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With Nature in Mind…
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With Nature in Mind…

…Earth Day Meditations…

  • Extend the life cycle of your possessions. Find a new use for something old.

    Refurbish old pieces of furniture. Recycle old fabrics and sweaters. Give them a new life with a simple makeover. Felt an old sweater and make a throw pillow. Visit the thrift store to donate your old items, and find new treasures. Document this process and share it with others. Inspire them to do the same with this simple gesture.

  • Enjoy an unplugged activity every day.

    Pick up your needles and your hooks, your thread and needle, your paper and scissors. Turn off the lightbulb, the TV, and even the radio. Gather your picnic quilt, your sunhat and sunscreen, and head outside. Craft in nature. Use the sunlight . Take a deep cleansing breath, and see the beauty of the natural world around you. Take your craft outside and share it with the world.

  • Change doesn’t happen with a single action but with a series of small gestures.

    Make a difference in your own life by choosing organic produce, and a more sustainable diet. Grow your own food. Change your lightbulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs. Take a shorter shower. Take public transportation whenever possible. Open your windows instead of automatically turning on the air conditioner.

  • Nature provides an invitation to live creatively.

    The greatest font of creative inspiration is the natural world. Look at the sky. Listen to the birds sing, and the insects buzz. Smell the fresh fragrance. Be open to creativity.

Speaking of being inspired by nature… I pre-ordered Norah Gaughan’s book, Knitting Nature, last year. Sight unseen. I just knew I would like it that much. Her beautiful designs have graced the pages of many design magazines, and she has contributed designs to many books. However, this is her first book of her own designs, and I cannot give it any higher praise. I received it this week, well before the expected release date of June 1st, and was instantly impressed. It is stunningly beautiful and extremely inspirational.

Gaughan reconciles her interests in both science and art bringing naturally occuring shapes and forms to her design. She bases entire chapters on a shape, and creates with this theme in mind. I will let the pictures do the talking…

Destined to be a classic, and destined to be on my needles!

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  1. Emy

    I am so glad I ordered her book — like you, I didn’t get a chance to peek into the book but knowing how gorgeous Norah’s designs are, they’re probably gems!

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