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Warm and Wooly, Soft and Lovely
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Warm and Wooly, Soft and Lovely

Warm Wooly Winter Legwarmers
Yarn: GGH Wool (discontined)
Pattern: 2 x 2 rib
Needles: Size 10.5 / 13 Brittany DPNsSimple and easy – knit in a few hours!

Another knit, born out of necessity. Do not let your shins and ankles get cold! I knit these up for the Cover Your Ankles knitalong, started by Mintyfresh. They were a quick stashbuster project that I finished in a matter of hours. Ribbing on size 10.5 and 13 DPNs was a cinch. I have been wearing them all day too – they are so cozy and warm. The great thing about them? I was not sure I could pull the look off, so I wore them under my cordouroys- only the little top hung out over my shoe, and that looked pretty good!

(Updated to add 12.20.05 8:58 am) : The legwarmers are keeping my shins and ankles warm today at work! Perfect to wear under black pants. I need to make some more…

I finished my big paper on Friday, and turned it in. This final paper closed the book on the craziest semester of my life. I am so glad I made it too! Now I know what is in store for the future. As the New Year rolls in, I am also going to be checking out the job ads. My current job is working as a contract archivist, and since my contract is up in May, I want to have a smooth transition without a long break in between. Since I will have my MLS in August, I will be looking for my first full-time professional job. I hope I am able to find the right place.

In celebration of finishing school, I was able to spend a whole day with my friends on Saturday. Honey Heather and I went to DC to drop off my million library books (the weight of the semester was literally lifted from my shoulders!), we ran into Shayna and got to see the lovely lace scarf she was knitting up at the Reference Desk, and then we headed over to Chinatown for a lunch with dear sweet Jenna!

After a yummy Thai tofu lunch, we were off to Capitol Hill to hit up Stitch DC! This store has a great selection of luxury yarns, like Karabella, Alchemy, Rowan, Blue Sky, and Habu. The store may be small, but it is very easy to get sucked in for hours. All three of us had our eyes on certain hanks, but we all walked out empty-handed, which really felt good! We stroked our share of the soft and lovely yarns, and then we headed back to my house in Maryland.

Jenna was headed northward to the 'Burgh for an early holiday weekend with her family, and her man stopped by to pic her up at my house. We had such a fun day altogether in the city!

Soon after, Heather and I got ready for the Christmas party at Eilene's house. We decided to go as each others' dates this year!

Sunday was peaceful and quiet – Kris and I did a little last-minute shopping, and then we wrapped gifts and watched football. I got a little education in rules and regulations while finishing my legwarmers.

Karma and Andrea tagged me for the music meme, and I just can't turn this down. I love music way too much. However, I had a hard time narrowing it down to single songs, I tend to listen to whole albums – so here are the ones that are in constant rotation in my car:

Socktoberfest 2005 updates! Long and overdue. Sorry about the delay!

  • Siri finished her last pair of Socktoberfest socks as the snow was falling on her house!
  • Debbie's dancing in her new socks – great colors!
  • Stacey shows off a Dublin Bay pattern pair for her sister.
  • Sarah has been knitting up a sock storm: one Socktoberfest pair, and another exchange pair!
  • Faith finished these lovelies up last month – amazing variegations!
  • Susan's pair of socks are so fun and colorful!
  • Karen's stripey socks match perfectly!
  • Bev made the cutest "Black Cat" socks for Halloween!
  • Laura's socks are hot off the needles – check them out!
  • Saun finished a ruby red pair – so pretty!

Please email me or leave a note if you have a pair of Socktoberfest socks done. I still have some Socktoberfest socks on the needles myself, so don't you dare feel guilty about it! ;)

Next up, some Christmas crafting, served up fresh!

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    Cute Christmas trees! And Happy Holidays!

    I’m a big White Stripes fan too!

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