover, I decided to tell you a little more about him. You know enough about me… now for my "other half". He signed the appropriate waivers, etc., so all is fair game :)

Kris loves aquariums like I love knitting. After we got married, he picked up an old 20 gallon tank from his parents’ house that he had as a child. He filled the tank with some cute neon tetras and some rocks and a bubbling treasure chest. We had fun watching the new entertainment, and not so much fun flushing the fishies down the toilet… but his interest increased, and his skills improved… Kris has a tendency to get "really into" a hobby–he did the appropriate research, drafted a proposal, and then sat me down to discuss the possibility of getting a bigger tank. (Yeah, it was really that organized). A 75-gallon tank for the basement. For those of you that can’t really visualize this: it is about the size of a coffin and filled to the brim with water. Sure, I wanted to encourage his hobby–I like to see him interested and having fun. Before long, he had set up a lovely aquarium in our basement with exotic freshwater fish and amazing aquatic plants. It is not uncommon for us to watch the aquarium instead of the TV. Now, three years later: we have five aquariums… three big ones (75g, 54g, 40g) and two small ones (10g, 20g). Kris has also joined a local chapter and serves on their board as the website administrator. He assisted in the planning and organization of a large conference last winter where people came from all over the world to discuss aquariums, aquatic plants, and fish. (Like Stitches is for us!) He has also become quite the underwater photographer:

Top to bottom: A snail in the tank bottom; flowering ammania gracilis; Amano shrimp eating algae; Congo tetra; and Angel fish.

Kris also loves hockey. He has played the game since he was a tot. Through high school, he played ice hockey as a forward. In college, he began playing roller hockey with some of our friends from high school in an adult league at the local facility. For five years they played together… and then this year, the team disintegrated… he joined another team where he only knew one person, and three weeks ago, they started their summer season.

That’s him: #9. He is a good player, and I am not just saying that because I am married to him–he has had several seasons as one of the top 5 scorers in the league. Although his old team was filled with drunkards and "baby-daddys", they had at least 5+ years of hockey chemistry between them. They did not lose games very often. The new team is 0-3-1. Here’s hoping things will get better with the new guys. I am often the (lone) fan in the stands. I bring my knitting to accompany me.

… and there is more… he plays the guitar, is a master gardener, and an awesome cook. What is not to love? I think this boy-man deserves another sweater… I am thinking the Manos zipper cardigan in Last Minute Knitted Gifts (sans orange zipper, thank you) but that can wait till fall. This time, I will measure him to get the right fit.

… and me? Well, I am having lunch with Eilene today.

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43 Responses

  1. Martha

    You did a fantatic job on the sweater. It looks great. And I learned a little something about fish this morning. How nice!

  2. Amy

    (En Vogue) What a man…what a man…what a man…what a mighty, mighty good man! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you are a lucky girl.

    His sweater is wonderful. You should be proud.

    Have a great day,

  3. Ann

    What a nice sweater! It looks comfy and cozy. I’ll have to add that sweater to my list of boyfriend-appropriate ones.

  4. Bookish Wendy

    Man, too bad I’m already married. ;) He’s a keeper.

  5. Kate

    Great job on the sweater – Kris makes an excellent model. And call me a little bias but I love a guy who plays hockey, I swear Jason will be playing until he dies.

  6. Cara

    What a lovely post! I can feel the love!

    The sweater looks great – not too big from this angle – just very comfortable. And the fish tanks! My gosh! What an endeavor!

  7. Lauren

    Congrats! He looks so happy to be in the sweater. Your aquariums sound so cool. How does he get those shots? What a fun guy.

  8. monica

    The sweater looks great!

  9. Kathy

    Kris looks very handsome in his sweater! And if it doesn’t shrink appropriately, he can layer several things under it in really cold weather.

  10. kris

    what a beautiful post to match the fab sweater! hubby sounds like a great guy – of course, with a name like that he would be ;-)

  11. Christy

    Kris is lucky to have such a talented and caring wife… I totally know what you mean by the seaming fairy!
    Have you seen the Nothin’ But A T-Shirt pattern? It uses the Calmer (such a great yarn!):

  12. margene

    A man with many passions…lucky you!
    And lucky him! He looks fabulous in that sweater.

  13. Tara

    I think it was really sweet of you to write up a lil sumthin sumthin about Kris! And the sweater looks great!

  14. Cathi

    Thanks for sharing your sweetie with us! It’s cool to know more about the man behind the woman. The sweater looks great, perfect for chilly nights, cuddling on the couch and watching the fishies go by. :)

  15. Erin

    Oh that sweater in Last Minute Knits with the orange zipper I love! In fact, I was thinking about making it for D, sans orange zipper of course. It’d be a quick knit too! I say go for it.

  16. Karma

    Yay, the man sweater is done! It looks great, even if you guys think it’s a bit too big. I think it looks cozy from here!

    Thanks for telling us a big more about your honey, it’s fun to get to know people better this way. My brother played hockey for years, what a brutal, manly sport! I think you and I have something more in common, too: our husbands have baby faces. :)

  17. Agnes

    Great sweater! So the seaming fairy has been taking care of you! :)
    Kris looks like a kid in the photos! But don’t tell him … I know most men don’t like people say they look like kids! I love the aquarium pictures … the colours are so beautiful!

  18. carolyn

    It looks wonderful! Doesn’t look so baggy in the photo!? I love the simple pattern…I may have to do this one for my hubby…he looks best in plain knits.
    I’m sure it will get lots of wear!

  19. Cheryl

    It was so interesting to read about Kris, he sounds like a great catch! Ha-ha! And his sweater looks so yummy, you did a beautiful job.

  20. biglug

    Your Kris and my Chris (my future husband in 100 or so days ACK!) have a lot in common. He has long arms. (Sometimes refered to by me as monkey arms) He wants aquariums when we have a house (He used to keep them when he was at home) and he grew up playing hockey. But not ice hockey – street hockey. Yay for (K)Chris-es!

  21. Kelly

    SOunds like you have a great man, there Lolly! AND, what a great sweater! It really doesn’t look too big in the photos you posted, and I’m so impressed that you got it all seamed in one weekend! Way to go girl!

  22. Jacqueline

    You should change your tag line to read….”notes from a girl who is smitten with knitting…and her very cute husband!”

    It may be too big (in your opinion) but how cute does he look in it!

    You’ll send a few blog readers hearts a flutter today.

  23. Jenna

    Kris is clearly awesome, especially for being a good sport and letting you post that mannequin picture. It’s a funny one. I think you both must be the busiest couple ever.

  24. Dani

    Kris sounds super awesome! You are so lucky to have each other :)
    I really do like how the sweater came out! I am so happy you finished that since I know it was in your “to finish” list!

    Love those underwater life photos! Glad you had a good weekend!

  25. Missy

    Lovely sweater! I think it looks fine the size it is, but the washing strategy should work a little… I just tried that myself. It won’t shrink that much, but enough to make a differance. Good luck!

  26. eyeleen

    The sweater looks great and Chris sounds like a wonderful guy. Beautiful fish photos.

  27. suz

    Awww! I loved that “intro to Kris 101″! You found a neat dude!

    My ex (now one of my best friends) plays adult ice hockey, too. It’s really neat that you go and support his games! At Maurice’s games, they rarely if ever have anyone in the stands.

  28. Leanne

    You have surpassed all of my own knitting expectations – a sweater for your husband. I don’t think I’ll ever ever ever make one for mine (6’2 and the longest arms known to man). If the sweater is too big, send it my way and we’ll just pretend I made it for D.

  29. tacha

    It doesn’t look too big in the picture – but if it is maybe it can be his jumper to go over his hockey gear! They wear so much stuff he would need a bigger fit! We used to love watching our local team play ice hockey when we lived in North Carolina. Kris sounds like a wonderful guy.

  30. jane

    The sweater is great!! I wish I could get my husband to pose and comfortably as your does. Maybe I should take my pictures outside! Jane

  31. Jenny

    My hubby is a geneticist who mostly has studied marine invertebrates and is just getting new tanks set up in his lab! He would be mighty impressed with Kris’s tanks.

  32. Karen

    What a cutie! And the sweater is really nice too! It looks great on him.

  33. Eilene

    Kris’ sweater turned out fabulous. He looks great in it. I love the denimy color! You did a great job L!

    What gorgeous photos of his Aquarium!

    Had a great time at lunch! It was great seeing you again & catching up. It had been too long. ;-)

  34. Heather

    Kris’ sweater looks fantastic :) I’m sure it’ll shrink a bit in the wash, though I don’t think it looks all that big on him. All the same, great job! I’ve been trying to find sweater patterns that my man will actually enjoy… it’s a slow and hard process ^_^

    Thanks for the intro to Kris :) You guys seem like such an interesting pair, it’s always nice to learn more about each of you

  35. Cathi

    PS- I want to know how long you two have been together. :)

  36. Laura

    That sweater turned out great. I finally started the vest for my boyfriend. I hope I finish it this century!

  37. Allison

    You are a lucky gal with a guy like yours! And a fantabulous knitter!

  38. froggy

    great sweater. looks awesome!

  39. Wanda

    Kris’ sweater looks fabulous! You did a great job and I’m sure he is happy to have it. A second sweater for the fall, oh, what a lucky boy! Mine will be excied if I finish one.

  40. heather

    I am a bit late…but AWESOME job on the bernat sweater…I loved reading about Kris…he’s an awesome guy…He would have loved the snorkeling in Mx.

    It turned out great!

  41. knitbrarian

    I know it’s late to comment on this one, but I just had to comment on the hockey! My husband plays hockey too — he loves “the hockey” (as I call it) SO much. You’re so good to go to the games. I rarely do. It’s my alone time in the house!

  42. little bama belle

    well i just want to say this is the best blob i have ever seen in my life(to be spoken with a deep southern accent) I bet ya’ll are so hospitable and good to your house guest…I might suggest that you add a picture of a beautiful brunette wanna be movie star to the blabla thing and then it will be perfect;)lots of bama love

  43. debbie

    I know this is an old post but I came across it in my search for patterns for the same yarn….and am in fact looking for pattern for sweater for my son.
    He’s about 5’8″ and not that big of a young man, slight build, so I was just wondering what size you made your hubby….I’m going to measure my son, Jordan, but just wanted to know as my guy will probably want it to fit, he’s not into the big loose style…
    thanks so much and you did a fantastic job!!!!
    North Bay, Ontario

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