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All Things Knitterly
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All Things Knitterly

My first post today showed the intangible gifts…
Second post today: all about the tangibles!

Lolly got lucky this year with some really great gifts!

Here are the *knitty* gifts I got from my family. (I also got some great non-knitty things – next entry!) I have been dropping some serious hints to Mr. Kris about AlterKnits. So glad he listened! From mom and dad, I got the Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar (so many patterns!), the Cool Girls Guide to Knitting (does this mean I am officially "cool" now that I have the book?), five balls of the fun Gedifra Chapello (perfect for a shawl or capelet – love the colors), and the coolest antique knitting needles! My mom found them at an antique shop – they are solid wood, and really beautiful. They are very large – one pair is approximately a size US 50, and the others are US 19s. Perfect for afghans and chunky scarves. I almost want to just use them as decoration because they are so pretty!

My in-laws put a fun package together for me with some very useful notions (stitch holders, cable needles) and then got some pink/brown cotton for me. This is perfect for another market bag like the one I made last summer. Plus, pink and brown are one of my favorite color combos.

With the explosion of knitting books published in the past few years, there were bound to be a few I missed – so glad mom found this one for me! It is a British publication, the writing style is geared toward teenagers/twentysomethings, but this book has some great things for all ages. It has some great how-to photographs in the introduction, and several beginner patterns, as well as a few intermediate ones.

I am quite fond of this Rosebud tank. Capped sleeves with a simple crochet edging and then the simple ribbon embroidered roses around the neckline – perfect little touches. The other simple yet unique pattern is the seed stich pouch, with a grosgain ribbon strap, and an assortment of buttons sewed to the front. The little accessory additions really appeal to me!

In the same vein, the Alterknits book, given to me by Kris, has these simple little additions to plain and classic styles.
This book has gotten some face time on several blogs, and it is well-deserved. It is another beautiful photograph book, and it offers some innovative designs. The knit screen door probably takes the first prize, but I am also quite fond of the corset-laced tank, the various home knits (the cushions, the paper lanterns!).

Simple knits with a little something special: in this case, the simple raglan (reminiscent of Hourglass sweater, with the velvet neckline and cuffs – and keyhole closure in the back) and the simple wool wristwarmers detailed with a delicate satin ribbon. Beautiful!

Kris and I are driving down to Alabama tomorrow morning (early!) to visit my grandfather, aunt, uncle and cousins. We have a long drive (about 13 hours) which will give me plenty of knitting time! We will be back right after New Years – I hope to continue blogging while we are away – dial-up style! I will miss reading your blogs, but I promise to catch up when I get back.

Right under the deadline for Carola’s contest: here are two crazy wacky Christmas decorations I saw this Christmas!

Santa on a motorcycle, and a very festive taxidermy!

You still have a little time to get yours in to her too – by New Year’s Eve!

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46 Responses

  1. Amy

    Lovely gifts Lolly, and well deserved as well.


  2. Carole

    Nice knitting haul! Have a safe trip tomorrow!

  3. katie

    Hooray for knitting gifts! Those needles are huge–I’m curious to see what something knit on size 50′s looks like. Enjoy the rest of your vacation travels!

  4. Stephanie

    What great gifts. Have a wonderful trip and a safe drive. Those Christmas decorations are amazing. Who comes up with this stuff?

  5. Karen

    You were spoiled! What great gifts. Those needles are so cool. I have to ask, a knitted screen door, what is it knit with?
    Have a safe fun trip!

  6. carola

    Great gifts! This is going to be another ‘knitty’ year it seems.
    What a hilarious found you made. I had to laugh, really hard! And you will see, why! hehe..

  7. christine

    Looks like Lolly was really lucky this year!!!! I too love the rosebud tank……….very girlie!!! Happy New Year, and have a safe drive..

  8. Zarah

    Wow! You made quite the haul of knitting stuff from your family! I don’t think mine quite “get it” yet. You will have lots of fun planning new projects and knitting up your new yarn. I especially love the mondo knitting needles — definitely good knitting decorations.

  9. Melissa

    Looks like you had a nice Christmas Lolly!

  10. Paula

    Neat knitting-related presents. Have a good trip. Some of us in Alabama are lucky to have dial up. (hoping for DSL next year) Oh well, it just gives me time to knit while Typepad loads my blogging interface.

  11. WitKnit

    You must feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! Who could have asked for anything better!

  12. Jennifer

    What lovely gifts! The needles are beautiful!

  13. Jenna

    Ooh, nice haul there, that alterknits book is particulary great. I’m sure that you’ll be digging into one of those pojects soon.

    Have a safe, fun and relaxing trip! I hope that you get to warm up and get lots of knitting done. I’ll miss you, so come back soon, too!

  14. Stacy

    I’m glad you and hubby had a nice Christmas. You got some great knitting gifts! I ended up with 2 yarn shop gc’s and a BN gc that I used on a knitting book, of course!


  15. eyeleen

    Lovely Knitty gifts! you’ve got a great family!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  16. keri

    What wonderful presents, both the tangible and in the intangible (below)! Happy holidays to you are your family!

  17. Stephanie

    Wow! I love those needles! I don’t know if anyone in my family would have even thought to do that if they saw something like that!So cool! All your stuff is cool, guess you will be busy this new year – knitting! I hope you have a safe and fun trip to visit your family! Happy New Year!

  18. Angela

    What great gifts! I totally want Alterknits. That’s next on my “coinstar” shopping spree if I can wait that long.

  19. Kimberly

    Looks like you made up really well! Your family is super.
    Frohes neues Jahr!!

  20. Barb

    Lots of great looking patterns there. They should keep you busy for a little while ;)

  21. Annette

    My Mom and Dad dress up the deer heads in their house every year. They both get ribbons and bells!

  22. heather

    wonderful gifties…and I love our “knitty years resolutions!”

    flea markets, thrift stores…look out h and lolly are on the prowl!

    x/o have a great trip..you will be missed!

  23. Rise

    Looks like a great bunch of gifts. Wave when you come through Huntsville.

  24. Amy

    Good presents! I picked up Alterknits a few weeks ago with an early Christmas gift card. I like it too.

  25. dianne

    love all the knitting gifts!!! what a find those needles are! aren’t moms great?:)! and kris with the alterknits, how lucky he picked up on the hint. hope it’s warm in the south. enjoy!

  26. Chrissie

    Those needles are ginormous! Looks like you got some lovely books. Happy holidays!

  27. karen

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Lolly. You got some great knitting related gits too! Fun! Enjoy your trip! :)

  28. Rebekah

    Festive Taxidermy, now that is perfect. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, what lovely gifts.

  29. chris

    Of course the intangibles are priceless, but the tangibles in life sure are nice, too! ;-) So glad that Santa was so good to you- you certainly deserve it! That Gedifra is really pretty and I love those antique needles…what a find! Mr. Kris is such a keeper for getting you Alterknits. I hope Santa and the birthday elf brought him lots of aquarium books, too. ;-) I’ve never seen that Cool Girl’s Guide before, but that rosebud tank is so pretty and I could totally see you in that. I’m sorry I “missed” you before you left for Alabama…have a safe and wonderful trip and enjoy your holiday with your family!! I’ll “see” you in a few weeks- take care, Lolly! :-) Love, C.

  30. Tam

    Great knitting gifts! I also received the Knitting Pattern a-Day calendar and can’t decide on my favorite pattern–so many great things to add to the ol’ knitting list. Which is your favorite?

  31. Marie

    What great gifts! I Love the crazy Christmas decorations!

  32. mia

    I have made two pairs of the lace up gloves and I am on mythird pair. I am in theprocess of modifying the pattern for a shorter version using some Louisa Harding angora. LEt me know if you want the variation.

  33. moni

    oooh! lots of knitty gifts! I will have to see if the library carries those books. they look good!

    Have a safe trip to Alabama!

  34. Gracie

    Lots of lovely knitterly things! Those needles are beautiful! I definately would keep them out! Have fun down here in Alabama!

  35. Estee

    Hi Lolly
    You’ve been really lucky and got some wonderful gifts. I love the sound of your patern a day calendar.

    Have a great trip and a Happy New year.

  36. catherine

    hey there lolly! have fun in visiting in alabama! you deserve the break…..love all of the goodies! that sweater reminded me of the hourglass too! love the button bag too! have a safe trip and can’t wait to see ya back..

  37. Sheryl

    Love all your Christmas goodies. I love AlterKnits also. I bought it for myself and especially like the thought provoking questions such as a perfect knitting day, or who would I invite to a knitting party. I need to find the Cool Girls book, it sounds right up my alley. Pink and brown are 2 of my favs also – thanks for your comment about my shrug and dad. Glad you had a safe trip; happy new year to you and Kris.

  38. carrie m

    i can’t wait to see what you whip up with all of this! i’m still hoping someone gets me alterknits — i have a few presents that haven’t arrived. the antique needles are really wonderful.

    and just saw your family photos. so beautiful!

  39. Amanda

    I really like the bag with all the buttons on it, good idea…


  40. Erin

    Wow! Looks like your family was really paying attention when they got your knitterly presents! Glad to hear your holiday was well spent!

  41. Kim

    Hi Lauren!

    I got Alterknits as well! Isn’t it a great book? I love that scarf that laces together with the shawl…very pretty!

    Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season. Happy New Year!!


  42. catrin

    Santa came with lots of knitting stuff. You have been a good girl this year.. Santa came with som knitting stuff to me too.. Have a really Happy New Year! See you in 2006!

  43. teri

    if you want another copy of that cool girl knits (or any of your readers want a copy), they sell it at AC Moore for $5 (well they do at the parsippany, NJ store atleast)

    Happy Hols,

  44. Becky

    Enjoy the visit with your family!

  45. megan

    You got some great gifts! Plenty to keep you busy in 2006, for sure! I hope you and Kris are having a lovely time in Alabama. Happy New Year to you both!

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