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Where to Start?
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Where to Start?

Two days was too long of a break! You Socktoberists are insatiable!

For administrative purposes, I decided to make October 19th the last day for people to sign up for Socktoberfest 2005. All this means is that I will stop adding names to my sidebar–see how many we have already? If there are late-comers that are still interested in Socktoberfest, please feel free to knit socks with us, and comment on the blogs of Socktoberists… there is always next year!

So I have some great news–Our little knitalong has attracted some attention!

I got an email from Allison, owner of Simply Sock Yarn Company, an online company that sells all of the sock yarns we love.


What a great and fun idea! I (obviously owning an e-store that just sells sock knitting items) adore knitting socks. All the encouragement and friendship shown on the blogs of those taking part in Socktoberfest is really wonderful to see.

…I would be happy to donate a skein of Fleece Artist Merino yarn to whomever you all choose as the winner.

Can’t wait to see more of the socks that come out of this!


Simply Socks Yarn Company http://www.simplysockyarn.com/StoreFront.bok

This news is so exciting! So, I was thinking of a random number generator–just so everyone could have an equal chance, and so it did not turn into a popularity contest (that is not Socktoberfest spirit!)

I will consider everyone who joins the group before October 19th in the running for this contest. And just to make the odds a little better for everyone, I will come up with another sock-related prize to send out. The Prize Day will be October 31st.

Unfortunately, my weekend was filled more with homework than knitting. The really bad thing about it? My mind is already in vacation mode for Hawaii, but I still have to go to class tonight and tomorrow…

This is the best picture I have ever taken of this yarn. It really shows the lovely light and dark sections. I love Tess yarns! The Dublin Bay pattern is going very well. I love the little lace inserts. There is also a matching one on the other side.

… and my first Diagonal Fixation sock is done! It was a quick knit on the size 3 needles. I think that next time I work with Cascade Fixation, however, I will go down to 2s. These are a great fit, but the stitches are not as tight as I like them. I think that they will be perfect for warmer temperatures. One more sock to go. I did no do the pattern on the foot, opting for straight stockinette instead.

I was unable to swatch for the Kris’s raglan cardigan this weekend. It may have to wait till the end of the month… but I did find a perfect pattern for my further stashbusting efforts:

Stefanie’s new pattern is my favorite yet. I love cardigans, and these cables are just a great touch. You can order this pattern on her website. You can also order a kit from Jeanie’s store, DiscountYarnSale.com (Jeanie is a fellow Socktoberist!)

I bought 12 skeins of Lion Brand Kool Wool last spring. I was attracted by the sale sticker and the pretty Eggplant color. They were languishing in my stash because I had no project in mind… until now! The gauge is very similar to the Cabled Cardi, and I think it will look smashing in this color. Yes, I have a lot of things on my “to knit” list, but this is also a stash buster!


10:52pm — I finished my paper at 3:46pm, printed it out and took the train to my 5:10pm class. I forgot my knitting, so I sat on the train and looked at people’s shoes… I hate when I run out and forget the knitting!

While I was at class–a mere 5 hours away from the computer–I got 26 emails about joining Socktoberfest. That means we have 211 participants in this knitalong! I guess Fleece Artist Merino is a pretty good incentive! :)

So here are those great Socktoberfest updates you were waiting for!

Looking for some great finished socks? These ladies can show you some! Go look right this instant!





Petra (3 pairs!)


And in some other Socktoberfest news…

  • Chrissy in looking for some great free online patterns. Share your favorites with her!
  • Laura wants your input on sock swatching: do you do it?
  • Cathy is curious about reinforcing the heel and the ball of the foot. Do you have any advice for her?
  • Brenda shows off her amazing array of finished socks from the past. I have to say, I am a little jealous!
  • Grumperina shows off the socks that she has made for her grandmother, and the new pair she just started.
  • Katie is still taking names for her Sock Scrap Swap–rid your stash of your old sock scraps… and then get some pretty new ones!
  • Okay, time for me to go… I think I am going to fall asleep sitting up!

    PS–I am woefully behind in my emails–so if you have written to me, I will get back to you, I promise!

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    1. Phia

      Hey Lolly -

      I joined blogger just to do your Socktober fest! Will you add me to the list? I started knitting a little while ago and need a challenge.


    2. Donna

      Hey Lolly,
      Your finished sock looks awesome! How cool…prizes…ya gotta love that! The cardi pattern is adorable.
      xo D

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