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Tweed Devotion
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Tweed Devotion

Balmoral cardigan Started: February 2005 Completed: August 2, 2005
Dale of Norway book 115
Dale Sisik in 1031 Aubergine
Needles: size 3 and 5 Addi Naturas (29" and 40")
Some detail shots:

without waist tie

with waist tie

waist and hem detail with ribbon

sleeve with ribbon detail

I can officially say that this is my favorite thing that I have knit so far. This cardigan is so ME! I love the color, the tweedy yarn, the velvet ribbon! I am also very happy with the overall fit. Far too many of my knits sit in my closet because they did not turn out how I wanted them to… this will not be the case with Balmoral. This knit will be my staple in fall and winter, and I can even wear her now in the chilly Archives where I work! I did modify a few things… I made the neck a little wider and did not lace the ribbon around the neck and sides. I thought that the hem and waist were enough detail.

I started Balmoral back in the winter, after making the book/yarn purchase at All About Yarn. For some reason, I set her aside, and when I returned for good about 10 days ago, I knew this would be my next finished knit. It was a great joy to knit… even on the small needles!

The velvet ribbon detail is one of my favorite things. I really lucked out to find such a perfect color match at Joann earlier this year!

This same book, Dale Adult 115 has another great pullover with some simple lace detailing (hard to make out in this pic) but this is definitely on my list off fall/winter knits. The yarn is wonderful and I love working with it, and I just happen to have enough skeins of blue Sisik in my stash! :)

With this lovely cardigan all knit up, I will probably begin my Knit Picks Hourglass in the next few days.

However, I may take a quick detour for this…

I found this pattern through Libby. She searched for a bolero pattern and came up with this freebie from YesterKnits. That site is amazing! I was so impressed with the patterns they have. I requested the pattern and received 4 documents in return: instruction sheet, schematic, info on YesterKnits, and a photo of the finished bolero. I have some stash yarns that will be well-suited for a project like this–I am thinking red for this baby!

Around the house, we have been reaping what we have sown… We have had a nice crop of cucumbers and tomatos in recent days. We are also reaching the peak with many of our pepper varieties. Unforunately our zucchini got some sort of wilt and died, but it did produce three zucchinis before doing so. Kris made our first batch of pickles with the cucumbers and some of our dill, and this past weekend, he made some jars of his award-winning chipotle salsa. Last year, he canned about 20 jars of salsa… and all of them are gone. It was high time for some new stock! I daresay that this batch is better than last years! He really knows the right combo for yummy salsa.

Updated to add: The recipe that Kris used for the salsa is here:http://www.homecanning.com/usa/AlRecipes.asp?R=369 (he added the chipotles to the mix by himself–determined by taste!)

The pickles were canned using the standard "Refrigerator Dills" technique, which can be Googled for lots of results. HAVE FUN!

Hope to get some natural light pics of Balmoral soon… stay tuned… have a happy Wednesday!

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79 Responses

  1. kimberli

    Beautiful Balmoral!!!
    Yummy Salsa — I’ve never canned salsa — but it’s high time for me to can a batch of my spaghetti sauce. Hmm…I wonder if I could can my mango salsa (which usually needs to be in the fridge…as the spaghetti sauce does too (when not canned.))

    And — my dear — tag your it (see today’s entry in my blog!)

  2. Sarah

    I knew it would be lovely and it is! That purple tweed is so perfect for your blondie complexion. I’m so glad you are so pleased!

    Thanks for sharing the salsa recipe. Definitely gonna have to try that one!

  3. Gina

    That is so beautiful! I love tweed and that Aubergine looks great on you.

  4. eyeleen

    Fabulous looking Balmoral. Beautiful yarn! The vintage shrug looks great, I’m sure it’ll be a fun knit.

    Pickles and salsa! Chris is quite the guy. I’ll definitely need to go to the farmers market this weekend.

  5. Shayna

    Lolly it’s lovely! But isn’t everything you make? I’m so we’ve had this class together this summer. We must get together this fall to knit and complain about school.

  6. isel

    You look great in Balmoral. It is beautiful.
    I love that YesterKnits pattern. Thanks! I emailed them right away to get it. They have some cool stuff, man. :D

  7. Teresa C

    That cardi is adorable on you. Just perfect. And the projects on your to-do list are great. You have great fashion sense.

  8. Gracie

    I love it! It looks like such a great cardigan!

    Cute cute cute bolero!

  9. Liz

    I love it, Lolly! The color looks fabulous on you and the details are wonderful.

  10. Kath

    wow!! what a great knit!! its so wonderful when they turn out to be gorgeously wearable pieces for you wardrobe – like i know what that feels like :P The ribbon is a perfect match too. It really adds that extra touch of professional garment class. A great knit Lolly!

  11. Renee

    Balmoral looks awesome!!! I absolutely love the velvet ribbon.

  12. Hanna

    Congratulations, you’ve knitted a beautiful sweater! I’m so in envy right now! :-)

  13. Libby

    I’m over half way finished with the Yesterknits bolero, and I’m becoming more and more optimistic. My only concern is that I changed the gauge and am merely knitting to the measurements that are given, but I also tried to shorten it a bit (I’m really short). My concerns are from the fact that I wasn’t really sure what each measurement on the fabric corresponded to on my body until last night. Hopefully I’ll finish it by the weekend.

  14. Brenda

    Your Balmoral looks GREAT! Isn’t it wonderful to knit something that you thoroughly LOVE? Hey, that bolero is super, too. Can’t wait to see it knit up–red would be a striking color.

    Umm, I love homemade canned goods. I used to can tomatoes, pickles, and peaches. Just looking at yours makes my mouth drool.

    Good luck with the bolero!

  15. Mona

    Liebe Lolly,

    Balmoral steht Dir sehr gut, mir gefällt die Wolle besonders, Tweed ist immer schön anzuschauen.

    Hier in Montreal ist es immer noch heiß – da wären Tortilla chips mit etwas hausgemachter Salsa genau richtig für eine Fiesta am Abend! Wir haben keinen Garten, deshalb müssen wir weiterhin gekaufte Salsa essen, zu dumm!

    Viele liebe Grüße,

  16. Nathania

    Totally darlin’, darlin’! Now I’ve got a hankering for salsa and it’s not even 8am yet.

  17. Tanya

    Go Lolly, go Lolly! Balmoral rocks! And your canning looks very yummy. Makes me miss all of the canning and freezing that I’d do with my mom and grandma every spring and summer. Can’t wait to see what yummy goodness (both edible and knitted) that you crank out next :)


  18. chelsea

    lolly, balmoral looks fantastic! congrats on a wonderful fo!!! and a big thanks for the yesterknit site… lots of yummy knits there.

    have a great weekend!

  19. Heather

    Lolly, it’s lovely! Good job :)

  20. Teresa

    Wowwie zowwie Lolly-she’s smashing! Wear it with pride, and expect lots of compliments. When people ask “you MADE that?” give them a great, big “you betcha”!!

  21. Wanda

    It’s beauteous Lolly! Balmoral really turned out so nicely. I keep telling you, I love the velvet ribbon stitched on , that’s just the greatest detail. I think you will love this sweater and it will be a staple in your wardrobe. Great job!

  22. francoise

    Balmoral looks really great! It is so satisfying when something fits and you know you will wear it.
    I love the Yesterknits site as well and have planned to make one of their patterns probably in September.

  23. mrspilkington

    WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! gorgeous — cogratulations!

  24. Jess

    Balmoral looks wonderful! I have a soft spot for anything that rich of a purple, and the fit is excellent! Congratulations!

  25. catherine

    wow lauren that looks great on you! i am swatching my hourglass tonight:) sending you good vibes:) my husband chris would like to start canning and pickles will be the first…we are gonna use that web site thanks!

  26. Julie

    Do you put the pickes into jars in patterns? I read a book once where they did that, and always thought it sounded interesting.

  27. Esther

    your Balmoral is fantastic!!!! And it looks beautiful on you!

  28. Becky


  29. K. Anne

    Yummy salsa! I copied the recipe down as we will have a bumper crop of peppers this year!

    The Balmoral Cardigan turned out lovely!

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