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Winding Down
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Winding Down

The comments on my Balmoral are very much appreciated! If any of you decide to make one, I would love to see some other versions of this cardigan–I have never seen another one!

If it were not a billion degrees outside, you know I would wear it. It even is a little warm indoors to wear it, so it sits at home, waiting for a crisp fall day. Can't wait!

Here is the only outdoor shot I could manage… mind you, this was wearing a wool/mohair blend outside in the "Code Orange" heat advisory… all for that perfect photo!

I was lucky enough to meet up with Heather, Donna, and Eilene on Wednesday night for some dinner and knitting. I introduced them to my favorite bookstore, Daedalus, and then headed to dinner, before going to a cafe to knit.

Knit Nite girls: Eilene, me, Heather, and Donna (thanks to Donna for this picture–we have this long tradition of asking total strangers to snap our pictures at the Knit Nites…)

Heather is translating a Phildar pattern to make a pullover for the adorable Pixie, Donna is working on a lovely Birch, and Eilene is perusing the new Vogue Knitting.

At Knit Nite, I cast on for the vintage bolero from YesterKnits. So far, the pattern is going well. I had a lot of yarns to use in the stash, but I settled on this TLC Essentials in Dark Plum. I guess I was not over the luscious purples of Balmoral, and needed another fix.

The stitch pattern is similar to the Asymmetrical Corrugated Sweater in Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop — the deep side-to-side ribs. It is a relaxing project, and it was my companion knit on the train to yesterday's class.

Of late, I have been following strict yarn diet rules, focusing on using what is in the stash for my projects, but these skeins jumped in my basket while running into JoAnn the other day for a new darning needle…

Unfortunately the colors are way off in this picture. The bottom skeins TLC Lustre and are a nice sage green with a great texture. Perfect for a shrug or some winter accessories. The large skein at top caught my eye: nearly 900 yards of yarn for $7 ! I liked the brown/black boucle, and although I am not sure what this will be, it will make something nice. It is the new Joann line, Sensations Rainbow Boucle.

**I am very happy to see that many of the craft store brands: Lion Brand, Red Heart, Bernat, Caron, and some others, are upping their quality. I have noticed that as the knitting/crochet revival is happening, the yarns are becoming better and better with nicer textures, colors and variety. I am particularly happy about the new Lion Brand cashmere and wool yarns hitting stores in September, and the new Joann Sensations line. It is the perfect answer to knitting with nice yarns on a small budget.

Kris was particularly happy to see all of the comments about his salsa. We have a whole new batch of tomatoes, so he is planning to make more this weekend.

The summer semester of school is winding down, with only one more class to go: a week-long intensive institute that tours "behind the scenes" of many of the major DC museums (Smithsonians, National Gallery, Holocaust Museum) as well as some historical societies and historic houses next week. I am really looking forward to the course, although it will leave very little time for blogging and blog-reading. I am hoping to find some knitting time on the tour bus…

Busy weekend ahead as well… I hope you all have great ones!

UPDATE: Libby at Knit Tidbits inspired me to cast on for the vintage bolero.. and she just finished hers! It looks spectacular. Go have a look! I hope mine turns out as well. ;)

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36 Responses

  1. Libby

    Yeah – another Yestersknits knitter. Mine is nearing completion. I’m at the point in the project where I can’t do anything but think about finishing it. My only concern is that I didn’t knit enough rows in the first section, which is the arm circumference.

    Can’t wait to see yous!

  2. Katherine

    the vintage shrug patt looks v. interesting. I’m looking forward to see how it turns out! I am on a purple binge too at the mo’ Lolly. DB Paul hates it! Says “Its the colour of madness”. Hooray madness for every body :D

  3. Amy

    **says in the Golem voice** We hates the yarn diet!

    I am on one too. I just can’t figure out how to stick to it.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Cara

    I remember those week long classes in library school – so intense – but a week and they’re over and you’ve got three credits! At least yours sounds more interesting than the ones I took. Behind the scenes is always fun.

    Loving all the purple!

  5. sUsAn

    Your cardigan looks lovely, Lauren! And all those yummy veggie snaps you’ve been posting look so yummy and full of summery goodness. Thx for including the link to the salsa recipe that you dh used. That institute tour week sounds amazing! How interesting that would be! Have a great weekend!

  6. Erin

    I am on a complete yarn-diet also. What with school coming up and me working half as much time as I usually do, which equals half as much money. Yet, the more I tell myself I can’t buy this stuff, the more I want to! Isn’t it awful?

  7. Esther

    Your Balmoral is just gorgeous, the color looks so good on you too!
    I can’t wait to be able to grow my own little garden, those tomatoes look great!

    I love the color of the vintage shrug too! You’ll have a lot of great stuff to wear come fall (I can’t wait for this heat to be over!)

  8. Tanya

    I’m lovin’ all this pretty purple. Can’t wait to see the vintage bolero. And it was so wonderful to see picts of the gang. I miss you gals! Have a great weekend!


  9. heather

    I can’t wait to see the bolero…I love those vintage looks.

    Nice pic of my ROOTS! hehe. So not high fashion.

    I can’t wait to see ya this weekend…we’re gonna have a blast!

    I would *love* to do that behind the scenes thing…LUCKY!

  10. Samantha

    That pattern from Yesterknits is gorgeous, and the yarn you chose for it is going to make it look fantastic! :) Balmoral looks even better with the sunlight on it. Personally *I* can wait until a crisp fall day, because that means a freezing winter day is just around the corner (yuck, winter!) … *lol*

  11. LisaB

    What a great color for your bolero! And again, Balmoral looks great!

  12. Agnes

    Lovely purple cardi! I am also anticipating the launch of the LB new yarns in September. Besides the Lion Cashmere, there is also Lion Wool which is 100% virgin wool. Exciting!

  13. isel

    You all look great.
    I ordered my copy of the yesterknits pattern. So pretty.
    I can’t wait to see yours.

  14. LeAnne

    Ohhhhh, I think you’ll LOVE the behind the scenes thing at those museums, I would! Yes, I am excited about the Lion cashmere too. So it hits in September? I didn’t know that. Your tomatoes are ahead of mine. I have 6 plants (4 thriving, 2 not-so-sure) and they are doing great, but still green fruit. Can’t wait!

  15. Sarah

    What a trooper you are to endure the heat jsut to get a fab shot, the cardi looks great, love that color!!! You and your knit nite girls have way too much fun, it’s just no fair! My knitting buddie lives 13 hours away, so we knit over the phone a lot, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
    I really can’t wait to see your vintage knit, I’m glad you’re stuck on the purple-y hues cuz that color is de-lish! BTW, thanks for the encouraging words regarding ultra femme, I have to finish, I know, I’ve come to far to quit now.

  16. beth

    WOW Lolly! I love your Balmoral! (did I spell it right?) It is truly lovely! Purple is my favorite color you know. (hint – if you ever get sick of it) I can’t wait to see how that vintage boloero turns out. Yay for a finished project!

  17. keri

    Balmoral still looks great on you, very flattering color! The vintage shrug pattern looks fun, love the purple!

  18. Vicki

    Another gorgeous picture of Balmoral… I can’t wait to see more of the vintage Bolero. And more salsa…mmm…you’re very lucky! That hide and see tomato shot is fantastic by the way. Very cute.

  19. jane

    I love your sweater and I love that Sisik yarn. Maybe I need to make that sweater in that greenish color they have, like I need more greeen sweaters…I just want more green sweaters.

  20. Eilene

    I am really liking the Bolero you are knitting now. That is going to look very cool on you L!

    I love the photo of Heather. It’s really cute!

    Had a great time Wed night…as always! ;-)

  21. catherine

    i just love that cardigan. can’t wait to see the one shape up from yesteryear!!! looks like you guys had a lot of fun on your knit night out! do you usually go out to dinner, or just occasionally? thanks for the great links to joanns!

  22. eyeleen

    Impressive shot of you in Balmoral, very brave of you to do in this heat.

    Your class sounds very interesting. Hopefully you’ll have time to knit on the bus.

    Have a great weekend!

  23. kathi

    aloha! glad to see there’s still some knitting going on…i haven’t had much time at all. i hope that you get a chance to visit with us during one of our meetings while you are here. looking forward to it.

  24. Jenny

    Hi, I’m HEK and I am a doofus.

    Sometimes, I comment in my head, but forget to actually type it, like for your last post. In my head I thought, “Man, that cardi really suits Lolly. Love the yarn!” Apparently, though, my ability to think comments into existence is on the fritz. ;-)

  25. Gracie

    Love the color of the vintage bolero.

    Your class next week sounds facinating. Can I tag along?

  26. Dani

    Incredible cardigan Lauren! I love it and it looks amazing on you… I love how you can wear it tied and untied! You are just like me.. I tried on my Hourglass outside in almost 100 degrees!

    It also looks like you guys had a great time together! How fun… Have a great weekend Lolly!

  27. Diane

    Balmoral is beautiful. I really like the tie at the waist. It has a real romantic look to it. Great knitting Lolly!

    Have a fun weekend!

  28. Stacey

    Oh dear. I was just about to say “I am totally going to have to make that vintage bolero” when I realized: How many times can I say that and NOT follow through?! No knitting integrity, i tell ya. I would love to make it though. There is just not enough time to make all the things I want to.

  29. meg

    Lolly, your cardigan looks beautiful! It is the perfect color for you, and it looks like you will have a ton of options in regards to what to wear it with!

    I love the vintage bolero – and yesterknits is such a cool site! I look forward to seeing your progress. If it turns out anything like your cardigan I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased!

  30. Donna

    Ooohhh…I like the outdoor photo, it shows of the colors much better! And of course you look adorable. So fun to see you Wednesday. Bah Humbug…I don’t likey no yarn diety!

  31. megan

    Your cardigan tourned out great! You are so fast! I am so excited for fall too – not too long now! Have a wonderful week!

  32. Tara

    What a fabulous FO, Lolly! And it looks great on you, which is the best reward of all!!!

  33. toni

    Wow! It turned out fantastic! Sorry you had to suffer in the heat but the pic was worth it!

  34. emy

    Love your FO!

    Can’t wait to see your bolero too!

  35. Lara

    The sweater looks great!!! I love the way it fits you!!

  36. karen

    Balmoral looks great! Keep up the lovely knittin’ n’ bloggin’!

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