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Sock it To Me
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Sock it To Me

I regret to say that unlike many of my previous entries within the last seven days, this entry does not include pictures of glorious finished objects… but I do have some progress shots of my first pair of socks!

IKEA man has his hands full!

Front view of sock, along with the side view. As you can see, I successfully turned my first heel (hey, it was a big deal to me!) and I am now working on the instep gusset. So far so good–the only thing I notice is that this sock is going to be big around the cuff. I think that using the 12" circs in the beginning may have stretched it out…

I went ahead and read the book… I knew once I started I would not be able to put it down (and that held true!) Monday was totally devoted to Harry Potter–and I really loved it. This book was great, and I am so ready for the 7th one!

Feel free to email me with your stellar theories about Book 7! :)

While discussing Book 6 with dear Heather on the phone last night, I organized my stash, and balled up some skeins that I have had waiting for awhile. I think I found the prettiest skeins in my stash… but what to do with them? Scarves are always my default answer–but anyone else have some ideas to throw in?

Zitron Unikat and Noro Transitions–I just love the way they look all balled up. Plus, they are so much easier to stack and organize in the stash!

A BIG THANKS to Kathy at Knitigator for sending me 4 balls of Cotton Ease in Sugar Plum! This color is so pretty. It will be perfect for a tank or a tee–perhaps a Tivoli?

Stay cool (or warm if you are in the southern hemisphere!) Take care!

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  1. Carolyn

    Yeah! The sock looks fantastic…love that heel. I am now on a mission for some of that cotton ease…I love that colour!

  2. heather

    nice trekking. coming along. I always hate the decreases. yuk.
    Ikea man looks like he’s struggling!

    Tivoli tee? you should make that with the cottonease. :) lucky girl.

  3. Sarah

    Woo hoo! Congrats on that afghan! It turned out fabulously. Your sister will adore it, I’m sure. That much loving in lap warming form cannot be un-adored!

    I’m still reading HP…I was only able to bust out 5 chapters last night before I fell asleep…but I like what I read so far!

  4. Faith

    Great looking sock, Lolly! I was thrilled to pieces when I turned my first heel, so I completely understand.

  5. margene

    Look at you go!

  6. Jenna

    Hooray on your sock! Now you’re actually moving on to the really fun, interesting part. For when you get to the toes, don’t beleive the hype, grafting isn’t as hard as everyone says if you pay attention. I’ll even help you out if you like.

    I was trying to think of something fun for those yarns. How about a pillow cover? A hat is also a nice option, this would look nice in the transitions http://www.cu-needleworks.com/Patterns/Silk_garden_spiral/silk_garden_spiral.html

  7. Natalie

    Are they feltable? They’d make cute stripey bags!

  8. Cara

    The sock looks GREAT! You’re just rolling along aren’t you!

    Can’t help you with any HP stuff – I haven’t read any of them. Can you believe it?! And now, it’s like, I haven’t read them, I’m not going to. I know. I’m goofy.

    Hope you’re doing well – school is good and you’re staying cool. It’s so disgusting, I haven’t left the house since we got home.

  9. Amy

    The Unikat looks just like your Kahlo afghan!

  10. LisaB

    Your IKEA man looks like he is dancing with the sock!

    For your skeins, maybe a hat?

  11. Jessica

    Your sock is coming along great! Turning your first heal *is* a big deal and it looks like you did a great job. :)

    As for the yarn…I’ve got nothin’.

  12. Moni

    I’ve said it before, but I so love the colorway of your socks! so pretty and fall-like! I’m working on some little sockies right now, too and really enjoying the whole process. Isn’t turning the heel kind of fascinating? I love how it all works out.

    Apparently I need to devote the weekend to reading Harry Potter..everyone I know in the blogisphere has read it already!

    Take care, Lollygirl!

  13. kim

    the sock looks great! i have one of those little guys too, i should use him more for holding knits!

  14. Agnes

    I can see that IKEA man is loving your sock … no wonder, it’s beautiful! Way to go, Lolly … got to see your first sock FO soon.
    For the beautiful yarns, how about mittens? hat?

  15. Nichola

    Nice socks! How about the One Skein Wonder for your yarn?

  16. Amy

    Way to turn those heels! Nice job. I couldn’t put Harry down either! Thanks for your nice comments about my Aran.

  17. elisa

    I’m not sure why I feel the need to hold out on reading Book 6, but I bought it on Saturday, and it is still in the bookstore bag in my entryway…sick, I know!

    You’re sock looks beautiful, Lolly – look how you’ve conquered those dpns!

  18. eyeleen

    I love the pics of IKEA man with the socks. Very cute.

    Sounds like you had an awesome Monday. Isn’t it great to devoting an entire day to HP.

  19. wendy g

    Congrats on turning your first heel! The socks look great.

  20. jacqueline

    well done on turning the heel on your first sock. how good was harry? i wish book 7 would come out next week….hmmm well next month at the latest!

    thanks for thinking of us southern hempisphere girls! got the heater going right now.

  21. Brenda

    Ikea Man is HILARIOUS!!! The color of the socks is pretty. I am saving Harry P. for the next trip to the cottage, which will be in less than a week. I’ll give you my ideas about book seven then. Can’t wait to read it!

  22. Kathy

    Yea for first socks!! Your heel looks AWESOME — I know how you feel — I wore my sock (albeit one sock) around the house every night :)

    I just started a baby sweater with CE — I can really understand the following for this yarn — its so soft, sort of like chenille. I may have to go back to Joann Fabrics . . .

  23. Gracie

    Fabuloso socks! Good job for turning the heel! I have no idea why, but it is one of my favorite parts, I think it is because it goes so fast, and it is when it is starting to look like something.

  24. Rachel

    I have that Ikea man too! Just couldn’t resist him when I saw him!

  25. Tara

    Good job with the sock, Lolly! And your model is just fabulous :) I would totally make scarves with those yarns. They’re beautiful!!!

  26. Kate

    IKEA man may not give the socks back they look so good.

  27. Libby

    Sock dances with wooden model.

    If you need another skein or two of that cotton ease for a sweater, I would be happy to send it your way. I’ve accumulated more than I could ever knit.

  28. sarah

    the socks are looking great, ikea man is an wxcellent model, the unikat is rad, Im not sure what to do but I bet it come out super cool, bag, hat or scarf . . . your afghan is amazing, a big pat on the back, what a project and BTW, I noticed your friends Ultra femme all finished in the same color scheme as mine and now I really can’t wait to finish!!!

  29. Vicki

    Wow – that afghan is beautiful! Nice job…and what a generous gift! Your sock is so cute dancing with IKEA man…LOL. :-)

  30. Tanya

    Ikea man makes that sock look like it weighs a million tons. It is quite a loverly sock. Can’t wait to see them finished. I also love Kahlo though it looks like its HUGE!


  31. catherine

    hey laure, i have the same cotton ease color…. i wanted to do a tank too, but have no pattern in mind. love your socks. my cuff came out a little big also, but i think it will be different this time when i use ML…

  32. Jennifa

    Hehe, I love how the Ikea man is struggling with the sock. That yarn is so nice looking.

  33. Annette

    Nice heel. Ikea Man is a great model. Hours of fun, I’m sure.

  34. Wanda

    Great sock, but I’m crushed at the lack of FOs! (j/k) I do love the color of the sock and great job on turning the heel. Socks are really so much fun. Once you do ‘em, you get hooked!

  35. Samantha

    Ikea man is super sexy!! *lol* I love your sock! You are having much more luck with your first sock than I am with mine. What pattern are you using?

    Happy knitting!

  36. deb

    Boy I need to get off reading blogs on Bloglines. It looks terrific here:) I love IKEA man!! What a great model.
    Life is torchuring me right now–only a couple hours each day to read HP. I just want to sit down and read the whole thing! As usual she really grabs you right away.
    I do think that Noro would make a fab Hat with matching wrist cuffs or fingerless gloves if there is enough.

  37. Suzanne

    Your socks are fabulous! I love the color and the Ikea man is a great way to display them.

  38. dELIA

    I love that sock yarn. Love, love, LOVE it! Are you loving knit socks yet?

  39. carole

    The Ce Sugar Plum is what’s (slowly) becoming Miss V’s rumpets! It’s sooo pretty.
    I must must must learn to knit socks.

  40. toni

    Way to go on the sock Lolly!!!

  41. Melissa

    Hey Lolly! Finished my HP book too. I was shocked by the method, but not the person, I must say. ::nudge nudge::

    Suggestions for Yarn usage: I’ve been working on the spiral scarf from Scarf Style with some Noro Kureyon and it’s coming out WONDERFULLY. I think that scarf would work well is any varigated yarn.

  42. Dani

    What a beautiful first sock Lauren! I love it! I felt so excited when I turned the heel too for the first time… Though I still get so excited now every time! It just looks so cool, I am always saying, “I did that!”

  43. Erin

    It looks like you’re on your way to becoming thoroughly obsessed with knitting socks! Congratulations! Oh and you already know my theories on book 7! Can’t wait for that sucker to hit the shelves.

    Those are some lovely skeins and I wish I could give you some hints as to what to do with them. I say leave them all balled up and put them somewhere where you can look at their yummy colors everyday. Even if you never make anything with them, at least you have a little bit of color to brighten up your day!

  44. isel

    I have that Ikea guy, my BF stole it from me…
    Anyway, Tivoli is awesome. I want Tivoli. Make Tivoli.
    By the way, we need to get together sometime if you are in DC.

  45. knittingnurse

    Fabulous job on turning your first heel. I must admit that that is one of my favorite things about knitting socks. It’s just so cool how that just “happens”, y’know?

    I just finished an umbilical hat with 3 shade of Cotton – ease. Am looking for some strawberry creme CE with no luck, sigh! That sugar plum will look GREAT with your coloring.

    I have only read chapter 1 of HP #6. Can you believe it? I don’t have a huge block of time to dedicate to it right now. Am planning on some finishing it this weekend though. . . . . .

  46. Rossana

    Oh wow! I really like that color of Cotton Ease for your Tivoli!
    Wendy of Wendyknits has a simple but delicious hat pattern for the Noro Transitions yarn. I knit mine so the softest part of the yarn was at the brim next to my forehead. No sense wasting soft yumminess on the tip top area where I can’t feel it. Hee!

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