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The List is Long
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The List is Long

The journey to the garland starts with a single pom pom, grasshopper.

… okay, so I need a little practice on the pom pom! (Why can’t mine be as puffy and squishy as Jenn’s? I did use a pom pom maker – maybe I did not do enough wraps?) I joined the Handknit Holiday knitalong, hosted by Jessica. You can choose to knit anything out of the amazing new Melanie Falick book, Handknit Holidays. I chose to warm up with some pom poms, and maybe get around to the i-cord later. If nothing else, it is a fun stash buster project!

This book is a real joy to just look through, and to get the "knitspiration" flowing (not to be confused with perspiration). I have some big projects on my list right now, so for this knitalong, I like to think small.

Maybe I will try my hand at wire knitting (did you see Amy’s lovely wire knitting FO?) or try my hand at some of these flap mittens. Love the versatility!

However, the project that really keeps catching my eye in this book is not a small one… more medium sized.

This bag is amazing to me… beautiful stiches and construction… I think I need it, and since it does not say "holiday" specifically, it can wait until I finish up a few things before I cast on for it…

Klaralund is getting closer by the minute, I will probably be able to finish and seam her up within the next week. This really excites me because I can’t wait to wear this sweater. I think it is destiny that I knit it — it matches so many clothes in my existing wardrobe!

Another lingering knit?

My Dublin Bay sock (links to PDF). I finally turned the heel on these, and am working on the in step gusset now. Here is a close up of my "eye of patridge" heel. This photo also shows the yarn in its true light. I love this stuff: Tess Designer Yarn is a dream.

I am so tempted to jump in and start my Jaywalker socks for Cara’s knitalong, but I really need to finish these first. I hope I can stay focused! There are Jaywalkers EVERYWHERE to tempt me!

**Speaking of socks, check out the Socktoberfest finished pairs that Christine and Cece worked up! Splendid socks, ladies!

The other thing that is tempting me …

Once Klaralund is done, this handsome sweater is gonna be on my needles. Handpaintedyarn Bulky Wool and Lolly have a very special date.

I posted some topics in the forums, go check it out! Go register!

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43 Responses

  1. Angela

    Are you using a pompom maker? Those help a lot in achieving that “professional” looking pompom. =) You’re able to wrap more yarn around it therefore creating a nice a fluffy pompom. I love Handknit Holidays too! Those votive holders are really nice! I may have to make some.

  2. Bethany

    Did your Tess Designer Yarn smell funny? I got some at Stitches 2 years ago… I loved it, but thought it kind of smelled a bit like wet dog.

  3. Cara

    I want to make some of the oranments in the Falick book – but I don’t know how I missed that bag. Very, very cute. I never get good pompoms and I have a pompom maker. Much harder than they seem.

  4. tacha

    I love the Falick book. It is so full of inspiration. The only problem is deciding what to knit first!

  5. LisaB

    Ooh great bag!

    I’m like a pompom/fringe moron. Always wimpy and limpy!

  6. ellie

    Those Jaywalkers are tempting me too! All I want to do is knit all the time. All of my WIPS, all at once. Stupid school getting in the way. All of your projects look great. I can’t wait to see them.

  7. Chrissy

    It’s great to see that you are still able to make some time for knitting. Your sock is looking great! I’m going to make that one next, and then I’m thinking about tackling Jaywalker (I still have socks on the brain). Jeez, all these socks to tempt us, huh?

  8. francoise

    This bag looks really cool. And I do admire the gorgeous colour of this bulky wool, I am impatient to see it on your needles…
    Can’t wait to see photos of your Klaralund too… not long to wait now by the look of it…

  9. jess

    I like the shape of the bag… and what a fancy heel to your sock! I’m impressed.

  10. Mintyfresh

    Pom poms definitely require a lot more yarn than you’d at first think. I have a pom pom maker and it helps immensely, as Angela mentioned. But the answer is always More Yarn. I am currently in love with pom poms as well; I made my “Cirque” hat last week and am proudly wearing it around, looking like a dork!

  11. Erin

    Oh I’m like you. Getting tempted away from UFO’s to start more exciting things (Like jaywalker!) Stay strong! You’ll be able to finish up those lingering things in no time.

  12. eyeleen

    Beautiful color on your Dublin Bay socks. I love the Handknit Holiday book, so many lovely projects

  13. Alison

    I love that sock color. And I can’t make a pom pom either!

  14. Carole

    LOVE the color of that bulky yarn! And I’m wearing my Dublin Bay Socks right now. You’ll love them when they’re finished and on your feet!

  15. Amy

    Thanks for the “shout out”! I think I’m going to have to make a bracelet for myself now. I love how it turned out.

    I think all of us Christmas knitters are having problems with our eyes wandering. I love making gifts for people, but it’s sweater weather! They are calling my name.


  16. Jennifer

    Everytime I see a picture or a WIP from the Handknit Holidays book, it makes me want to run out and get one.

    Beautiful color for the socks!

  17. Zarah

    Lolly… are getting paid for making that Handknit Holidays book look so awesome? I totally want to run out and buy it now (like I need more projects to tempt me!) I’m fascinated by the wire knitting. That purse looks awesome too — I hadn’t noticed it when I flipped through the book at the bookstore.

  18. jessica~

    LOVE your Dublin Bay sock. I didn’t love it when I saw the pattern, but I love how yours looks! The yarn is so pretty -thanks for the link. Just what I need… more sock yarn. *sigh* :)

    Is that handpainted really as gold as it looks in the picture? It’s gorgouse! Please keep us updated as to how you like it while you are knitting it. As good as Manos? The price certainly is great!

    I wanted to mention a fun/stress reliever I put on my blog -check it out. Sorry for the self-promoting blog mention – Bloglines keeps skipping over some of my posts so I wanted to make sure you saw it. It’s fun!

  19. maryse

    i love that book. just before going to work i looked at it again because i’m itching to make some ornaments and the bag and the garland and the stained glass scarf and socks and hat and….

    you get the idea.

  20. Barb

    I love those Dublin socks and that bulky yarn is sure beautiful. That bag looks pretty cool, too. Looking forward to seeing that great bag, too.

  21. Stephanie

    Long but good. I like everything you have on your list and I can’t wait to see your progress.

  22. blossom

    i really wasn’t planning on getting the handknit holiday book, but every time someone mentions it, i felt like i really need it. hmm.. why why why why why??? but i really adore that bag. so cute and so spring!

    can’t wait to see your klaralund. you’ll love it!

  23. Karma

    You probably heard this from others already, but I would agree that you need more wraps to achieve a full, fluffy pompom. Lolly, you always have such fun project on queue! I think my copy of Handknit Holidays should be here v. soon; can’t wait to drool on the pages! :)

  24. Lil Sarah

    OMG…I love that yellow bag- beautiful…just beautiful…I like the pom poms…you always come up with something new, Lolly Girl..and that handpaintedyarn bulky is an awesome color..Looking forward to seeing you soon, lil pants..:)
    P.S. wireknitting- BEAUTIFUL

  25. Brianne

    I love the sweater! Even Hubby loves it (which is a miracle in itself) and I think I’ll be starting on it as well… once the holiday knitting is finished.

  26. Samantha

    I suck at pom poms too. :)

  27. Mimi

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have been lazy lately with updating it. All your knitting looks great. I was happy to see Sarah enjoys it too. She was doing a better job than me. I am still practicing on small patches. I can’t seem to get it even. I do not practice enough though…

    Love you!

  28. biglug

    Oh I got the book for my birthday and I love everything in it. Seriously, I really want to knit a tree skirt – AFTER CHRISTMAS!


  29. catherine

    i love amy’s beaded cuff…i want to try knitting with wire and beads too… first of all i love those socks your working on, the detail is so delicate! and i think the jaywalker socks are a must also! i went to handpaintedyarn.com and purchased yarn awhile agao… i loved it, hated to give it away :(

  30. Jenna

    I just finished my mittens that look similar to those in the picture. Maybe we can be mitten buddies :) That bag is really beautiful, I loe that stitch pattern, it would be nice in a scarf as well. If you’re not able to keep your temptation in check, I really think you’ll like working with the bulky yarn, I’ve been very pleased with it. Handspun really is different. And to Bethany’s comment about Tess’ yarn smell, both of the hanks of their worsted that I have have a distinct, pleasant soapy/lanolin smell. Whatever it is, it doesn’t go away but I find it quite pleasant.

  31. chris

    Hey, Lolly! I love your Kung Fu reference, so funny! :-) I think your pom-pom looks cute! That garland will really be something to behold when it’s done. I really need to get this book! I keep seeing such great stuff from it on everyone’s blogs. I loved Amy’s wire knitting, too. Your socks are looking great! And that bag is going to be wonderful, too, and it looks versatile enough to be able to use year-round. Are you having semester break dreams yet? ;-) Just a couple more days- we’re almost there!! :-)

  32. melissa

    i would love to make the pom pom garland too, but i think i better get an icord cheater machine first. icord sucks – and that is a lot of icord!

  33. Liz

    I love that bag. I’m thinking of trying the accessories pouch. There are so many wonderful patterns in this book that’s it’s making it hard for me to want to say the course with all of the WIPs I have.

  34. Moni

    I love your “grasshopper” quote :) ! I haven’t seen that Handknit Holidays book. I will have to check it out. Maybe we have it here at the library…hmmm.

  35. maya

    Wow – you have lots of fun knitting to do! I’m jealous! ;-)

  36. laurent

    greetings from a colleague librarian (Belgium, West-Europe)

  37. Karen

    I didn’t plan on getting the Handknit Holiday book either, but everytime I see something made from it, I want it. I love that bag you are going to make. So pretty! And I am tempted to start some jaywalker socks myself but so far I have been able to stop myself. I need to finish up things before I start anything else right now! Now I just need to keep repeating that to myself!

  38. Faith Fiberflash

    I keep meaning to look at that every time I go to the bookstore! Must check it out. The pom pom garland idea looks super cute.

    I may have missed it, but I don’t think you’ve listed my Socktober socks yet. =)

  39. Gracie

    LOVE that bag as well. It is pretty darn tempting to knit that one. I’m going to have to wait a bit.

    The pom pons are precious – they would be really cute on top of a package for the holidays!

  40. Kimberly

    That bag is great! Oh you could do so much with that pattern.

  41. amy

    ok, you get a ton of comments which i didn’t read through all, so if it hasn’t been said yet, a good way to get a thick pom pom is to do a lot of wraps, but even more so, you really trim it up. i make pom pom snowmen and i just keep cutting them down until they look more condensed. anyways..just a tip! :)

    you and i have very similar taste, all the patterns from handknit you picked are on my list as well! the book it just too good!

  42. Wanda

    I suck at pom poms too, but I have a pom pom maker now, so I’ll be trying my hand at that next. I love the bag you are planning to make. Can’t wait to see you get started on the sweater for Kris. That bulky yarn should knit up quickly and such a nice color too. There are so many projects from Handknit Holidays. That is a book that I want too!

  43. Elizabeth

    My pompons or pompoms are taking forever to make! I’m just making a big enough garland to wrap around some knitted wreaths I’m giving as gifts. I have a very nice Clover pompon maker and lots of variety of yarn, the number of wraps is definitely the key to a filled out pompon but sometimes I get too many and my pompon maker pops open! Then I am left withh some strands of yarn that I have to try and wrangle together again!

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