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Creating Colors: Project Spectrum
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Creating Colors: Project Spectrum

Something so unique that there is not anything exactly like it in the world… not even one. Creating with your own hands – using your precious time to make something beautiful, something thought-provoking, or something simply spontaneous…

Creating memories. Creating stitches. Creating something that only existed on paper and the designer's mind before it came into your capable hands. Creating something completely new and beautiful from an item that someone else discarded and considered useless.

What can be more rewarding than that?

These thoughts have been central in my mind in recent weeks – I have been completely inspired by the beautiful handmade items and the creativity I see all around me, on the internet and in my daily life.

In response to this creative explosion in my head, I started to think of the creative possibilities that we have on this medium of the internet – we can share and inspire each other with the click of a button… with a simple photograph or a well-placed encouragement, or even with a color of yarn, or a swatch of fabric. Think of the possibilities!

Colors inspire me. Colors elicit deep emotions and memories. Colors symbolize life events and the changing of the seasons. We surround ourselves with color – in our homes, in our gardens, and even on our dinner plate.

The idea of Project Spectrum is simply a celebration of the colors around us, and taking the time to notice them. Each month over a six month span will be devoted to a color group – participants can knit, dye, crochet, weave, spin, stitch, paint, scrapbook, sew, quilt, cook, grow, photograph, bake, or bead items in that color group (of course all arts and crafts not mentioned here also count!).

It is really about expressing yourself creatively – making something beautiful, and creating something unique with your hands. It is also about thinking outside of the box – perhaps taking up a new hobby, or a long neglected one, or finally dabbling in design.

I had planned to begin this project in February (red for February would have been perfect…), but in order to properly respect the legions of Knitting Olympians, I have decided to begin Project Spectrum in the month of March. This will give participants plenty of time to gather supplies, plan projects, get some inspiration, and rummage around at the flea market for that perfect find in need of refashioning and refurbishing!

Here's the plan:

MarchRed and Pink
Orange and Yellow
Violet / Purple
AugustNeutrals / Black & White

…and perhaps the most important part: this is a no-pressure project. The months are each assigned a color group, but you do not have to work on a project in that color group every month. If you have a project already going, please do not feel that you have to set it aside only to participate. You can work on more than one project (of different colors) at a time – that is what I will be doing!

The color of the month is merely a suggestion – you can choose to make one thing out of that color the whole month – or twenty things – or nothing at all. Don't have any desire to make anything yellow? You don't have to! Go ahead and plan for the green month. Or you can simply make a photo essay – you carry around your camera with you and post pictures of the color objects you see throughout your daily travels.

If you are interested in participating, I encourage you to think ahead and plan your projects – I am doing the same! Some plans of my own: stashbusting my yarns, painting my bathroom, taking up crochet and sewing, more paper arts, and refashioning and recycling thrift store finds.

Projects can be big or small – whether you plan to tile your kitchen or photograph a blooming tree in your backyard – it is not a race, it is just about sharing your creative work to inspire others.

I will begin signups for the project now – a full five weeks early – so please fill out the signup form if you are interested. Of course, one can sign up any time between now and August to be a part of this Project.

You do not have to have a blog to participate. You simply have to have a passion for creating and expressing yourself through your work, and encouraging others to do the same. This is a create-along! It can easily work with your other crafty obligations – whether they are knit-alongs or crochet-alongs, planned gifts, etc.

Project Spectrum is about expression and creating beauty with all of the colors of the rainbow – and there are millions of ways to do that! Let's discover them together!

Unfortunately, I am not able to email every new participant with a confirmation email – if your name shows up on the list, you are in the group.


Project Spectrum Buttons for your website / blog

List of Project Spectrum participants

412 Responses

  1. Melanie

    Hi! I just signed up for my first swap and really excited about it. Thanks for the beautiful idea.

  2. Françoise

    Hi! I’ve joined today.
    No time to start a new project this month. So I’ve posted two pictures in April colours on my blog.

  3. Mary

    Anyone who is knitting a scarf for their PINK month and would like to donate it to a good cause can go here: http://marysvirginwool.blogspot.com/2006/04/think-pink.html

    or here: http://pinkchallenge.blogspot.com/ to find out more.

    Thanks! :-)

  4. misere

    i made myself a lunch with orangy brown and yellow ingredients this afternoon…just before i found out that the colors for this month are just that.

    i’m taking that as a sign…i’m in!

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  6. lella

    I’ve been following along, but is it too late to join?

  7. Jenn

    I’m in! What a great idea!

  8. Carmen

    I’m also in! A great idea. I have a green project started!

  9. Nikki

    Finally started my green project, charting progress on my blog.

  10. Vims

    Just joined and am going to start my may “green” project!!! will be posting progess on my blog

  11. Meredith

    I’ve just knit two green hats for the Dullan project. I must be a part of project spectrum without even realizing it! Count me in!

  12. Darlene

    I have GOT to knit a scarf to go with a minty green hat I already have made so I have a project. I love colour so count me in please!

  13. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Common Obsession

    [...] These are the #107 and #108 colorways.  The prominent color in the #108 is blue, perfect for June’s Project Spectrum! Trekking is my favorite sock yarn – I love the variegations, and the element of surprise in the striping.  It is nearly impossible to match the stripes in this yarn, but that is really the beauty of it, in my opinion. [...]

  14. halaisa

    Is it to late to join the project? If not so i vould really like to join.

  15. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Full Disclosure

    [...] The guidelines will fit in nicely with my remaining Project Spectrum crafts: I have some great things in mind for June, July, and August.  Just to give you (and me) a picture of how much yarn this actually is, I did a little math.  I was inspired by Angela, who has been keeping a running monthly tally on her blog of the yardage used, and number of skeins “busted”.  So my official numbers (although approximated for the missing tags, leftover skeins, etc). [...]

  16. gibknits » May is for green!

    [...] Speaking of beautiful, I received the cutest cards and a wonderful bookmark from Andrea, my Project Spectrum postcard swapper for May. Thank you, Andrea–the cards made me laugh, and the bookmark is being put to good use! No sweat about the pastel envelope—heehee!   [...]

  17. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Wide Blue Yonder

    [...] I know that some of you have been eagerly awaiting this BLUE month of June!  Honestly, I look forward to each new color month, and I am having such a wonderful time with Project Spectrum!  I hope that it is bringing you joy as well! [...]

  18. Sherrie E.

    Blue is my favorite color! Glad I found Project Spectrum in June. I won’t be “blue” while crocheting with blue yarn. :)

  19. esteemarlu

    What a great idea. This will help me get back in gear.

  20. debi

    i know i’m late but i’d love to play – count me in!

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    [...] I have loved every single month of Project Spectrum; as if when the clock chimes 12:00am on the first day of the month, I become the #1 fan and proponent of “said” color.  I notice the color everywhere - I try to work it into my wardrobe (that was a little difficult in April, but I managed it a few times)… and I do my best to work the color into my crafting.  However, this month – this month of BLUE - is just singing to my soul!  I am living blue this month!  I am wearing the colors everyday, and I can’t stop staring at the gorgeous blue skies, and I am working (and planning) all sorts of beautiful blue projects!  [...]

  22. Jocelyne

    I’am in the blue, and …oups ! the purple is already done … The green one (for my father) has been done too.
    I’ll maybe make another tank in dark purple, and then a white summer cardi …

  23. Sherrie E.

    I just completed my project for the month of June. You can see a photo of it on my blog.

    It was a fun project and a great color choice!

  24. Sandra

    Hi…Project Spectrum sounds fun; would you, please, consider writing about it for the new on-line e-magazine Fiber Femmes? We’re found at http://www.fiberfemmes.com and celebrate, promote, publicize women in the fiber industry/arts.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm

  25. Ismoyo

    I’m so loving this still! I’m already thinking “What to do after August???”
    I will go through Project Spectrum Color Withdrawal…

  26. Stephanie

    Will this continue beyound August it sounds interesting and am sorry I just fount out about it

  27. rebecca

    aww…looks I joined as it is coming to an end? Maybe I can do the months retroactively?

  28. Fifty Decembers

    I absolutely want to participate… hopefully it is ongoing?

  29. Stephanie

    are you planning on continuing this after August, I would love to take it o n then

  30. Sherrie E.

    For the month of July, I crocheted an octagon shaped, purple doily. There’s a photo of it on my CrochetPieces blog. It was fun!! Thanks for the color purple!!

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    [...] 01.06 : A trip down south and a colorful idea was born [...]

  32. Christina

    Wow, this is such a great idea! I’ve shown up to the party a little late, but I’d love to do this if it gets a second round.

  33. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Knee Highs No More

    [...] I could rip back and work the knit math and all of that, but they are still pretty, and I will undoubtedly wear them this way.  The good news is that I can start the heel now, without working through 42 more chart lines… and this means I may actually finish a pair of socks this month, for the second round of the Sock-A-Month Club and for this last month of Project Spectrum. [...]

  34. jodi

    I forget where we were supposed to leave our feedback about project spectrum, so I’m going to leave it here and hope you find it! I would love to see the spectrum roll over and start again, especially since I came in halfway. I’ve often felt like I didn’t have the time to participate, but it did get me thinking about colour themes and I did have a major knitting project in the appropriate colour going on every month (even now, in August, although it’s secret-for-publication work I can’t show) and it’s been really fun. I’d like to see some time set aside for indigo though, it’s a beautiful colour that doesn’t get its fair share of attention, and different enough from blue in my opinion. Although having the purple month be indigo/violet month instead would suit me fine. Having a month set aside at the end to finish up lagging projects from the previous months is a good idea too. What about a raw materials swap, organized a month or two in advance, sort of like what backtack does, put together a small care package of yarn, fabric, dye, trims, whatever in a colour scheme and have it so that it will get to your swap partner at the beginning of the month for that colour? Might be a fun way to kickstart the creative thinking around that colour.

  35. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Honeymoon’s Over

    [...] And as Project Spectrum comes to a close (can you even believe that six months went SO fast?), I just want to thank all of you who participated in this project, and shared your energy and creativity.  The Project Spectrum Flickr group is a constant source of inspiration for me – please check it out if you want to see the work of other participants, or if you would like to include your project photos for any month.  September will be a Project Spectrum Clean Sweep month – pull out any of those lingering projects you have from color months past and get cracking, my friends! I will be working diligently on some of my previous projects, in particular my Sesame, and my Pomegranate Hoodie… September will be a virtual Craft Parade of Color! What are you planning to finish? [...]

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    [...] I now have the pattern and I can’t wait to knit it. One of the yarn stores near me is selling everything at 50% off, so I have the yarn and am ready to knit! I’ve decided on white merino. Everything is white right now because I’ve realized that I have nothing to wear if I knit everything in different colors. Hey, I guess I’m subconsciously knitting in project spectrum once again this month. [...]

  37. Kate

    I really hope that this runs again next year! Such a fabulous idea, with so much room to accommodate everyone’s enthusiasms – I am devasated to have missed this year’s Project Spectrum!!!

  38. I Heart Knitting » Blog Archive » Labor Day Weekend

    [...] Since Project Spectrum is over, and Lolly has deemed September Clean Sweep month, I decided to finish up some projects that I still had on the needles.  Though I’m not “finished” with my ribby cardi, I’m done with most of the knitting.  Here is the sleeve, in its very LONG glory. [...]

  39. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Scarf of a Different Color

    [...] I started this scarf last month, in the neutrals month of Project Spectrum.  I never got around to finishing it until last night – when I finally got the chance to catch up on my TV (Project Runway! oo la la!)  It was a quick and fun knit, especially on size 13 needles.  It is quite long, but I like that, more to wrap around on those cold winter days! [...]

  40. yvonne

    Am I too late?? I’m a late bloomer to blogging et al, but just wanted to let you know I finished an “August” spectrum….a black and white sweater I’m so proud of! I just love this idea of yours! But help! My husband’s allergic to wool! A friend gave me stashes of beautuful stuff but as soon as I start rolling a ball out of one of her hanks, there he goes sneezing and wiping his eyes! Any suggestions! All the stashes are pure wool, feels like rug yarn too!

  41. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Project Spectrum Percolation

    [...] When Project Spectrum ended last August, I received lots of feedback about what to do (and when to do) the second round. I knew that I needed some time off to focus on my last semester of school, and to prepare for the other blog-related extravaganza of Socktoberfest Luckily, things went smoothly, and now here we are looking onto a whole new year, and the prospects of more crafty colorful creations! [...]

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    [...] 22. Most Popular Meme: Project Spectrum, and yes, this one almost killed us too. But your entries were really interesting… [...]

  43. Amy Artisan » Volume II

    [...] Lolly’s Project Spectrum has had me looking at colors in a new way – in my knitting, in nature and all around. I look forward to what Project Spectrum 2.0 will hold in 2007. [...]

  44. Poppyseeds

    Been searching for days for something …. exactly …. like Project Spectrum. I hope that we can get this moving for 2007 as it would really feed my passions! Im not a knitter, but I am a shadow puppetter, matchbox shrine maker, stitcher and illustrator – and just launched my blog on the 1st Jan.

  45. Lolly Knitting Around » Blog Archive » Project Spectrum 2.0: The Official Word

    [...] The general inspiration is the same as the first incarnation of Project Spectrum.  Creative expressions of all kinds are welcomed and highly encouraged.  Bust out of your crafty routine and challenge yourself to see colors in a different way! If this means dipping into a new craft, or simply seeing your own craft through a different lens, Project Spectrum is all the impetus you need! [...]

  46. Lore

    Hallo Lolly,
    count me in, please! I hope it is not too late.
    Tolle Idee, viele Grüße aus Deutschland!!

    liebe Grüße

  47. Kerstin

    Ich bin zum ersten Mal dabei. Freue mich schon:-)

  48. Cookie

    Just starting my blog!

    Nothing there yet, but if I can pull my husband away from The Burning Crusade, there will be this weekend!

  49. Nancy

    an great project to meet new knittingpeople around the world.

  50. stash flash « moraie knitting

    [...] My new toy got here yesterday and I spent the bulk of the day setting it up. The toy is currently displaying the knitting instructions for my 2.0 Project Spectrum 2.0 February March project. These are RPMs in Socks That Rock, Crazy Ice Agate from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I actually began it Wednesday night. [...]

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