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Third Time’s a Charm?
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Third Time’s a Charm?

Some of you may remember my long-suffering Balmoral cardigan. I often pick it up when I have nothing else to work on. It is a pretty sad existence, honestly. I can’t really explain why I do this: I love this design, I love the yarn, and I have made some good headway… I have finally resolved to work on this one till it is finished.

This is the THIRD time I have cast on for the sleeves. The previous attempts have all ended up in the "frogpond" due to my lack of skillz with the DPNs. I think I am finally getting those suckers down, so it was time for another try.

(I think something about those DPNs sticking out reminded me of spikes and this made me feel hardcore, hence the growling animal face)

So far so good… I am knitting them more bell-shaped than the pattern calls for, I think this will be perfect for layering in the fall and winter. A good blocking in the end will even them up as well. As a reminder, this is a Dale of Norway (Adult 115) pattern, and the yarn is Sisik. I *heart* Dale patterns and yarns.

My favorite part about this cardigan is the velvet ribbon that details the edgings and ties at the waist… it is hard to make out in the pattern book picture above, but here is the whip stitch detail that I already sewed into the cardigan body:

I have been a little behind on my blog reading this week, so someone else may have already mentioned this… but, in the Washington Post Magazine from last weekend (July 17th) there was a whole article about blogs and blogging. (Read the article here)

The article focused on political blogging, but we got out chance to shine too:

See? We got top-billing! KNITTING BLOGS!

School work is keeping me quite busy lately.. but I can’t complain too much because the work is SO fun! One of my classes, History of the Book, has a project working with the Library of Congress. Our mission is to collect and observe the events, phenomena and fan mania around the Harry Potter books/movies for the Library to preserve for future researchers/scholars wanting to learn about the books, the publishing industry, marketing ploys, and the web presence. Several websites have been permanently archived using the Internet Archives’ WayBack technologies. My group is assigned to work specifically on Collectibles and Tie-Ins for the books and movies. We are collecting some "artifacts" and taking pictures of store displays, toys, clothing, etc.

One of my co-workers picked up these great plastic glasses at the book release party at Barnes & Noble. She also picked up a poster and a bracelet and let me have them for this project. I also contacted Alison and asked to use an image of her Harry Potter-themed yarn store display. I am very excited about presenting these items and pictures for the LC’s archive!

Next up: Scout out the grocery stores and department stores for more Harry Potter themed clothing and accessories! As you can see, I am just eating this project up! Have you seen any HP related collectibles or tie-ins that you wanna share? I would love to hear about them!

Updated to add: I got a great email from Dana this morning pointing to these LiveJournal sites for some other Harry Potter lovin’ knitters out there:

Have a good weekend!

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40 Responses

  1. heather

    Haha! I love that GRRR pic…like that boy in the wedding. GRRRR!

    hehe. I also posted Pixie’s harry potter pic…you both are too cute for words. O-0 glasses are cute!

    GRRR! Show that Balmoral who’s boss! GRRR!

  2. Diane

    Your sleeve looks great so far. The edge is pretty. The ribbon detail really adds a touch of elegance to the sweater.

    Love the pic with the Harry glasses! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Kathy

    Lolly – that cardigan is beautiful! You should definitely finish it! And I agree with you – I love the little velvet ribbon detail.

    Your Harry Potter pic is so cute! I love those glasses on you.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. dee

    I love your HP Glasses 8-)
    As a Harry Potter and Jelly Belly fan I am trying to get someone to try http://jellybelly.com/Cultures/en-US/OurCandy/BertieBottsEveryFlavorBeans/

  5. Amy

    Grrr! That Balmoral has one tuff cuff!


  6. Eilene

    I love that Harry Potter photo. That is too cute!

    Wow…I love the velvet trim on Balmoral…awesome. Can’t wait to see it all done!

  7. Agnes

    You’ve already done so much with the cardi! It’s good that you finally get to work on the sleeves … I think it’s going to be a great FO!
    You look so cute with the HP glasses! :)

  8. isel

    I can see why you’re drawn to the cardigan. It’s gorgeous. Don’t give up.
    You look so funny in that picture with the eyeglasses. What a fun project.

  9. Cara

    See, kids, school can be fun!

    Balmoral will be (is already) beautiful – so knits are just worth the wait.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  10. melanie

    How cute are you with your HP glasses! And, you have a REALLY cool job!

  11. Diana

    ah, so that’s what the Balmoral cardigan looks like.. its super cute, keep on with the knitting!

  12. Erin

    I can see how that project is less like a project and more like something really fun to do. I can’t really think of anything HP related that you haven’t found already. I assume you’ve heard of all the HP summer camps that are sprouting up all over the country. I just read an article about them yesterday.

    Oh, and you show that sleeve who’s boss. It’s going to take you no time to finish it up!

  13. Jessica

    Wow! I never had such a cool project in library school. Sounds like fun. :) If I see anything that will help you out I’ll let you know.

  14. Lauren

    That picture of you is so adorable! Love that velvet whip-stitch. So unique and posh.

  15. LisaB

    Your Balmoral looks great so far. I really like the ribbon detail on the cardigan.

    I know how you feel with the DPN’s. There are too many little sticks that get in the way of my fingers! Good luck!

  16. deb

    I want some glasses!
    Love the sweater!! I need to start thinking fall sweaters. Even though I’ll be working in a hot kitchen I do have to get back and forth to work:)
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! That yarn is Bertagna Filati. I have never seen it before. I can’t decide what to do with it either. 5 balls in each color!

  17. Wanda

    You will conquer the sleeves! DPNs aren’t so bad. I love ‘em, use ‘em all the time. I can’t recall if you use them for socks or not, but once you get used them, they’re fine. Can’t wait to see the finished results. I love the velvet ribbon, such a unique detail. I really love it though.

  18. Carolyn

    The cardigan looks great. I know what you mean about dp needles…have you tried the magic loop? I am hook. I’m not sure if I will use dp’s again!

  19. heather

    Love the Harry Potter photo! :) Good luck with the sleeves. I finally finsished my first cardigan and it took me for-freaking-ever.

  20. Tanya

    Yeah baby’s got skillz. Your pose reminds me of Billy Idol. You just need the lip curl – tee hee. Have a super weekend!


  21. Mimi

    I love your pictures. You are such a monkey chicken…I just wanted to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you across the Pacific. Love you!

  22. Moni

    Oh I so love your Balmoral sweater! and now I love it even more now that I know about the velvet trim! how cute! You have to finish this sweater so I can see it on you ;) .

    What a fun project for you class! my library school classes were never that fun…

  23. keri

    Very very cute HP picture! I think you should wear them all the time to your classes! What a fun little project to do for school and glad to see you picked up Balmoral again, show it who’s boss!

  24. Rebekah

    Oh love, love, love the color of that yarn. Your blog is very entertaining!

  25. Meg

    Lauren, I love the photo with you in the classes. It had me on the floor laughing – and then sent me into a fit of coughing… but that’s ok! It was totally worth it :)

  26. Cathi

    I’m so glad that you included that article snippet, because everytime I see something about blogs, I never see anything about knit blogs and get all up in arms.

    You are so hardcore, Lolly. Love it.


  27. Sarah

    Anything is good that has ribbons. Makes it oh so pretty.

    I’m halfway through HP right now…it’s a craze! But I love it!

  28. megan

    I love that cardigan, Lolly!
    Can you tell me where the pattern is from? Maybe I can use my tweedy yarn from the yarn monster (may she R.I.P) for something like this. . .
    Glad to hear school is going well. Have you heard that the Wayback folks are being sued? http://tinyurl.com/95536

  29. Vicki

    I love, love, love that ribbon – I’m a sucker for anything purple too. It will be gorgeous when you get it finished up!

  30. jacqueline

    i’m glad you’re going to concentrate on balmoral because i just think it is going to look absolutely fantastic when it is finished! enjoy harry – i know that i sure did!

  31. elisa

    You are *SO* adorable – I mean HARDCORE. ;)

  32. eyeleen

    Wonderful HP inspired pic! Good for you on picking up Balmoral again. You’re making great headway on those sleeves. Lovely, lovely velvet trim!

  33. Chrissie

    I’m with you, I think that ribbon is the perfet touch. Love the punk rock DPN grrl pic!

    Have a good weekend, Lolly!

  34. Tara

    The HP pic is too cute! I’m glad to hear that you’re making good progress on Balmoral. I love that pattern and it will look darling on you!

  35. mrspilkington

    thanks for all of the fun photographs! i’m catching up here — the kahlo afghan is gorgeous! i have such a hard time working with homespun, you have me in awe.
    you go with balmoral. your sleeves look lovely, and the velvet stitching is beautiful.

  36. sarah

    I’m lovin’ that picture of you behind the Harry Potter Book, very funny, and you’re definitely looking hardcore with those dpn’s around your wrist, can’t wait to see that cardi done, it’s a good one!

  37. Nancy

    Your classes sound so fun that I almost with I was taking some more. Notice I said “almost.” :-)

  38. Shayna

    The Balmoral looks good, you can do it!
    I have pics of the Ultra Femme on my blog and will send you a couple as well.

  39. catherine

    hooray for knitters! we ARE the blogging community:) love the cardy! very pretty trim… great color with your skin….

  40. Karma

    I can’t wait to see more of Balmoral. I love the ribbon detail! I’ve seen the Sisik yarn and I think it’s so pretty… do you think it’s going to be soft or scratchy or ??? to wear? Of course, it’s an outer layer cardi, so it won’t really matter, will it? :) It’s going to be a gorgeous, favorite sweater.

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