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Mine Eyes
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Mine Eyes

My beret, born out of necessity (we got snow and ice last night!) is near completion, and mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the cardigan.

Perhaps I am a bit naïve, but I have it in my mind that I can get this cardigan started, knit, and ready for my baby by his birthday on December 26th. Can it happen? I am gonna try my darndest. Especially since this will be my first zipper installation – any tips on where I should buy the zipper? do you know a good tutorial for installation?

Just to prove my resolve in getting this knit done, I swifted and wound some of the handpainted yarn last night. I think it looks like caramel…

My friend *Jenna* just finished a lovely hat and mitten set from SnB Nation with this same yarn (in PINK) and it looks fabulous – go check it out!

I have many other knits that I could work on… The camisole is lingering on the needles, as well as two pairs of socks that need mates. (Bad Socktoberfest mistress…) and then there is this sash for Mimi that I started awhile back, and still have not really spent any time on it.

See? Novelty yarn is good for something! Funny how the simplest and easiest thing (straight garter stitch on size 11s) got pushed back in the queue… but, hey, she lives in Hawaii and can wear this anytime. It will get to you one day, sis! ;)

Poor Hourglass has received very little showtime round these parts – I knit a few rounds the other day, and am getting closer to the bust increases, but then she went back into the bag, as I finished up on Klaralund.

I was knitting this together with my girl friend, Becca, but we both got side tracked with grad school stuff – maybe the Hourglass return will take place in 2006. I do love it, I just love other things more now. You know the feeling…

New Mexico girl, Scout, had a fun challenge on her blog this week: show your knitting space! I decided to take her up – and you can too!

When school is particularly busy and the reading is long, I try to pull off the reading and knitting trick while sitting on my bed. Depending on the level of concentration needed for the book (or for the knitting) this may or may not work:

It just so happens that I was working on the stockinette on my beret and reading a book (for next week’s big paper). Socks were 4 pairs for $10 at Old Navy. I have a weakness for socks – handknit or otherwise.

My other knitting spot was usurped by a black puppy (Bella) and an orange kitty (Rusty). They aren’t really supposed to be up there… but it was so cute, I could not be mean mommy.

Show Scout where you create your lovely knits!

Knitted toys are so hot right now. I had to get in on the craze. I bought Jess Hutchinson’s self-published toy book yesterday. (BTW: how cool is that? way to go Jess on publishing your own book!)

I see these little toys as the perfect way to stash bust, and to create fun and whimsical little friends for yourself and as gifts. I have my eyes on the robot doll ;)

Speaking of whimsical knit toys and FUN, tomorrow is my Vickie Howell interview! I hope you are as excited about it as I am! Wanna know what Vickie is knitting now? what her knitting/crafting philosophies are? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry to find out…

PS-Tomorrow (10 December) is the last day to donate to the Earthquake Relief and qualify for some of the donated gifts. This blog was set up by Jessica who worked so hard to get the message out. Please contribute if you are able. I donated through Oxfam International, however, there are several other groups taking donations. See the blog for more information.
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29 Responses

  1. Brianne

    I just purchased that book a couple of weeks ago from LittleKnits! I can’t wait to get it and see what flies from my needles. :D

    Zippers aren’t all that difficult at all. My best hint is to start at the top of the sweater since it’s near the face. Easier to hide mistakes near the bottom of the sweater where people’s attention won’t be.

    By the way, my Mom is “Lolly” to my son. She said that she didn’t want to be “Grandma” because she is only 48 and didn’t want to feel old. Lolly sounds fun and that’s how she is. That meant that my Dad got to be “Poppy”, so that they can be “Lolly” and “Poppy”.

  2. chris

    I’m cheering you on! I bet you can finish that beautiful cardigan in time for Kris’s birthday. That color is so lovely, too. Kris is going to be one very happy birthday boy! And how cute are you with your pigtails? ;-) I knit in the same spot that you do, too! On the bed, propped up with two pillow, with my toes under the cover. I still haven’t tried your reading/knitting pose, but I’ll give it a try soon. ;-) I’ve seen some great stuff from that toy book in blog land…I especially love the little bugs! Must be all my guilt for my bug holocaust. Have a great weekend, Lolly and I’ll be sure to check in tomorrow! :-)

  3. andrea

    that yarn indeed looks good enough to eat – mmm, i love caramel! and about the sweater deadline, i’m rooting for you too – you can do it!

    especially once classes are over :rolls eyes:


  4. jill

    I cannot get over how much your Bella looks like mine all curled up on that chair! It could be the same dog :) Too cute!

  5. Nichola

    My hourglass has been waiting to be finished for about 6 months! I had the excuse i was pregnant and wouldn’t fit in it but i don’t have that excuse anymore. Must…get…knitting!

  6. Scout

    What a comfy looking chair! The holding the book with your feet? Not so comfy lookin!

    Thanks for playing the game. You rock! I can’t wait to see your interview tomorrow.

  7. Lauren

    I think you can definitely finish it – if you can resist Hourglass and any other projects! Zippersource is definitely the way to go. I just called them up yesterday and ordered a 19″, 2-way separating, #5 plastic zipper in color 566.

  8. Jennifer

    My your knitting needles be speedy and accurate! I’m pulling for you to finish the sweater. I think Bonne Marie has a tutorial on putting in a zipper.

  9. eyeleen

    I love the caramel yarn. Beautiful color. Goodluck with your December knitting.

  10. Purly Whites

    Oh, you’ve got a lot of stuff going! Good luck finishing the sweater before Christmas!

  11. Mimi

    Yeah for the robot toy! That is so funny! I think you should do it and it if is easy make me one too! You are so cute. I will have to give you a call this weekend, but with the in-laws here it has to be quick. Love you!

  12. Isela

    You can do it, you can do it…I send you all my knitting vibes… :)

  13. Debi

    http://www.zipperstop.com hands down! Send them a butterfly of your yarn and your specs and in about 4 days you have a perfectly matched zipper for $5 including shipping! Even custom sized! I use zipperstop for all my zips and am 100% satisfied!

    I’ve heard bad things about zipper source….loooooooong waits for zips, unanswered emails, ect.

    hope this helps, good luch with your “goal” :)

  14. Carole

    Your hair looks so cute like that! I just had to tell you. Absolutely adorable.

  15. knittingnurse

    Hey! Kris and I share a birthday although I could probably be his mom (I’ll be 40 this year!).

    Now I know why I like you so much (wink, wink).

  16. Zarah

    Lolly, if you can get that sweater done in three weeks, you are amazing. It took me about 5 months (argh). But if you believe, you can achieve it! =) Good luck.

  17. Amy

    You can do it Lolly- who needs sleep? :) Incidentally, my knitting chair is covered with pets too- I just put a pic up.

  18. Laura

    Go! Go! I bet you could finish the sweater, if you’re really single-minded about it. But you have so many beautiful projects in the works, it may be hard to decide which one to work on!

  19. tacha

    I have faith in you – of course it is possible by December 26th! I think I am going to ask Santa for that knitted toy book – it looks great.

  20. Karen

    I think you can do it if you don’t work on anything else. I definitely vote for Zipperstop too. They have tons of colors and great service. Good luck to you with it Lolly!

  21. Wanda

    I think you can get it done. Isn’t that sweater out of bulky yarn? If so, that makes the knitting go by that much faster and Kris isn’t a gargantuan or hugely large man that will take a long, long time to knit a sweater. You’ll be fine, I think. If not, you can always give it to him on the needles and then finish like crazy. I’ve never heard of zippersouce, but I’ve read from lots of bloggers that Zipperstop.com is the way to go and that you get a custom-cut zipper and in the exact right shade if you send them a little of your yarn. I think that’s great service and from what I believe, it’s only $5?

  22. Elke

    Gemütlichkeit, yes i like it and now at thia time, just before christmas it is very important for me.
    You are knitting very nice thinks. I like your Klaralund, and it is very interesting to see that this pattern is done all around the world. I have also knited it and i made a jacket from the pattern too.
    Many Greetings from Germany

  23. Becca

    Yes, Hourglass WILL return! And hopefully before 2006. The buzzword around here is “after Wednesday” (when my last paper is due). The world starts turning again after Wednesday. :) Ok, enough procrastination, back to work…!


  24. catherine

    I love that zippered sweater your making for DH! I know you can get it done in time, its bulky yarn right? jennas hot pink hat looks great! My mom’s hourglass sweater is going great i just attached the first arm! yeah me!

  25. ellie

    I love that you have so many projects going. It makes me feel calmer.

  26. Bookish Wendy

    I’ve had my eye on that book. Let me know what you think…

  27. Jenna

    Mine eyes have seen the glory – ha! You’re so sacre-licious! I think you’ll be very pleased working with that yarn, it’s really nice. My mittens have gotten a little fuzzy but that’s becasue I tend to heartily abuse hand coverings. Thanks for the compliments on them, btw :)

    I bet that if you fcous on the sweater, you could probably get at least the body finished. Or maybe do everything except the zipper :) Whatever you finish will indeed look lovely!

  28. Susan

    Oh, that’s quite a challenge, but I think you’re up to it! I don’t know whether to tell you that you are excused from blogging so that you can devote all free time to knitting or whether to demand that we get to see progress photos daily so that we can all enjoy the suspense.

    I used to have a cat and a dog who slept in the same chair just like yours. I’m not saying that the chair had anything to do with it, but they each died of cancer, almost two years apart to the day. It’s also my favorite place to knit, and I fell asleep in the chair a couple of weeks ago, so I’m pretty sure the chair’s okay.

  29. Ruth

    Bonne Marie’s zipper installation tutorial is great … I used it earlier this fall when I was putting my first zipper into a sweater. (http://www.chicknits.com/ttizipper.shtml). The sweater is lovely, and I’m sure your honey will love it. You can do it! Just don’t eat, sleep, or breathe between now and the 26th. ;)

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