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Self Portrait Tuesday : Smorgasbord

I joined Self Portrait Tuesday because I thought it was an amazingly innovative project. I loved the concept behind it, and the aspect of personal exploration. Unfortunately, I have not been the best SPT participant, as I only post a [...]

Best Foot Forward

Koigu Indigo Short-Cuff SocksYarn: Koigu KPPPM colorway P820Needles: Susan Bates size 2 aluminum Pattern: Heel and toe based on FiberTrends Hellen’s Favorite SocksNotes: Now I see why some knitters swear by Koigu… Finished these in 10 days- they were hard [...]

Tourist Trap

Project Spectrum was born out of one of my New Year’s Resolutions… …To be more conscious of my surroundings – to take the time to "smell the roses" – and to notice the small things… Not only is this a [...]

Creating Colors: Project Spectrum

Something so unique that there is not anything exactly like it in the world… not even one. Creating with your own hands – using your precious time to make something beautiful, something thought-provoking, or something simply spontaneous… Creating memories. Creating [...]

Weekend (Knitting) Warrior

It’s a double pointed needle project parade… It just so happened that all of the knits I am currently working with are on these little needles – the second Koigu Indigo sock, my first Hourglass sleeve, and the second Dublin [...]