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Early Bird Special
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Early Bird Special

Surrounded by legend and fabled in small circles… it is the famous Springwater Fiber Workshop’s Super Bowl Sunday Sale. The prices cannot be beat – each progressive hour, the percentage increases. My dear friend, Jenna, invited me to this event… touting it as THE place to be on Super Bowl Sunday. So, naturally, I had to check it out…

I flew south for the day, down to Alexandria, Virginia.

We waited outside as the members only sale commenced – we were first in line for the regular sale, however. Early birds get the worms.

It was a dilemma – do you get there earlier for the better selection? or wait until later for the deeper discount? Jenna and I decided selection won out – and 40% off is not so shabby.

Sock yarns – Regia Jacquard and Spinnerin Sport

Some blue odds and ends: an unlabeled hank for 30 cents (wool blend), and 2 balls of Classic Elite Star

Novelty yarns (clockwise): Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon, GGH Safari, Karabella Tropicana, and Filatura di Crosa Sesamo

…and the only thing I actually had in mind to buy: some yarn for a baby sweater.

Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Limelight and Jazz

My friend is almost certain that it is a boy – although she has chosen not to find out until she gives birth. So, I went with the lime light green, and a possible blue accent color. Now, I just need to decide on the baby sweater.

Child’s sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and the Baby Cardigan from Weekend Knitting

I like both, but I am leaning more towards the cardigan – I think it seems a little more functional (do not have to put it over the baby’s head, can be unbuttoned), and I like the side-to-side garter stitch construction. I have seen several of the pullovers on many blogs, and they always turn out so cute too. I could easily use the blue as an accent on the hem and cuffs of either garment. Thoughts?

Ideally, I would like to have this baby knit done and out of the way soon – there is not a shower date in mind, and I will most likely just give it to her at work, but the sooner the better.

I joined Postcrossing.com a few months ago after reading about it on sUsAn’s blog – it was such a fun concept, and you get mail too!

From Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, Japan, Argentina, and Greece – just to name a few!

So, that got me thinking – how fun would it be to have a Project Spectrum Postcard Swap? Each month, you would send your pal a postcard that used the colors of the month – you could choose your own theme and your own media – paper, fabric, yarn, organic materials, etc. This could be your Project Spectrum project for the month, or one of the many things you have planned.

Of course, not all Project Spectrum participants have to participate in the Postcard Swap - so, just let me know in a comment or an email (please leave your email address!). I will divvy up the names and email everyone with their pal’s info – it will then be your responsibility to contact your pal and get their snail mail address to start the swap.

*Please let me know if you would like to keep the same pal during the whole of Project Spectrum, or if you would like a new pal each month. The same distribution rules will apply, so let me know which one you prefer!

If you decide to skip the first months of the postcard swap, please sign up by the 20th of the month BEFORE you want to participate. If you want to make a pink or red postcard for your pal, please sign up by FEBRUARY 20th!

This idea was inspired by the very talented Myra at My Little Mochi – she has conducted two postcard swaps in the past year – see the 2005 gallery of postcards here! and another gallery – the Art2Mail postcards. Check them out for some ideas!

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70 Responses

  1. knittingnurse

    What a great way to spend a Super Bowl Sunday. Good for you! AS for the baby sweater dilemma, I would say you may want to consider the climate of the area where they live. For examply, living in the Northeast Ohio area, when my DS was born (in December) it was REALLY cold and I preferred to have things on him that were pulled over his head. I liked knowing that no cold air would get in from between the button openings in a cardigan. Did that make sense?

  2. may

    I think the sweater is soo cute (maybe it’s the seed stitching!)

    project spectrums sounds like something I’d join (I’m not a joiner at all!) We’ll see…I’m in art school, and my studios are gonna kill me this semester! I’ll think about it and let you know :)

  3. kathy b

    I’d love to join the postcard swap. Love mail as well. I can do the same person monthly, or more fun, different folks from differnt places.

  4. Amy Lu

    Couldn’t you have stuffed all the goodies in your basket and “hung around” until it was 75% off? Or was that not allowed?

    IMHO, that is the best way to spend the Superbowl, hands down!

  5. Renee

    I’m so jealous! I got some stuff at the Springwater booth at MDS&W and it looks like an awesome place! I’m heading to DC for a long weekend this month – maybe I can sneak into Alexandria to check them out….

  6. Amy

    Love the new additions to your stash- I’m planning on checking out some strange, exotic yarn stores soon.

  7. Tara

    Sign me up!

  8. jillian

    40% off??? Not shabby at all! What fun – and you really made out with some incredible fibers! Yarn sales are almost as good as chocolate!

  9. NessieNoodle

    oooh look at all that yarn! whatcha gonna make? I love the orange sweater from last minute knitted gifts- that is on my list.
    Looks like you got some really good deals.

    I emailed you regarding the post cards/project spectrum swap, but I forgot to tell you that I wouldn’t mind mixing up the swappee every month- keeps things interesting and you would get things from all over too!
    another great idea~

  10. Sharon

    A postcard swap sounds cool! Count me in!

    I’m getting so excited about Project Spectrum. I’m planning out all these ideas in my head, I can’t wait to start

  11. Ruth

    The postcard swap sounds like fun … I’m in!

  12. mel

    I just completed the Baby Kimono from Interweave Knits. That’s a good pattern too…all knit in one piece! Just something to consider! I just bought some of the Brooklyn yarn too. Her colors are beautiful!

  13. carola

    For the baby knitting, I think you are right, a cardigan is much more painless (talking about dressing not knitting!).
    I’ve joined postcrossing too last year, that’s fun. I would like to take part in your spectrum postcardy thing as well. Different people, please.

  14. Stacy

    Great yarn haul! My LYS didn’t have its Super Bowl sale this year. And even theirs isn’t 40% off! I saw Karma posted above but her little baby sweaters with blue and green were so cute. The colors you chose would be adorable. I can’t wait until my little nephew is here so I can knit sweaters for him!

  15. megan

    Sign me up Lolly! Super idea!

  16. sUsAn

    I can’t believe I lived in Alexandria for several years and never made it to that yarn shop! I wasn’t a knitter then but still! ;) Looks like you got some sweet deals! Your new knitalong sounds fun! I’m not going to join in since I have tons going on right now but will be an interested observer! Happy weekend to you!

  17. Wanda

    I love getting mail, but so bad about getting out and definitely not making my own cards, so count me out. But it does sound like fun. You got some great yarns. I think cardis are probably better. I’m just lazy, so I’ll be doing a pullover in the round!

  18. Kelly

    the post card swap sounds like fun count me in!

  19. k8

    i like the side to side cardigan — i’ve been thinking of knitting myself one, one of these days…

  20. Karla

    Please add me to the list for the postcard swap. I love your ideas!
    I am an american living in Rome for a year and would love to share the colors! They are awesome!

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