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Thursday Thoughts
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Thursday Thoughts

Thanks for all of the great scarf patterns you mentioned in my last post. As if I didn't have enough to knit already! I am even eyeing some of those great scarf kits over at Morehouse Merino. (I have one of their scarves on my To Do list: Bellini)

I bought this yarn at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year. Two skeins of raw silk. Lovely yarn for a lovely scarf: Branching Out! I'll add it to the list.

I joined the Sock It to Me knitalong! My second sock pair will be done soon–probably this weekend! You know who really has the sock thing going? Those Utah girls. Susan's Almost Argyle pattern is on my list, as well as Mim's new Razor Shell pattern. And Margene churns out great socks left and right. Talk about inspiration–thanks girls!

Lest you think I am only knitting socks, here is some evidence of my other knits. This is a slow and steady knit, the Kidsilk Haze camisole.

The rate this one is going, I probably won't be finished till 2006… but its okay. No rush.

PumpkinMama is running a cool contest over on her blog–it is right up my alley! I found out about it a little late… but hopefully I am still in time to qualify! She wants participants to show their favorite t-shirts… and it so happens that I have a fine collection. I could not narrow it down to just one though… so here are my favorite three:

My Arizona t-shirt (reads "Arizona: It's Not That Hot"); Hump Day, and my oldest tee of the bunch: "If You Ain't Lithuanian, You Ain't Worth Sudas!" I got them all at second-hand/thrift shops.

We have a great weekend planned… thank goodness I don't have as much homework this time around. Here are some hints:



Crafty Bastards

any guesses? ;)

Watch for a blog entry this weekend to find out more!

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40 Responses

  1. PumpkinMama

    great shirts! You’re just in time. Love that yarn – I’m doing a Flower Basket Shawl in raw silk, and its just yummy – whatever you do with it will be gorgous.

  2. caitlyn

    Cool shirts! The KSH Camisole looks beautiful. And the Branching Out Scarf is great! It will go very quickly (assuming that you don’t make stupid mistakes like I did)!!

  3. tacha

    I love that raw silk yarn. Such a gorgeous colour. I can’t wait to see the finished Branching Out.

  4. chris

    That rose colored silk is just gorgeous! Branching Out will be beautiful in that. The cami’s looking great, too. Man, you are pumping out those socks. 2 pairs in as many weekends?? Not to mention all the homework, too. I’m glad you’ll be able to have some fun this weekend…with political-lobbying-crafty-illegitimate penguins??! NO IDEA how the three relate, as you can see. :-) And BTW, my fave is the Hump Day shirt. Classic!

  5. Mom

    Lovely Pink, just like you. Hope to see you this weekend!

  6. Amy

    He he. I love fun T-shirts. I would have to say my favorite one is Arizona. You could just as easily have “Texas” on it. Two days ago it was 105.

    The silk yarn is beautiful and will make a gorgeous Branching Out.

    Have a fun weekend,

  7. elisa

    Yay for T-shirts! What a fun contest. :)

    I like the return of cooler weather, too – I just wish spring would start in January.

  8. Miriam

    Thanks for the linkie! And YAY! I can’t even tell you how happy I am that someone is going to knit something I designed! I had a moment of regret when I posted Razor Shell thinking “Why am I doing this, no one has knit anything else I’ve put up…”

  9. heather

    love those shirts. I was too tired to take a pic of my fave shirt…

    missouri – the show me state
    You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.


    Darn, I missed seeing you buy that silk. Where was I?
    sounds like a great time this weekend.

  10. Kimberly

    Oh that silk is gorgeous!!! I love the color. I’m very jealous. If I knew I could get some I would. I’ve been contemplating the branching out scarf as well.
    To your slow progress-isn’t that what knitting’s for? Slow therapy, enjoy the process.

  11. katie

    Horray for silk yarn… especially in pink!

  12. isel

    That cami is looking grrrreat.
    Hope to see you at the Crazy Bastards!!!! :D

  13. Nathania

    Love, love, love that pink! And you look totally adorable in your t-shirts. Mwah!

  14. keri

    Wow, pink silk! That is so pretty, it’s going to be gorgeous in branching out! I love your fab T-shirts too!

  15. blossom

    wow, pink cami looks great!!

  16. Erin

    I love those tee’s! You just can’t find tee’s like that anywhere other than the salvation army or thrift shop! Classic!

  17. Holly Ann


    Long time no chat. Jeanette told me that you’d asked about me so I figured I’d look you up. You’re as cute and insane as ever, amd I’m very glad to see you’ve been bitten by the sock bug! I’m voting for the Hump Day T. Good colors, and how can you go wrong with a camel?

    I’m working part-time as a local history and genealogy librarian with MD Historical Society now; selling handspun, hand-dyed yarn on the side at a local farmer’s market. I’ve added four adorable Suri alpacas to my herd and I’m going to take an intensive weaving class next month. We should get together some time and really catch up. My new beau lives down in your direction, so it would be fun to meet one Saturday morning…

  18. Stephanie

    You will be pretty in pink! Have a fun weekend and I’ll look for your blog to see what you are doing. Fun tshirts!

  19. margene

    Mim and Susan can design great socks…I just knit them. It’s cold around here and we need to keep warm. We’re very happy you have joined the fold of sock knitters!

  20. LisaB

    That camisole looks luscious so far! And I love your tshirts!

  21. Donna

    Hi Lauren, Of course I love that pink! You have lots of great projects in the works. I like seeing all of the socks, yours and the ones you’ve linked to. You and H have inspired me to pick up my sockie again! It is going to Bermuda w/me :0) The KSH looks luscious! We’ll catch up next week when I get back!

  22. Chelsea

    Love that yarn! It’s going to be gorgeous as Branching Out. Now I want to make another one…but I guess I should finish the first one before I start. We must meet up sometime soon. I need my Lauren fix!

  23. Lynn

    Let’s see…you’re going to the Penguins V. Capitals exhibition game this weekend with the Crafty Bastards…

    I’m from Pittsburgh and love the Pens, it’s the first thing I thought of! Go Pens! ;O)

  24. Eilene

    I can’t wait to see your KSH cami. It is going to be beeeauuutifuuul! Looking forward to seeing all your projects. Hopefully next week. :-)

  25. Dana

    Your t-shirts are hilarious! What a fun contest. Thanks for the links to the cool sock patterns! I need them, I have lots of sock yarn with no plans for it. Good luck with your KSH shell – it is looking really good. And thanks for your thoughts on the kid sweater! Still not sure what I’m going to do but I appreciate the support. Cheers-

  26. Purly Whites

    I’m so in love with your KSH cami. It’s looking fabulous.

    And those are some great T-shirts!

  27. Jenna

    I have a guess as to your weekend activities but I won’t spoil it for everyone else. Yay, i’m excited though!

  28. Karma

    Ha! You are so dang cute in your t-shirts!

  29. Jackie

    Oh – the silk is soooo beautiful. I love the color. Your cami is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it progress. YAY for Sock It To Me!!

  30. Dani

    I love how your cami is coming along Lauren! Also, I’ve been so busy this week, I haven’t had a chance to read your last few post.. but, how funny is this?! I just ordered yarn for that zip up cardigan out of Last Minute Gifts too! I am using the Manos in color G though… Scott has been way overdue for a nice knit :) I just thought you would like that one… Oh, and I bought the Denim People a month ago and love it! Can’ t wait to see what you are going to make out of that!

  31. kelly

    i vote for the hump day shirt! that raw silk is really lovely-bet you’ll enjoy working with that! happy weekend…

  32. Liz

    I’ve also been eyeing the Morehouse scarf kits. I’m having a haed time decided which I want to get.
    That silk is so beautiful. I bet it will make a wonderful scarf.

  33. Esther

    L. your camisole is looking lovely – slow and steady wins the race – when I was working on the sts I felt the same way – lord this is going to take years!! But it’s beautiful and the yarn you’re using is gorgeous.

    Love the t-shirts!!

  34. Wanda

    I love your T-shirts, but don’t understand what Sudas means? Uh-oh, it sounds like you are really on the sock bandwagon now. You may want to consider joining the 6SoxKAL Yahoo group. They have some great patterns there as well.

    The pink silk yarn is so beautiful. It looks like cotton candy. It will make a wonderful scarf, whatever the pattern. The KSH camisole is coming along nicely as well. I bet it is a joy to knit.

  35. Moni

    oooh! that raw silk is beautiful! it will be perfect for Branching Out. your kidsilk cami is coming along nicely!

  36. jacqueline

    those t-shirts are just fantastic! what great finds!! i love your progress on your kidsilk haze cami – that is going to be one sensational FO.

  37. maya

    I think the lithuanian shirt is the best! those are some good finds for thrift shops. I found an old school Orange Crush t-shirt at goodwill once and felt like I should go out and buy a lottery ticket or something…

  38. Amy

    Love the shirts! (And the silk).

  39. knittingnurse

    Ooooh I LOVE that Bellini pattern. Are you going to make it in that blue that they show in the pix? That is so YOUR shade of blue.

    You are hilarious. Such a Suppastar! in the various poses! tee hee

  40. catherine

    lolly, the camisole looks very beautiful!!! The color is perfect for you.. are you getting excited about your visit with your sis mimi? i bet kris is thrilled too! sorry i haven’t commented in the last three posts, things kina got away from me.. how do you do it! i must know your secret! have a realxing trip ;)

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