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Beginner’s Luck
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Beginner’s Luck

My first short row heel was a success!

My Diagonal Fixation sock #1 is progressing well.

At this point, I can’t say which heel I prefer. I have done four "eye of partridge" heel flaps, and I did like those. The short row heel formed quickly following the directions in the Diagonal Fixation pattern.

The lighting, angle, and the texture of the Cascade Fixation yarn prevent one from seeing the real details of the short row heel (and the cuff’s diagonal stitching) in this shot. A finished sock will be a better representation–maybe this weekend.

**What is your heel of choice? Do you have any tips for short row heels or heel flaps that can help other Socktoberists and sock knitters in general? Is there a book or online tutorial that you found helpful?

Socktoberfest Updates:

  • Allison finished a bright and colorful pair of socks yesterday and started a new pair today!
  • Diane made some pretty in pink socks for her first Socktober pair.
  • Amylovie finished some very handsome socks for her husband!
  • Rachel shows off her lovely finished socks, and her nearly finished socks in her post.
  • Miriam made some great anklets with KnitPicks yarn.
  • Mel finished a pair of gift socks, and then started on a pair of Koigu socks for herself.
  • Kathy finished her first socks ever and compiled a list of things she has learned about sock knitting.

…and in one week’s time… I will be here!


Don’t worry, Socktoberfest will continue to go strong–even if I have to update from the beach! :)

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30 Responses

  1. Kathy

    Yea for you and your short row heel!! Socktoberfest is already a big hit!

  2. caitlyn

    Congrats on your success with the short row heel! YAY!

  3. Karen

    Is it too late to join the Socktoberfest? I doubt I’ll be making fast progress on the sock I started, but it sounds fun nonetheless. Have fun in Hawaii. Will you be going to any of the other islands, or just Oahu?

  4. mellissa

    Cute socks Lolly! I just turned my first heel tonight – what fun! Have a great time in Hawaii!

  5. Angela

    Wooohooo! It’s really not that hard, is it? I used the short row heal and toe for my first socks. Did you use the wrap or yarn-over method?

  6. Illanna the sock ho

    Can I still join Socktoberfest? If not, I am still going to make lots of socks anyway. I’d love to be a part of the fun though!

    I started one pair of socks today, and I’ll post pics today or tomorrow when I can actually see something going on with them. Your fixation socks are fun! I love the color and you did a great job so far!!!

  7. francoise

    Have a fantastic time in Hawaii. Are you sure you will still be knitting socks there???

  8. Amy

    I am so totally jealous! Nice sock. Mine are coming along slowly but surely!

  9. jane

    Your trip sounds so wonderful that I’m feeling excited for you more that jealous of you! Have a great time! Jane

  10. Amy

    That color blue is my absolute favorite color. I can’t wait to see your finished result.

    Thnak you for mentioning me on your blog.


  11. Erin

    I definitely prefer the short row heel. I don’t think I’d do any other type of heel. I think it’s mainly because you don’t have to pick up any stitches. I’m not a huge fan of that!

  12. Tam

    Sheeesh! I hope you don’t hurt yourself while posting from the beach in HAWAII (no less)! Such a hard life you have! =)

    You know I’m just green with envy! And looking forward to seeing your travel picts. =)

  13. Libby

    Alright, I think I want to join. I spent yesterday trafficking the blogosphere and looking at everyone else’s socks. It inspired me to start a pair. My first in years.

  14. Rachael

    The beach and a beach to go to. What could be better?

  15. heather

    Eye of partridge. I have that somewhere…I thought I do that with the creme yarn I got! mmm

    Lookin good! Love SOCKTOBER! I’m on my heel flap!

  16. Luvtocraft

    Yay!! I’m glad your heel turned out!! I’ve found I LOVE the short-row heel!! Your sock’s looking great!!

  17. catherine

    they look great! thanks to brynne (from my knitting group) i am gonna start my first short row sock too:)

  18. anne

    I also just finished my first short row heel for adult socks, and it DID seem like it went faster than with a heel flap and gusset. But the jury’s still out until I get to wear them… one down, one to go!

  19. Bev

    Congrats on the short row heel. I have been trying to figure out how to do that and the toe-up method since I got PGR’s book “Simple Socks” a few months ago but there doesn’t seem to be anything simple about them. The sock is looking good but if you take it to Hawaii you might get sand in it. Perhaps you should consider a *wink* new project just for Hawaii, like a little grass skirt or something. ;>

  20. megan

    have a great time in hawaii. let the blog rest — you’re on holiday! i’m sure your socktober gals will understand if you and your man are out on the beach instead of on the computer!!
    Isn’t that Fixation a trip to knit with? I love it. Have an extra ball too. How much do you need to make a pair of socks??

  21. Kim

    Congrats on the conquest of the short row heel :) Have an awesome time in Hawaii–you need to get water, a flashlight, and a camera and hike Diamond Head–the view from up there is awesome!! Enjoy all the cool beaches and have fun :)

  22. LisaB

    Ooh lucky gal. Soak up those sun rays for us!

  23. Alison

    Oh, I’m jealous! Have fun in Hawaii. I’ve cast on for my socks!

  24. Vicki

    I am so jealous about your trip!! Hope you have a fabulous time – great socks by the way! You girls are knitting up a sock storm!

  25. Moni

    There are so many ways to knit heels out there, isn’t there! I don’t think I’ve done short rows. I’ll have to try it!

  26. Elaine

    Lolly – thanks so much for hosting Socktoberfest. I am having a blast navigating through all the different blogs and seeing the lovely socks. What a great idea you had!

  27. Jenna

    Oh, does this mean you’re missing the knit out because you’ll be in Hawaii? What a bummer – for me, not you!

    Can’t wait to see the finished fixation socks

  28. lisa

    The eye of partridge heel is one of my favorites, too, but I really liked how the heel in my Razor Shell came out! I finished one sock and cast on for the match ;)
    *So* jealous of your trip to Hawaii!

  29. lisa

    Oh PS, your fixation socks look fantastic! I tried knitting a tank with fixation once, but wasn’t happy with how it was turning out so I frogged. I’m thinking socks might be perfect for it, though.

  30. Esther

    OH your trip sounds WONDERFUL!! CONGRATS!!!
    And your sock is just GORGEOUS!! beautiful, beautiful!
    I just got my sock yarn today in the mail – so I plan to start this weekend!

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