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Serenade, Sock Yarn (+Socktober Fest update)
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Serenade, Sock Yarn (+Socktober Fest update)

10/05/05 Update on Socktober Fest: I will start a list of name on my sidebar of everyone that is interested in knitting socks in the month of October. There is no pressure here for a formal knitalong… more just for enjoying the sock knitting process and sharing your socks, knitting tips, yarns, and patterns with others in the community.

So, I will link to you from my sidebar (I will start it tonight–leave a comment if you wanna be on the list!), and you can post pictures of sock projects on your blog. I will play around with some button making when I get the opportunity, but if anyone wants to contribute some mad graphix skillz for a Socktober button, drop me a line and attach your image. Perhaps we can vote on which one we like best? For those of you interested in joining a more formalized sock knitalong, check out Sock It To Me! I just joined :)

One last cherry on top to finish off the three days of fun that was my extended weekend: Heather and Pixie came over to mi casa last night!
Four weeks without seeing my friend was too much! We had a lotta catching up to do! We commiserated about school, ate a little food, drank a little wine, looked through our new knit books, listened to some music, and wrapped up the evening with some much-needed knitting time.

The best part of the evening, hands down, was when Kris showed Pixie how to play the guitar. She strummed out some chords, and within a few minutes, this wonderful child serenaded us with a wonderful song. It was amazing. Heather and I both teared up!

Heather also delivered me some goods! She got two hanks of sock yarn for me at Stitches East (did you see the haul she brought back? go look now!)

Socktober Fest here I come! I do have one pair on the needles right now (my Cascade Fixation socks) but I am so incrediby tempted to cast on for a pair with these lovely yarns! Great color choices, H. You know me well!

I am tempted to add a little lace detailing to a pair of socks–it would look so great with these beautiful solid colors.

… and even though this was not exactly planned, I swatched for Klaralund this weekend, and got gauge with size 9s (it calls for 8s) so I figured I would go ahead and start… and now I am several inches into the back! Talk about fast knit.

This colorway is really growing on me (Noro Silk Garden–not sure about colorway. It is either 201 or 226). My only worry is the horizontal striping. I hope that won’t make me look bad! I already am thinking of the pants and skirts that I can wear with this pullover!

Now, I just have to talk about the wonderfulness of my new books! I ordered Rowan’s Denim People and Melanie Falick’s Handknit Holidays last week, and I just can’t put either one down. They were boh great purchases… and great additions to my growing knitting library.

I just have to show you some of my faves from both books! Consider them a preview so you can buy the books too! :) (SavannahChik Jody has a whole preview of HH on her blog. Check out her photo album!)

From Handknit Holidays:

I could have put a lot more of my favorites up here… because nearly everything in that book is a must knit. Lovely, inspirational, and perfect for knitting all year round. Another winner from Ms. Falick!

From Denim People:

Yeah, I really needed more things to add to my KNIT LIST!

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90 Responses

  1. chris

    I’d love to join Socktoberfest- count me in! It’ll be good incentive to get all those Christmas gift socks knitted up… BEFORE Christmas, that is! :-P

  2. Cece

    Hey there – I always have a pair of socks on the needles, go ahead and add me onto your list! Fun fun!

  3. Kathy

    Gorgeous sock yarn! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Count me in for Socktober Fest.

  4. Chrissy

    I’d love to be on the sock list. I just cast my first October socks on yesteday. Mmmmm Fleece Artist…

  5. Melissa

    Hi Lolly – please add me to the Socktober list – great idea!

  6. beatknit

    u can count me in !!

  7. deb

    Wow! Lots of people are celebrating Socktober. Add me to the list. I have my Autumn socks on the needles.

  8. knittingnurse

    Count me in! I have some great sock yarn and a little guy with growing feet in need of new ‘momma’ socks.

  9. Terby

    Lolly, I’d love to join in Soctoberfest!

  10. Jessica

    Since it’s no pressure I’m totally up for Socktober fest! :)

  11. melissa

    ooooh, holiday handknits looks like it’s going on the wishlist! i love those thigh high socks!

  12. eyeleen

    I’d love to join the socktoberfest. I love the colors of your new yarn, especially your Klaralund. I had thing about the stripes I didn’t know if I should wear them, but I’m ok with them now.

  13. catherine

    sign me up!!!!! i am working on socks with “fall” colors just for this socktoberfest occasion:)

  14. Amanda

    I am not very good at socks but I would love to give them another try I need something small to knit to distract me from my reading…:)


  15. keri

    No pressure?? Now that’s my kinda fest! Sign me up! =)

  16. Tam

    Yesssss! I’m down with Soctober Fest. =)

  17. emmy

    I’m in for Socktober! What a great idea. I have one that should be off the needles either by or during the weekend and I will be ready to start some more!!

  18. Tracy

    Can I play too????

  19. Mom

    I love those beautiful pink and cherry red yarns that I am assuming Heather brought you. What a sweet girl with a good eye for color! I hope you are having a great week and look forward to seeing you again soon. Hawaii is so close!

  20. Michelle

    I’d love to join Socktober. What a great idea!

  21. Kathy

    SoctoberFest is a great idea, but it’s doubtful I’ll make it through my first sock. Maybe next Socktober…. :)

  22. LeAnne

    Put me on the Socktober list, please! What a cool idea!

  23. Tina

    I want in on Socktober Fest!

  24. Esther

    Oh a NO PRESSURE socktoberfest sounds like the ticket for me! Please add me / sign me up!
    I love your latest entries! Now I feel the absolute NEED to run and buy those two books!! The pics are heavenly and your favorites of the holiday knits look fantastic!

    The noro/klaralund is looking great. I made one a while ago and wish now I had used noro instead of the josharp desert cotton I ended up using. The colorway you’re using is beautiful!! I bet it is going to look amazing on you girl…can’t wait to see it done.

  25. Eilene

    I love that book Denim People. There are great patterns in there.

    I forgot to mention that Donna & I brought you back a surprise from Stitches. Of course you will get it If we ever get to see you.

    I remember being soooo into socks also. Maybe I’ll get back into it someday!

  26. Liz

    Sign me up for Socktoberfest as well! I have a plethora of socks to knit. So, um, where’s the beer tent? ;)

  27. Karen

    I’m going to throw my hat into the ring for Socktoberfest. I had plans to make my first attempt as sock knitting this week anyway, and I think Socktoberfest will give me great motivation if the going gets tough. Great idea!!!

  28. Chrissy

    Oooh, I want to join Socktoberfest!!! I just got some Addis and a bunch of sock yarn just itching to get on those needles. I’ll try to get a button made up this weekend, too. Yay for socks!

  29. Adelle

    Hey, add me to Socktoberfest. Sounds fun :)

  30. Sarah

    Hi Lolly,

    More inspiration to knit some socks. Sign me up for Socktoberfest! This rainy weekend is a great time to get moving. I remember last winter someone doing a mitten swap. Have you ever heard of a sock swap? Could be fun.

  31. ck

    Thanks for the handknit holidays pics! I just ordered it from Amazon…looks like it has some great projects. Can’t wait to see all of them.

  32. ada

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in for the Socktoberfest

  33. Kim

    Sign me up please–I have a couple pairs I need to get done this month:) BTW, it’s nice to see another Pens fan(you’re rooting for them in Caps country; I’m in Avs country). Happy knitting!

  34. Amy Dement

    Sign me up – I’ve got two pair to work on and finish by the end of the month. Socktoberfest! Let the games Begin! Does Socktoberfest include beer?

  35. Iris

    Just found your blog through a link on someone elses journal re. Socktober – is there still time to take part?? I’ve just received some lovely hand-dyed sock yarn so I’m going to cast on in the next few days!! :)

  36. Pirata

    I just found your spot via a gal in my knitting group. I’m loving this site. Great job! I want to be added to sockfest because I’ve got several pairs to make for Christmas. Thanks!

  37. Bonne Marie

    I am on a sock bender! I’ve been knitting like mad on the bus, everywhere. Sign me up please – all these fine folks will inspire me to smoke it…

  38. Andi

    Hi! I would love to join in!

  39. Laura

    I have two pairs of socks to knit for my folks. Sign me up, please! I hope the KAL will inspire me.

  40. Felicia

    I want to be part of socktoberfest!

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