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A Time and a Place for Everything
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A Time and a Place for Everything

Fun Fur and various other eyelash yarns. These little synthetic yarns can elicit strong opinions and emotions from many knitters – I have read many a blog tirade on this very subject. Me? I am of the "ilk" that there is a time and a place for everything; yes, even furry yarns.

Last week, I was browsing my Bloglines list, and was really taken by CraftyModster Anjo’s holiday decorations. She is so talented (scroll down to see her finished Josephine Knitty cardigan!) Her adorable knit trees, decorated with metallic sequins really caught my eye. What a novel idea! Perfect for ornaments, or a holiday centerpiece. I told her she should win the best use of fur yarn award!

With Anjo’s generous assistance, I made my very own trees. I like Anjo’s models better – they are more whimsical and even a little reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, while mine are like furry cone hats. Practice makes perfect, however!

I used Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick, held together with Fun Fur for the tall one, and the smaller one was Lion Brand Homespun held together with the same Fur Fur. I knit the tall tree with size 13 DPNs, and the small one with 10.5 DPNs. The taller one took about 2 hours, and the small one was done after 45 minutes – you could definitely fit this in before Christmas!

**Make sure to check Anjo’s blog – she posted the pattern and shows off some more trees. Also see Maryse’s tree! So cute!

Polyfil (the pillow stuffing from the craft store) fills out the form of the tree, and completes the wintery snow scene above. Another little tree is in the works – and I am planning a few decorations for that one.

I have had experience with furry yarns in the past (my Boa hat - I love it and wear it often; a Trendsetter scarf for my sis; a headband/neckwarmer and even a Cha Cha cardi for my niece) and while it was not always pleasant to work with because of the loose threads everywhere, the final results were cute and fun; especially for kids, and for little accent pieces.

Not all fun fur sucks; it just needs to be used correctly, and in moderation! I am all for more people getting involved in "the craft", even if it takes fun furs to bring them in! So, why all the vitriol? ;)

Knitting is not the only Christmas craft happening at the Lolly haus. Thanks to Myra’s crafty inspiration, and Megan’s gift of origami papers, I have been a paper folding maniac!

Christmas Origami: Holly leaves, Santa, and Poinsetta

The reindeer I made a few weeks ago was fun, but it was done with the wrong kind of paper. Thanks to Megan for sending the right kind! It really made a difference!

I also got some beautiful new Christmas ornaments from my parents; and they are pomegranates! Kris and I did not put up a tree this year. We are planning to get a new one after the holidays; our old one is quite ugly, and has been used and abused by some little cats. So, the lovely ornaments are now serving as a table centerpiece. Thank you mom and dad!

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  1. Agnes

    Very creative use of a yarn so many love to hate! Perhaps this would give it a brand new page in its yarn life … LOL!

  2. Eklectika

    I love the one on the left…so cute! I’m wondering now about making a felted one with wool and fun fur…a la the SnB Monster slippers…hm…

  3. Liz

    Love all the holiday decorations, Lolly! The trees are too cute. :)

  4. Jane

    Oh,those trees are fabulous! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. Catrin

    I wish You and Kris a Merry Christmas. As we say in Sweden : GOD JUL

  6. myra

    Looks like Christmas is in full force at your house! Looooove the trees!! And your Christmas origami looks fantastic!!

    Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!

  7. Eilene

    Darn…I just erased my whole comment. I love the x-mas trees you knit up. They are adorable & so real looking.

    I also love the Origami…especially the flowers. Just beautiful. I used to fold paper when I was little. It’s amazing what you can do with paper!

    BTW…I love your Beret!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  8. eyeleen

    I love the furry trees and the cute little origami folds.

    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  9. keri

    I love the tree! So crafty, and it definitely should win an award for best use of fun fur! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  10. Samantha

    That fuzzy tree is adorable! If I had some fun fur (or the like) in my stash I’d be starting one right.now. The ornaments your parents gave you are lovely. It’s always nice to get something you like to hang on the tree — something unique. :)

    Merry Christmas.

  11. Ruth

    You’re a Crafting Fool!!! Love the trees and the origami.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. blossom

    cute stuff, all of them. have a great holiday season!

  13. Phia

    Ah! You’re giving me so many reasons to start knitting EARLY next year. The hat you asked about is from Knitty – I’m going to put up the pattern as soon as I’m not at work (they’ve caught on to my blogging- whoops).

  14. Carolyn

    Great trees! So cute. Love the leg warmers…I’m reading…but little time to comment!
    Happy Holidays!

  15. megan

    Happy holidays to you Lolly! I hope you have a wonderful break from school, in the company of family, friends, and yarn!

  16. Michelle

    Love those trees! I think I may try and make a quick one today. (My son is reading with me today and he got very excited about your trees: ‘aren’t they soooo cute, Mom?’…hehe). Love your new ornaments too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. Karyn & Noey

    We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

  18. elisa

    Tee-hee – I love the fun fur trees – so cute. :) A few days ago Mike’s aunt has asked me to make her a fun fur scarf, and another aunt overheard and said “me, too”, so it looks like I’ll be reacquainting myself with fun fur soon enough.

    I hope you and Kris have a wonderful Christmas, Lolly! xoxo.

  19. Cathy

    Lolly, I’d like to wish you and your family a VERY happy Christmas filled, with love and laughter! Cathy

  20. heather

    Those turned out terrific! I love them! too cute!

  21. Alice

    I know this is an old post, but I saw your trees pop up on Ravelry and I couldn’t resist coming over :) The trees are so cute, I think I am inspired…

    It’s totally acceptable to take a break from gift knitting for something this cute right? ;)

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