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Casting Call
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Casting Call

It took me quite awhile to do, but I cast on for the Kidsilk Haze camisole. This yarn takes some getting used to… and it is a little awkward with the big needles, but each row that passes, it gets a little easier.

These two rows took me an hour to do. I cast on and worked the first lace pattern row. Finally got the hang of that, and then row two was very different. I have a feeling this is going to be a labor of love knit… it is going to take a good long while. That is okay though… I am in no hurry.

Thank you for all of your recommendations about sock patterns, books, and yarns. I added several of the books to my wishlist, and next time I go to the LYS (it has been awhile–I am on a yarn diet), I will scope out the lovely sock yarn section. I knit a few more rows, and I will be turning the heel on it very soon. My first sock went so much slower… looks like I am really getting the hang of it!

You wanna see something beautiful?

Morehouse Merino Lace weight that I purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool in May. I arrived at the festival later in the day, and found many of the main colors were gone, but I dug around in the bin and found this variegated hank, and I have not looked back. The more I look at these colors, the more I love them!

I actually bought the triple skein, about 700 yards, to make this shawl: Bellini.

There are more pictures of the shawl on the Morehouse site. It is a triangle shawl, and the sample they had in their booth really caught my eye. I don't think I would wear it tied in front like this…

…probably more to the side (like Belladonna) or as a scarf (Lolly loves her some scarves!) I have heard great things about this yarn, and I am looking and lusting after many of their kits and colorways… my Knit Nite girls also bought this shawl kit: should we start a knitalong?

The books are bought and the tuition is paid… the fall school semester starts on Monday. I am looking forward to my classes, but I am also a little nervous. This is going to be a hard semester. As you might remember, I am doing a dual masters with Library Science and History, and this semester, I am taking all history classes.The reason I am nervous? I had to buy 24 books for 2 classes. So, this means a lot of reading… and that means that I probably will not be able to knit and blog as often as I would like… we'll see how things shape up…

… and I saw this little meme and thought it looked kind of fun…10 years ago… I was 14 and starting my freshmen year in high school. We lived in Roswell, New Mexico. We were just preparing to move into a new house that my dad built. I started high school, joined some clubs, and even had my first boyfriend…

5 years ago… I was 19 and getting ready to start my junior year of college in Baltimore, Maryland. I had just returned from my study abroad trip in Israel. Right before classes started, Kris and I went to New York City for a day trip.

1 year ago… I was working at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in their library, and was getting ready to start my first year of grad school in DC. I had lined up a job closer to DC (where I am now) but had not yet put in my notice at JHU…

Yesterday… I called my sister, Mimi, in Hawaii. She gave me some great ideas about things we can do when Kris and I visit in October. She told me about her auditions and how she got the leading role in South Pacific (She gets to sing "I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair"!)

Today… Work in the archives, and then a nice evening at home with my Kris, knitting and reading. (Finished Devil in the White City–GREAT book!)

Weekend… I am planning to go to DC, and also over to my parents' house. I will also call my other sister, Sarah, and talk to her about her first week of college! She moved to North Carolina last weekend and started school this past week. Also planning to make some more progress on my sock, my KSH cami, and hopefully I will swatch for my Hourglass! (Becca has not received her yarn from Knitpicks yet!)

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42 Responses

  1. Dani

    Isn’t Morehouse lace great! That is what I am using for my lace camisole :) THat kidsilk haze project is going to look great in that color! I can’t wait to see the FO! Have a great weekend Lolly, I’ll catch up with you on my return next Thursday!

  2. Rachel

    I love the new project! That is going to so beautiful in pink!

  3. Chelsea

    I love that yarn, it’s so pretty! I just got the shipment notice for my Knit Picks order last night. I’m so excited. And I’ve been coveting the Morehouse lace cami for awhile now, I may have to make just one more purchase.

  4. jane

    I also got the Bellini kit at MS&W in different shades of green. Can’t wait to make it. Good luck on school starting-I have to take 1 class this year and am lamenting the time it will take from knitting!!! Have a good weekend. Jane

  5. debbie

    you’re right, that yarn is great! btw, when exactly do you veg-out?

  6. Elizabeth

    Yum, that yarn color looks delicious. That looks like a good possibility for my Mom Christmas gift.

  7. Rebekah

    Great shawl, and perfect yarn. It will look fantabulous.

  8. li

    KSH definitely takes getting used to. My first attempt ended in tragedy. Good luck with the cami!

  9. heather


    I love the KSH even tho it’s a challenge it’s going to look great on you!

    Iloved the meme! too cool!

  10. Wanda

    24 books for 2 classes, that’s a ton of reading, literally! Yikes. You will be one busy woman, we probably won’t hear from you very often then. Good luck with school.

    I love the colors of that Morehouse Merino, so pretty.

  11. Amy

    The color of your shawl yarn is beautiful. I really like non-traditional color pairings.

    I’m not a triplet, but close! I’m a twin.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  12. margene

    What a gorgeous colorway. It will make a beautiful little shawl. 24 books for 2 classes? OMG, that sounds like overkill. Hopefully you won’t be TOO buried as we’d miss you too much.

  13. Stephanie

    That Morehouse is great and I love the red kidsilk! You’ll get the hang of it in no time and be done before you know it. I can’t believe everyone’s going back to school already! Where did the summer go. Cute meme.

  14. LisaB

    Ooh that Morehouse looks delicious. I might have to try me some of that!

    I love the red KidSilk. That is going to make a very pretty cami!

  15. Tanya

    I read on someone’s blog that they used one of those large chip clips to weigh the KSH down so that they could get the hang of knitting with “air”. Might be worth a try. It will be worth it no matter the headache. Have a great weekend!


  16. Liz

    Thanks for posting the photo of Morehouse Merino. I’ve been so tempted to bite the bullet and buy some and haven’t yet. You’re a total enabler. ;) I like the shawl worn off to the side, very chic. The color combinations of MM are so luscious! Have you seen the new Monet combinations? Beautiful!

  17. Carolyn

    Your cami is going to look gorgeous. I love the colour of KSH you chose. Love the scarf/shawl look…definitely wear to the side or as a scarf…that is fabulous! The colours of the merino are going to look great. Good luck with the start of school, I must say that i miss those days!

  18. Jess

    Courage…. with the knitting and the reading! Love that skein of yarn.

  19. yahaira

    holy crap! 24 books for 2 classes? ugh I remember those days. at least you have some awesome yarn to cuddle with. I like how the skein matches your blog ; )

  20. Jessica

    You always have the yummiest looking projects. :) You are really going to love the Morehouse stuff. They just make great yarn.

    I hope you have a great semester! That is a lot of reading to do but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

    Loved the meme. 19 and a junior in college? Wow! And your sister is a lucky girl. That is like the best song EVER! Just don’t tell my guy I said that. ;)

  21. Melissa

    I’ve been eyeing that camisole pattern too – looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  22. Liz

    Okay… now I’ve got to ask… 24 books? What history classes are you taking?

  23. Sarah

    Good luck with school!! 24 books is a lot…we’ll see how I make out on Monday dragging my load all over Chicago! That morehouse merino is going to make a really beautiful shawl. Good choice :)

  24. Diane

    Love that color of KSH. Good luck with the cami pattern. I can’t wait to see it finished.

    A double Master’s program? Wow! I’m impressed. I hope you have a great semester.

  25. Jenna

    Oh my God, I can’t believe it took you an hour to do two rows of knitting. You must have the patience of a saint, I don’t know if I could handle that. Good thing it’s a sleeveless sweater, or it might take you years to complete!

    I hope that I get to be part of those weekend plans :P

  26. Karma

    I’m sure that, after a series of rows, you’ll memorize the lace pattern. Otherwise, this camisole will be years in the making! ;) Have a great weekend, Lolly!

  27. catherine

    i love that camisole with the kidsilk haze!!! sooo pretty…. i love that lace weight, it will make a beautiful shawl, it looked so sophisticated:) good luck on monday. i will be thinking of you.. ps loved the prying manits shot! and if i were him i would be staring at kris’ cooking too!!!!

  28. katie

    I’m starting a scary looking semester on Monday, too. Enjoy this weekend of freedom, and good luck with your semester!

  29. Eklectika

    I know I’m weird, but OMG those baby mantises are SO CUTE!!! I love those guys…ya know it’s illegal to kill one in Connecticut! :-)

  30. Jenny

    Oh my Lord. That tank and cowl. STOP. ENABLING. ME.

    Oh, I’m so weak…

  31. eyeleen

    The morehouse is going to look fabulous knit up. Wonderful start on the kidsilk cami.

    Good luck with the start of your classes.

  32. megan

    That camisole is going to be fabulous! I have also found that kidsilk haze is a bit frustrating to knit with. But it should be worth it. And the Morehouse shawl! I am a HUGE fan of their yarn. I’m using the laceweight on my FBS now and it is soooo nice. Have a great weekend – it looks like you’ll be doing lots of knitting!

  33. Gracie

    I love the sweater and the cowl and the color (of course, it’s pink!). And, the shawl is going to be gorgeous!

    24 books! I haven’t bought that many for class in awhile!

  34. Manda

    That cami is going to be gorgeous!! As is whatever you make with the merino. the colors are gorgeous.

    what yarn are you using for your Hourglass?? I want to make one, but I don’t know what yarn to get. Are you using the suggested yarn or some other yarn? :)

  35. Estee

    That morehouse merino looks gorgeous. And what great colours too. When are you going to get the chance to use it in between reading 24 books!

  36. Tere

    Oh…It’s going to look GREAT! I can’t remember if I told you your hat was fabulous (so cute on you) or not. Well, it is :)


  37. Karen

    I just began knitting with KidSilk Haze too, and I believe I’m using the same color. I agree, it takes some getting used to. It’s so thin at first you think you’ll never be able to knit it. I’m doing a scarf pattern from another book, but have that book too. Maybe I’ll think about doing the tank next – keep on posting your progress!!

  38. Chrissie

    Good luck with your first day of classes, Lolly! Thansks for sharing the meme; it was fun to read :)

  39. Donna

    Hi Lolly! Oh how I miss you girl :) Hope your first day of school goes well today! Love that hot pink, isn’t casting on soo much fun?!
    Congrats to your sis on her role in South Pacific…I would love to see/hear her sing! Can you get together Wednesday? xo Donna

  40. Brenda

    I LOVE the color of the camisole. It is a really pretty pattern. Can’t wait to see it knitted up.

  41. kimberli

    Oooh – I’ve had my eye on that VERY set — cami/cowl!
    Is it the fuzzy yarn that also increases the difficulty?

    The Bellini looks yummy! Great yarn you picked!
    xx K

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    [...] but I saw this meme making the rounds again (thanks to Andrea and Parikha) and remembered that I answered a similar one a few years ago… but, it kind of looked like fun, and since the answers are different this time, why not [...]

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