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Mais Oui, Le Béret!
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Mais Oui, Le Béret!

Aran Tweed Beret
Yarn: Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in Jewel colorway
Pattern: Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting II (a gift from Jac!)
Notes: Hard to photograph the true color – this is the closest! The hat could also be a little longer to cover the ears fully. This would have required an extra ball of yarn – I had about 3 inches of yarn left after seaming – really cut it close!

Quick, easy, and fun. It was not knit in the round, so it required a quick seam, but otherwise, very painless. I liked working with this yarn. Then again, I have not yet met a tweed I did not like! I realized later the the particular way I am wearing this hat in the picture looks more like a beanie than a beret. Trust me, it can look like a beret too. I can’t wait to make some of the other lovely things out of this book. Another thank you to Jacqueline for sending it to me all the way from Australia!

This was my first Jo Sharp knit, and I have to say, after looking through her new Eclectic book in All About Yarn (and on the website), I don’t think it will be the last. I am quite fond of that square-neck tank

Kris and I had a long weekend with the snow day on Friday. This gave me some extra time to work on my paper – it is going well, and I am close to finishing. Most of my weekend was spent working on that, and preparing the Vickie Howell interview. Thank you so much for the feedback on that post.

On Sunday night, we went to see our nieces in a Christmas pagent. They were both so cute and animated. We love every minute with them!

K and M with matching snowman dresses!

After the play, we went to visit with my parents for a while – my sister is back from college for Winter Break already. She got out before me!

Imagine my surprise and delight when they both pulled out their knitting! Remember, the knitting lesson at Thanksgiving? Well, both Mom and Sarah are pros now! Mom is already making another scarf to give as a gift, and Sarah is knitting up a variegated garter scarf! I am so proud! *tear*

This means that only my dad and Mimi are left! The family that knits together… ;)

Now that the beret is done, and my head and ears can be warm, my attention has moved squarely to Kris’s zippered cardigan. Thanks for the zipper suggestions! Am I crazy for actually looking forward to that part? (just to try it?) The yarn is working up pretty nicely – it is thick and thin in some parts, which makes the gauge a little wonky, but Kris commented that he really liked it – and that is what matters. The yarn is a great color – a warm golden caramel.

Eight and half inches behind me. I am loving every minute of this.

Stay tuned for answers to Karma’s music meme tag and some overdue Socktoberfest updates in the next entry – until then!

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64 Responses

  1. Moni

    wow! your beret turned out fab! perfect for you :)

  2. Emily

    I am really looking forward to the completion of the zippered cardigan. It looks scrumptious.

  3. megan

    Great beret! I hope it keeps you warm in the snow. The sweater is coming along nicely – I’m sure Kris will appreciate all the love you put into it! Good luck on your paper and have a super week Lolly!

  4. Beak

    You are too cute! Great beret.

    I am so impressed your mom and sis are still going strong with the knitting…great pictures!

  5. anne

    Excellent knits, and good work on converting a couple more knitters. I’m very excited that my brother’s girlfriend has asked me to teach her over the break.

  6. jess

    Great beret. So, now the trick is to get your dad knitting!

  7. Mom

    Darling beret! XXOO

  8. wendy g

    The beret looks great on you! Also enjoyed the interview with Vickie.

  9. HibiscuitsGirl

    Lolly, you are honestly one of the few people I have seen who can wear a beret and not look like an asshole. You are genuinely ADORABLE in it. Darn you, for proving me wrong!

  10. Karen

    Too cute! It should keep your head nice and warm for the rest of the winter. Enjoy!

  11. Jenny

    There you go again lookin’ all sassy in a beret!

    Kris’s cardigan will be so awesome, he’s going to love it. Knitknitknit!

  12. Mia

    oh my GOSH.. those must be the two CUTEST little girls on the planet! What a lucky auntie you are! *grin*

  13. Casey

    Your beret is so great! I love the caramel color you’re using for the cardigan.

  14. Donna

    Hey Lolly…your beret is chez magnifique, even if you did steal my favorite yarn! It looks just adorable on you…and I think your gonna need it! It is cold outside, brrrr. Can’t wait to see you Wednesday ; ) xo D

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