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Yoking and Joking
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Yoking and Joking

A big thank you for all of the lovely blogiversary wishes~it truly has been a wonderful year, and I look forward to many more!

This week has been flying by, and unfortunately, I have not gotten the amount of knitting time that I need to function properly… until this morning. I have not made up for the deficit, but I did make some notable progress on my cardigan.

The Balmoral cardigan is now yoked together forever, for no one to tear asunder… The yoking was pretty simple, and I do like this method, as it only leaves a small little underarm bit to sew in the end. I have to pay attention to the raglan shaping as well as the decreasing for the front of the cardigan, which is not exactly the easiest task; however, so far so good. (See the puppy paws? Jenny loves to be in the shot!)

… and because it is hard to make out in the picture, here is the cardigan with a shirt underneath:

As you can see, I have a few more inches to go before finishing this baby up. Very little seaming to do in the end–the joy of a circular knit! Of course she will need a good blocking and then I can sew in the velvet rope around the cuffs, hem, and the waist tie.

So the knitting and blogging have been slow this week because a) school is taking a lot of my time up. I love it and don’t regret a thing–but it is hard to go to class after a full day at work. b) It is hot, and this kind of weather seriously takes it out of me. I am a delicate flower. c) Work is really busy as I am putting up an exhibit right now and d) I got my booklist for my Fall semester classes, and my jaw dropped. I have to buy 24 books for 2 classes. My internet time has been sucked up doing price comparisons for these books so that I am not completely destitute after this one semester. I am taking two history classes (not library science next semester–the whole double degree thing) and they are going to be hard. One is a survey prereq sort of class in general historiography; the other is Medieval Hagiography. So, maybe I will be St. Lolly after reading all of the books for this class? ;)

However busy I may have been, I did manage to carve away a little time to spend with some great people.

My sister, Sarah, came over last night. It was great to catch up with her. She has been very busy traveling and working this summer, and in a mere three weeks, she will be moving to North Carolina to start college. I am really going to miss her. She is planning to study Communications. This is a great choice for her — she loves to talk! (as an older sister, I have to say things like that, didn’t you know?)

Of course, she will be coming back to Maryland often to see my parents and me, but it is hard to see both of my sisters leaving and settling far away. All three of us have always been very close.

Kris and I started the week off with some other great visitors: Jenna and her boyfriend, Cobra (this is his hardcore blog ID, we don’t want to reveal to much about him!) came over on Monday night for some dinner and fun. Jenna filled me in on her awesome workshop with Teva Durham, and we got a little knitting done… but I think we might have spend more time doing this:

Dancing and laughing! We got Kris and Cobra to join the fun too and had a dancing duel. It was a crazy night!

Back in knitting territory, I have started planning for some Christmas knits, hoping to avoid the rush I pulled off last Christmas (I bound off for my mom’s wrap a few minutes before we left to exchange gifts!) I know the fab family reads the blog, so no spoilers here, but I do have some cute things in mind, rest assured ;)

Updated to add: CONTEST! I have seen other bloggers do this, so I thought it was my turn! I am close to having a landmark number in my comment tallies over the next few days… so, the person who reaches that magical number will get a special LOLLY surprise! :)

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50 Responses

  1. Annette

    Balmoral is lovely. Can’t wait to see it on. I think that color will look great! Did you know, some gym classes are starting to use the dance-pad-game thingy? I think it’s great.

  2. Jenna

    Good Lord, I look ridiculous in that picture. I think I was wearing that same face through the whole DDR session, I’m such a dork. Thanks again for the great night, it was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again, and to see the finished Balmoral!

  3. Erin

    See, did I not tell you Balmoral will finish up quickly now that you’ve gotten one sleeve finished? You’ll be done with that by next week! At least that’s my prediction!

    I gotta say, even with how busy you are you still found the time to blog and fill us in and you gotta know how awesome that is. You are one talented girl!

  4. Kathy

    Your cardi looks great. A big landmark number — how exciting!!

  5. megan

    Happy blog-iversary! Your cardigan is gorgeous. I may just have to track down that pattern.
    My guess for your comments is 20,000!

  6. Kate

    Balmoral looks perfect with the pink under it.

    You are crazy busy with all those classes, makes me feel a little guilty for stressing about one class next semester. I envy your dedication.

  7. margene

    Big number! Cool and congratultions on a successful blog career. Blamoral looks like sweater you will wear often.

  8. Cathi

    Can’t wait to see more of Balmoral, it’s going to be so great in the fall (and winter and spring)! Looks like you’ve had a fun week!

  9. Debbie

    WOW! You say you have no time but I can’t believe how fast you’re getting the Balmoral done! I remember when it was only a cuff! It looks so great. You’re such an inspiration to me. Now help me with Saturday’s assignment!!

  10. Agnes

    That way of knitting a sweater sounds interesting! I have to get my EZ books to research on it! ;)
    It seems you and Jenna had a very good time working out together!

  11. LisaB

    Balmoral is looking good!

    Ah man that dancing stuff is hard. I tried DDR once and I was a failure. But then, I can’t dance to save my soul!

  12. Michelle

    I’m sure it must be a little hard to see both your sisters moved/moving. And I’m sure your parents are relived that you are not! As an American Studies major, I understand the book (over)load. Knitting socks while reading helped me get through them. ;-)

  13. Cara

    Balmoral is looking lovely! I was just thinking about sweaters in the round – I’ve never done one! Nice work.

    Happy Blogiversary! I think I might have missed it. Here’s to another successful BLOG year.

  14. blossom

    wow, looks like the cardi will be done in no time.

  15. Amy

    Your Balmoral is coming along beautifully. You’ll be done in plenty of time to show it off this fall.


  16. Samantha

    Balmoral is GORGEOUS! I love how it looks with that top too! Very pretty! :) Cute puppy paws, btw. The dancing duel looks like loads of fun. I have started my Christmas knitting already too … I don’t want a last minute rush of things either!

  17. Allison

    A contest will always bring on the comments! Well that and the praise for your lovely knitting which is exquisite as always.

  18. Moni

    Balmoral cardi looks fab with the pink tank underneath! cute! That dance game looks like fun. Have a fantastic weekend Lolly!

  19. Chrissie

    Good for you on starting on those Christmas knits early, Lolly!

  20. Amy

    I know what you mean about school and work– I decided to go back and get my masters (and thought that working full time and having a two year old would be no big deal- ha!) At least it’s all over now. I can’t believe you had to get so many books- it must have cost a fortune! The cardigan looks great- can’t wait to see when it’s finished.

  21. Rebekah

    Love the pink under Balmoral.

    And little sisters are definitely the best, I know I’m one. hee hee.

  22. Bookish Wendy

    Pick me!!!

  23. winnie

    balmoral looks so divine. what is this yoke technique that you talk about? and DDR looks like a blast!

  24. keri

    Balmoral looks fantastic, you’re really moving along!

    *Pick Me!PickMe* Waves hand widly =)

  25. Diane

    Balmoral is shaping up beautifully. I can’t wait to see a finished shot of you wearing it. Looks like it is a fun pattern to knit.

  26. Libby

    Balmoral looks great, and will be fabulous for the fall.

    It looks like DDR is providing lots of fun.

  27. Gracie

    Balmoral looks so great! Another almost FO!!

  28. Beth

    Love the cardigan – it’s a great color for you.

    And a contest too?!?! You give such great Lolly surprises!!!

  29. marti

    i love that purple! the dance pad thing looks like something that would be fun to do with my bratlings!

  30. isel

    Ooops, left my comment on the wrong post. So will leave another one here.
    Balmoral looks awesome. Love the yarn and color. Girl, you’re fast!!

  31. Bethany

    Happy blogiversary!

  32. brooke

    Balmoral is coming along great! ( I also love saying that name Balmoral. I just started planning my Christmas knits too!

  33. Teresa

    Happy blogiversary Lolly!! Balmoral is lovely. I am so green with envy over all your FO’s ;-) ! They all look fab-you should be proud!!

  34. knittingnurse

    I just typed this whole comment out and then lost it! Oops. I was saying that you are so on a roll girlfriend! Another fabulous FO on the way. For someone so with it, and busy you sure are churning them out! You go Lolly!

    AS for lil’ sis moving, I know that you will miss her but at least you 2 will have the internet. When I first moved away, DH and I just had 1 VERY SLOW computer and DH was always on it with his law school work. Now we have 3, DSL and they are all routed for simulataneous internet usage. Woohoo, no more having to wait to go online!

    I am SOOOO glad that you are enjoying Balmoral. You were right, 3 times the charm!(wink). You will look absolutely FAB in the fall. Once again, happy blogversary and may you have many, many more!

  35. Liz

    Wow, Lolly, Balmoral looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see this FO. Looks like you gals had lots of fun dancing!

  36. Carolyn

    Your Balmoral is lovely! Almost there! Can’t wait to see it done.

  37. toni

    The cardigan is coming along great! And hooray for dragging others into the obsessive world of DDR!

  38. heather

    wow! balmoral looks great with that tank!

    I know you are going to loooove this sweater when it’s done!

    I still giggle over that RoWR! with the dpns. too cute

  39. catherine

    love the crdigan, seems like yesterday that you started on it:) glad you got to visit with the sis… love the pic with you guys on the dance mats… go lolly go!!!!

  40. Ann

    Balmoral is looking gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it done. And congrats on 2 milestones, the blog-i-versary and the comment one!

  41. Kimberly

    So tell me, what did you think of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? I’m just now finishing the Order of the Pheonix, so don’t tell any real details. My husband read it and wasn’t too excited. Just curious. I wanted to help boost up those comments and tell you that your cardigan’s looking great. Harry Potty is causing my knitting progress to slow a bit on my end. :-(

  42. Sarah

    I love the Balmoral sweater! Sweet rewards after a long time, huh? Dude, DDR is the best. I want one so bad but we live above ridiculously crabby people. They’d sick the land lord on us fo sho.

    Looking at your spam blocking gadgit down there, I got a spam comment from ‘The Donald’ the other day. I laughed so hard…who are these spam people??

  43. deb

    Wow! Isn’t it funny how life just takes over:) I was realizing last night I had better finish up some knitting loose ends pretty quick. I have about 1 month until I go MIA for a while.
    I can’t wait to see the finish cardi! It looks so great as is right now.

  44. Heather

    Balmoral is looking fabulous :) I know what you mean about knitting time. I’m a slow knitter on a good day, but trying to get much done during the summer with the heat (we’re reaching record highs here, and the humidity is terrible) while taking two classes (both of which are Eng Lit classes) and working two jobs is a little bit much. It’s disconcerting, though I’m trying to rise above it and knit fo the experience rather than the product.

  45. Wanda

    Wow, Balmoral is really moving along. You will soon be done, that’s for sure. It looks great and I really like the color.

    You are so busy. Especially having to read 24 books for the fall, that’s just insane for 2 classes. Anyhow, I’m sure you will make it through.

    Your sister will do well at college and you will be okay. It’s hard as they all grow up and move away and start doing their own things. Geez, it almost sounds like we’re talking your kids instead of siblings!

  46. Dani

    Lolly, that sweater/cardigan is amazing! I love it! Man, it looks like you and Jenna had a blast. I need to come down and visit! No seriously, next time I head down to Scott’s dad’s in central Jersey, I might have to take a little side visit to see you… Maybe this fall!! Anyhow, have a great weekend Lolly! Scott and I are off to Tom Petty! Woohoo!

  47. sUsAn

    Hurray that your Balmoral so close to the finish line! Go Lollygirl! We recently went to Dave and Buster’s in Philly and I saw my first dance game…how fun! My dh wants to get one for our kiddos now but I think he wants it for himself. :)

  48. eyeleen

    Looks like you all had fun with the DDR. Balmoral is coming along nicely, looks great with the pink tee.

  49. Kit

    I’ve never knit a sweater. *sheepish* Good luck!

  50. Carol

    You did a great job on you sweater! I hope is gets cool enough for you to wear soon.

    I see that your sister is going to college in NC. I live in NC and my son (my second child) is starting college next week.

    Good luck to you sister.

    Carol in NC

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