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Way Back When
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Way Back When

My blogging life started on LiveJournal site with a list of book reviews. I joined some of the knitting communities on LJ because I was becoming more interested in knitting. Through LJ, I discovered that people set up complete websites to share their knitting/crafting activities with the world. This idea was absolutely novel to me. I uncovered this complete sub-culture of knitting blogs, the first of them being Stefanie’s site, Glampyre.com.

I decided to jump in head first, and LollyKnitting Around was born on the Blogger site. I set up my account and decided to feature my first sweater and some of the various scarves and hats I had made in the previous months. Stefanie was even one of my first commenters on my blog, encouraging me to design my own patterns! (unfortunately many of my oldest comments were lost in my first migration to Haloscan… )

I decided to make some bloggy friends; so I visited other blogs and left copious amounts of comments. Eventually, people started to visit my site too. I met up with some local knit bloggers who instantly became my "real life" friends. I have gained several friends that do not live close to me, but that I am able to know through the internet.

Needing more space for my pictures, and a desire to expand my options, I registered this domain, Lollygirl.com, in January of this year. I still have plans to develop the site in many ways, but now it is just a host to this blog, and the knitalong blog.

…and all of this started one year ago today!

Through blogging, I record my life events. I do it for me and my family, and for any one else that happens to take notice or care. I am an archivist, so I am archiving my daily life through my blog. It is the Lolly memory bank.

When I get old, I want to look back and say "Remember that first sweater I made and how hideous it was?", or "Remember when Mimi got engaged?" With this technology, I am able to recall the exact date and time of these events. I can recall exactly how I felt at the moment and how I was able to sum it up in words; as well as the way that my online friends reacted to it with their comments. Blogging, and the Knit Blog community in specific, has given me a real sense of purpose, and a wonderful sense of community. I have met some fascinating people through this medium, and I know I will meet many more! I receive daily inspiration from all of your blogs, projects, and your comments on my entries.

Many thanks to all of you for giving me this opportunity to share my life with you; and for caring enough to come back to read more!

You all have made my life more meaningful, and I am so grateful!


Balmoral’s first sleeve was a cinch. Finished it up while watching Lance win this morning (Yea Lance! 7 Times!) and started Sleeve 2 straightaway. After Kris’s hockey game (they lost… again) and this week’s episode of Six Feet Under, I am now 12 inches in, with another 6.5 to go.

I could not let the first sleeve get all the glory and not let the second sleeve get any photo action… so here is sleeve 2 underwater!

Well, not under water, but in front of Kris’s aquarium… so scenic!

This cardigan is moving along so quickly–I daresay I will have another FO this month (that is a record: FOUR!) After this sleeve is done, I will join them with the body and yoke them together and knit around. From there, it is raglan shaping until the bind off. Easy as pie, right? :)

(Sleeve 2 not pictured here–a good blocking will make her more photogenic as well)

Stay tuned for more Balmoral news as she develops…

…In the meantime, check out my friend Debbie’s new blog, and stop by and see Shayna’s Ultra Femme modeled by her sis!

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70 Responses

  1. keri

    Happy Blogversary!!! Here’s to many more!

  2. jill

    Happy Blog Birthday :) You definitely have one of my favorite blogs out there – keep it up!!!!

  3. deb

    Happy Blogiversary! I am always wondering how each of us got started along this path. For me it was seeing Claudia’s first finished Rogue. I loved the pattern and the comments. I went down her list of links and through her discovered Sandy’s Knitting blog. The two of them hooked me in:)

  4. Esther

    Happy Blogirthday!

    The Balmoral Sleeve looks excellent, can’t wait to see it all put together :)


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  5. Stacy

    Happy Blogiversary! I love reading it and seeing all your great pictures. I don’t always comment but read almost daily! The Lucky KAL was my very first. :)


  6. Amy

    Happy Blogiversary Lolly!

  7. eyeleen

    Happy Blogiversary Lolly! I love coming here and reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing bits of your life with us. Here’s to a very Happy Year 2!

  8. Kathy

    Happy Blogiversary!! I think I’m a day late here, so I hope you had a fabulous blog birthday!! (Do you get presents for that, or do you give them to the blog? What would one give a blog? Bandwidth? hee!)

    Love how Balmoral is coming along – can’t wait to see her finished!

  9. isel

    Congratulations! I was surprised to learn you met your friends through this experience. It seems like you guys have known each other forever. That is amazing.
    Balmoral is looking great.

  10. Yifaa

    OH LOLLY!! being a semi-newcomer to blogging, you been so encouraging to me to continue knitting/blogging. i want to thank you for your lively entries on your site, and comments on mine. you are awesome.

    yeah… lance is great too.

  11. Jess

    A few days late – but happy blogversary! I love your blog, and I am going to keep lovin’ it….

  12. Jenn

    I use LiveJournal as a place to vent about my “Real” life, and my blogger account for my yarn journey. They ARE really great for looking back on your life, and what’s happened. I can’t remember what my life was like before I started journaling (I did so on paper from the age of 11 till I got my first computer, at 20). Happy anniversary to you and blogging!

    PS What did you think of this week’s Six Feet Under? Jaw on the floor or WHAT?!

  13. Elizabeth

    Congratulations Lolly. Whatever you’ve been doing, you’ve been doing it very well. You have some of the most loyal readers of the many blogs I’ve visited. Your cheerful entries and many great photos keep us coming back! I don’t know where you get the energy to do all that knitting as well as finishing school though!

  14. Kelly

    Lolly, you speedy knitter! I’m envious of your many fine FO’s! I absolutely LOVE the yarn you picked for this cardi!It’s so cool!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  15. Rachel

    Happy Blogversary to you girl! I am new to reading your blog and really enjoying your posts! Here is to many more Lolly knitting years! Cheers!

  16. Mom

    Your sweater is coming along beautifully! I love the ribbon detail and the beautiful tweedy colors. It will be lovely on you. XXOO

  17. Donna

    Hi Lolly, Happy Blog birthday! Wow..Balmoral really looks great… I know that is a long, tedious knit on those little needles. Yeah…you’ll have something new to wear for the fall! You have been crankin’ out those FO’s, girl. Congrats on finishing that beautiful afghan. Your sis and her hubby are going to love it. xo Donna

  18. isel

    Balmoral looks fabulous. That yarn is beautiful and perfect for it.
    Great job!

  19. sUsAn

    Congrats on your first blogiversary, Lauren! I’ve missed reading your blog while I’ve been away.

  20. ba

    Those tweedy colors are beautiful and cozy – a good match with the leaves now changing!

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