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Noro Chunky Cowl
Yarn: Noro Transitions #8
Pattern: My own – knit in the round in stockinette stitch
Needles: Addi Natura size 13
Notes: Oh so versatile! Wear it stockinette side out or reverse stockinette – both show off the color transitions beautifully.

Simple, quick, and instantly wearable on blustery days such as this… I needed a quickie project to get the creativity flowing, and in less than 2 hours, this cowl was finished. It is one large loop – I cast on 80 some stitches, and knit in the round until the yarn was finished. It easily loops around neck twice; but it can also serve as an earwarmer, or a long circular scarf – like a moebius, but without the twist in the middle (*sorry for the earlier confusion – there is no twist here*)

The Noro yarn was from Cheryl, who was my Secret Pal 4 last spring/summer. Transitions was wonderful to work with – the yarn is filled with amazing fibers like cashmere, silk, and angora, and transitions so beautifully into the next color. I will wear this one all of the time. (Thank you Cheryl!)

My long weekend included a good amount of knitting, but also helping Heather make her own major transition. She and her sweet daughter, Pixie girl, moved into a fancy new apartment this weekend! Heather posted pictures of her new place on today’s blog entry – be sure to check it out – beautiful! After some unpacking and organizing, Heather and I had our first knit-together in her new place – she worked dutifully on her beautiful Silky Wool Cowl sweater, and I worked on this little thing… and then I finished it a few hours later… one more to go.

Of course, the way to beat the second sock syndrome is to cast on for sock 2 right away… so I did just that this morning.

These socks are so vibrant, and so much fun to knit! They are short-cuff socks, coming about one inch above my ankle. I was worried about the Koigu KPPPM yardage, so I played it safe; however, I have quite a bit leftover, probably enough for another one or two inches on the cuff. Just a note for the future… for now, I am loving the shorty socks.

Craftpiration is still running high here at Lollygirl.com. I ordered and received three books this weekend that are helping that along…

Abode a la Mode by Jeanee Ledoux
Get Crafy: Hip Home Ec by Jean Railla
Super Crafty by Susan Beal and the PDXSuperCrafters

I have not had the time to delve into the books yet, but when I do, a good review will follow. At first glance, I am lovin’ the Get Crafty book – some great ideas, and with chapter headings like this, I knew it was right up my alley:

Another trip to the local bargain book store yielded some great vintage postcards: all 1950s style adverts from magazines and newspapers. Very fun!


PS- Karen pointed out that the Spring 06 Interweave Knits preview is up – many pretties over there!

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70 Responses

  1. Julie

    Great scarf though it would make me claustrophobic – I don’t like stuff around my neck! Hope the new semester is going well for you!

  2. Katarina

    Love that noro-scarf-thing!

    And as an answer to your question, yep, I’ve worked as an archivist too! Catrin and I got to know each other when we worked in the same place! But I was “only” assistant archivist then. After that I worked as an archivist for 5 whole months (!) at one of Sweden’s (and Finland’s) largest power and heat companies. That wasn’t fun. I’ve given up my career as an archivist now and I’m currently working at a research foundation.

  3. Ragan

    Love those socks!

  4. beth

    I love that Noro neck warmer! Thanks for the pattern! Now I know what to do with the Noro I just got. Great socks too. I have been thinking about getting those books too. Have you seen the Ready Made book yet? Another keeper!

  5. Vicki

    Such gorgeous soft colors to have around your face. I love it when a plan comes together! Your blue socks are fab by the way and your mom is too cute – love the phone call transcript.

  6. catherine

    great idea for the transitions! i have some lampes lumps that i am making a cowl with! love the koigu socks, the color is very vibrant! i need that book, thrift shopping is so much fun!

  7. Annarella

    Fantastic cowl, absolutely great, I love it! Copy-cat: must knit myself one ;)

  8. Karen

    Now doesn’t that look cozy and warm! Great sock too… that colorway of Koigu is so vibrant! I think I have to go see if I can find that color somewhere.

  9. Zardra

    I just love the color of those socks. :)

  10. Cheryl

    very sexy photo by the way….

  11. Stacy

    Your Noro cowl looks so warm and soft. The colors are really pretty! Transitions feels so nice, and now I know of something I could do with it that I would really use.

  12. eyeleen

    Love the cowl! Brilliant color on the socks.

  13. Ande

    Lollers, look at you go! I -love- that cowl!

  14. megan

    LollY — Love the cowl. It looks so cozy! I also LOVE the photo of your blue socks on the red background. It’s really such a great photo.
    Let me know how you find the super crafty book — I’ve been eyeing that one!

  15. megan

    Lolly, what a lovely cowl! And that’s a great picture of you too! I’m also knitting a cozy cowl, which I’m hoping I’ll need soon – it’s almost 60 degrees here!

    And I definitely want to make those socks – did you use one skein of Koigu or two?

    Can’t wait to hear more about your crafty books – I’ve had my eye on those for a while.

  16. carola

    Oh, Transitions! Beautiful yarn, BEAUTIFUL cowl! I used transitions two times to knit the same hat, which by now I have also lost two times. More luck for you on that one! Have fun with your great selection of books! And last but not least, the Koigu sock’s colour looks brilliant and so rich. Easy to see why this is a fun knit!

  17. Kristin

    Very cute cowl! : )

    Glad that you stopped by via Librarians Who Knit! I love that ring … it cracks me up how many of us there are out there. And I am extra glad that you have awesome music taste!

  18. cheryl

    Lauren, that cowl is just gorgeous! You did wonderful justice to the yarn, it has been such a pleasure watching its journey from store to neck :)

  19. Jeanee

    Hi there! I’m the author of “Abode a la Mode,” and I just wanted to say thanks for buying my book, and I hope you’ll recommend it to others. I wrote it for crafty peeps who are having trouble finding “hip” books that feature inexpensive, easy projects. Love your knits. I know how to garter stitch only, but I’ll master more one day! Stay crafty.

  20. jess

    as usual, i’m behind the ballgame on comments but i adore the cowl. it’s always nice to see a one-skein pattern that suits a particularly unique yarn so well.

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