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Christmas 2005
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Christmas 2005

We had a beautiful Christmas celebration with our families this year. We celebrated with Kris’s family on the 23rd, mine on the 24th, and then we traveled to Pennsylvania to see Kris’s grandmothers, aunts, and uncles, and lots of cousins.

This year has brought many changes for both of our families, and those changes were reflected on this year as we celebrated these special holidays. Kris lost both of his grandfathers within a few weeks of each other last May. We remembered them fondly, and talked about the memories of them over the Christmas dinner table. In my family, we have had additions: when Mimi got married to Daniel in June, I got a brother!

My family has always been very close, so it was hard to celebrate without Mimi this year. I am so grateful that Kris and I were able to visit her in October though. My parents are visiting her next month, and I know a family visit will mean so much to her.

Daniel was deployed on Christmas night, and he will not be back for six months; hopefully in time to be with Mimi for their one-year anniversary. Please send a thought to my sister and brother-in-law, and all of the families in the service who have to spend such long periods apart.

I am so grateful for my family: I have loving parents on both sides who are supportive of our decisions; I have two lovely sisters who I can also call my closest friends, and three brothers (in-law) that are so fun and sweet (even though they are all big jokesters!); two beautiful nieces who bring me so much joy; and the most wonderful partner who I am so happy to share my life with.

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19 Responses

  1. Mia

    You are truly blessed…

    Gotta love it :-)

  2. Cara

    Thank you for sharing your family! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday! L, C

  3. Mimi

    Love the pictures. I am glad you all had a blessed Christmas time.

    Love You

  4. Annette

    What a nice family. And January sounds like a great time to visit Hawaii. Your b-i-l is in my thoughts. Here’s to a safe return for his anniversary.

  5. heather

    Please tell Mimi I’m sending her hugs…

    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

    :) x/o

  6. Amy

    You do have a beautiful family. Hugs to Mimi.


  7. LeAnne

    Wow, how hard for Mimi and Daniel to have him gone for six months. They are in my thoughts.

  8. Jennifer

    What a wonderful family! Glad you had a beautiful Christmas.

  9. Karma

    What a happy, loving post. The holidays are a great time to count our blessings, no matter how cliche that sounds, and it seems to me that you and Kris are truly blessed. Happy Christmas!

  10. elisa

    Love to you and yours, dearie. I feel blessed to know you, as well.


  11. Karyn

    What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  12. Jenna

    I see that the K-man is now your partner, you progressive gal, you :) I’m glad that you had a nice holiday and have a really lovely family, it is a gift. Speaking of gifts, show us your loot :)

  13. chris

    You have such a beautiful and loving family, Lolly! It’s easy to see why you’re the wonderful person you are. So glad to hear you had such a lovely Christmas! It’s so hard to deal with loss during the holidays, but I’m glad you were all able to remember the good times with Kris’s grandfathers with a nostalgic smile. My heart goes out to Mimi and my thoughts and prayers are with her for Daniel’s safe and speedy return. That would be the best anniversary gift of all. :-) Thank you for sharing your wonderful family…take care! :-) Love, C.

  14. Claudia

    Have a wonderful New Year and I hope your brother-in-law returns home safely! Keep blogging – you make my lunch hours at work very enjoyable!! C.

  15. Cathi

    What a beautiful post- thank you for sharing your loving family with us, Lolly. I hope that Mimi knows that we all will be thinking of her and Daniel while he is away. I am so thankful for all of the brave men and women who are serving our country, and the brave ones that are back at home, keeping things going and sending out the all-important waves of love.

  16. Mom

    Lovely post! Christmas was good even though Mimi and Daniel weren’t there. Knowing they were together for Christmas and safe was a comfort. There are many young men and women who are sacrificing safety and comfort so we can share and enjoy it! God Bless Them! Love you, Lol. XXOO

  17. dianne

    wow, what a beautiful post. thanks for sharing your’s and kris’s wonderful families with us. Mimi & Daniel are certainly in my thoughts. Your niece is a cutie just like her aunt!!

  18. Wanda

    You are truly blessed and have great family. Enjoy it all. Glad the Christmas booty was knitty-related! Kris did a great job!

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